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Oct 27, 2020

Support Buffalo Small Business by Shopping On Small Business Saturday

This Thanksgiving is most certainly a bit different than previous years, but whether you are visiting family digitally or in person, carve some time out after the turkey, the family, and the Christmas decorating and support the places you love with the people you love in Buffalo during Small Business Saturday on Nov. 28. It’s an annual shopping tradition dedicated to supporting small businesses and celebrating communities across the country. Founded by American Express in 2010, Small Business Saturday is celebrated every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Eat and shop at the fine small businesses below for the best...

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Sep 28, 2020

Don’t Forget a Wedding Day Gift!

The venue has been booked for 2 years, your wedding bands purchased and THE guest list is complete. It’s now weeks until you walk down the aisle and all the boxes are checked. You’ve done a superb job as a husband-to-be and now you can breathe a sigh of relief, right? Well, there is one thing that you have forgotten - the wedding day gift! What is a Wedding Day Gift? A wedding day gift can be anything meaningful given to the bride on your wedding day. It can be a simple note, a fragrant candle, flowers or a piece...

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Sep 01, 2020

Do You Need To Fix An Engagement Chicken?

    Are you in love? Have you been dreaming of the day your “significant other” pops the question? Does that day seem like it is never going to come? Maybe a chicken can help! That’s right, since the early 80’s brides-to-be have been using a special chicken recipe that seems to bring out the “Will you marry me?” in the love of their lives. How does a chicken lead to an engagement ring on your finger? Here’s the story! The Story Behind The Recipe It all started in 1982 when then-fashion editor of “Glamour” magazine gave the recipe for...

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Aug 01, 2020

Does A Square Diamond Fit in A Round Setting?

Absolutely, not…but at Ben Garelick we can make it happen! One of the most asked questions is, “Will my diamond fit into this setting that I found at” And the answer is yes! Since all of our designs can be customized, we can take your princess cut (square cut) diamond and make a head (the part that holds the center diamond) to fit your princess cut diamond. The same holds true, for your pear, oval and radiant cut diamond. Ben Garelick will simply custom make the head to the measurements and shape of your diamond.   So How Do...

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Jul 12, 2020

Buy Your Engagement Ring Online in 5 Easy Steps

SHOP - DESIGN - TRY ON - BUY - ENJOY There is no doubt that no matter how near or far in our rearview mirror the coronavirus is, it has changed the way we shop — whether for everyday necessities like groceries or once-in-a-lifetime purchases like your engagement ring and wedding bands. Ben Garelick has always been the best place to buy an engagement ring online but now we’ve made it even easier. What sets our family-owned jewelry store apart from big-store online retailers is our personal commitment to ensuring each fine jewelry purchase you make brings happiness to you...

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Jun 17, 2020

Do Wedding Bands Have To Match?

Yes, no …maybe? Decades ago, it was quite standard that a mans and ladies wedding band matched. Generally, the lady’s band was essentially the same style as the man’s wedding band but a lot thinner. Lots of matching plain gold bands and carved bands were sold to show marital unity between a man and a woman. Fast forward to today and with all the metal options from cobalt, tantalum, titanium and ceramic and classic options such as gold and platinum, to an array of colorful gemstones and laser engraving options; people are customizing their rings to fit their unique personality...

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May 02, 2020

How To Measure Ring Size For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

At Ben Garelick, our engagement rings, wedding bands, and gemstone rings are created to last a lifetime. Rings are more than just jewelry, they symbolize everlasting union of love. Since rings are circular, they have no end, just like your relationship with that special someone. And just like we hope will be your relationship with Ben Garelick Jewelers! This makes getting the perfect fit for a ring all the more important, since the ring will be around forever. Visit Our Store In Buffalo, NY For Sizing The simplest method for getting the perfect fit for your ring from Ben Garelick...

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Apr 02, 2020

Mother's Day Jewelry Gifts She’ll Love

You can get her candy or flowers, or maybe a trip to the local spa. They’re nice, but they’ll also be gone in a few days. Why not ‘wow’ your mom this Mother’s Day with a keepsake gift that she will never forget? Choose an exquisite piece of jewelry from the fine jewelry experts at Ben Garelick Jewelers. Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, the Ben Garelick name has long been recognized as the northeast’s expert for diamond rings, necklaces and other jewelry. Throughout our 65-plus years, we’ve earned the trust of generations of moms, and those who love them. Now...

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Mar 04, 2020

Engagement Ring Buyers Catapult Buffalo Jeweler to Win 2020 Couples’ Choice Award For Third Straight Year

As the best place to buy an engagement ring online and in Buffalo, NY, WeddingWire has awarded Ben Garelick their Couples’ Choice Award® for the third year in a row. Honorees represent the top wedding professionals on WeddingWire nationwide for their excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism within the wedding industry. “We’ve always worked to put our customers and their needs first,” owner Peter Manka, Jr., said. “Whether they’re looking for vintage or antique-style engagement rings and wedding bands, or they’re just trying to find that fine jewelry gift for someone they love, our jewelry experts focus on matching...

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Feb 22, 2020

What Is Considered a "Big" Diamond Ring?

  “It's not about the size of the diamond....but the size of the HEART that gave the diamond.” Almost half of brides (47%) would likely agree with this sentiment as they say that the size of their diamond is just “somewhat important,” according to a Wedding Wire survey. After all, why does the size of your diamond engagement ring matter? It should be more about the lifelong commitment to love and cherish than how large the diamond is, right? But how many times have you seen someone show off their new jewelry with a perfect engagement ring selfie only to read comments that...

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