How To Plan Your Perfect Bohemian Wedding

Immerse yourself in the art of planning a perfect bohemian wedding. This blog provides essential guidance, inspiration, and creative ideas for crafting a free-spirited, unique celebration that truly embodies your style and spirit.

Nature Inspired Wedding Bands

Did someone say “Boho Chic”?

Allow us to take you to the enchanting realm of 'How To Plan Your Perfect Bohemian Wedding.' 

Traditional ceremonies may have their place, but let's admit it; they can often feel like a theatrical script we've all seen one too many times.

We've all been to weddings where "Here Comes the Bride" plays for the umpteenth time, and the room feels like a replica of every Pinterest board tagged 'Classic Wedding.'

It gets repetitive, doesn't it?

It’s time to shake things up and add artistic flair to such an occasion!

Worry not, as we offer you an escape route, a magical detour into a world that encapsulates your free-spirited love and transcends commercial wedding norms.

Prepare for a heady mixture of wildflowers, rustic settings, earthy jewelry, and tunes to make your heart sing. 

Understanding the Boho Theme

Definition and Origin: What is Boho?

The term "Boho" is not merely a short form of 'Bohemian,' but rather an entire universe that echoes individuality and free will. 

It’s about the unconventional, the community, and living your life in a way that feels natural to you!

Tracing its roots back to the Romani migration in Bohemia, this culture sways with artistic flair and worldly philosophies.

The Echo of '60s and '70s Hippie Era

The Bohemian ethos was rejuvenated during the countercultural movement of the ‘60s and '70s. Think Woodstock, Flower Power, and the Summer of Love. 

The music was revolutionary (hello, The Beatles!), the fashion was unconventionally enchanting, and the ideals of peace and love dominated. 

Marrying under a boho theme? 

You're carrying forward this rich legacy.

Choosing the Perfect Bohemian Venue

The Sanctity of Setting

Think of it as the canvas where your bohemian love story will be painted. The natural elements—sun, sky, and earth—become the hues that add life to this canvas.

Your venue is the showstopper and the ultimate way to set the tone for your bohemian dreamscape.

Ideal Venues

Beaches have a serene aura, but what about a forest brimming with ancient trees? 

Or a rustic barn standing solitary in an expansive field? 

Perhaps a vineyard full of intoxicating aromas? 

Even a stylishly-decorated backyard can make for a memorable boho backdrop.

The U.S. Boho Capitals

California's Big Sur offers a jagged coastline perfect for sunset vows.

The lush forests of Oregon provide a misty, magical backdrop, and let’s not forget Sedona, Arizona, with its red rock formations as a picturesque ceremony backdrop.

Boho Wedding Decor Essentials

The Symphony of Earthly Elements

From hand-carved wooden signposts to burlap table runners, your decor should sing a harmonious song of earth, air, fire, and water. 

What about a bonfire for a twilight wedding?

Add some fireworks to spark the occasion and toast to a lifetime of happily ever afters!

The Flora Chronicles

The flower arrangement is where you can let loose with your boho vibes. 

Wildflowers in mason jars, succulents as table centrepieces, and a backdrop of intertwined branches and abundant greenery are stellar choices.

Everyone is falling head over heels for pampas grass, and because all these joys are long-lasting, you can bring them home to keep the boho vibes alive long after!

Creating Ambiance

Think macramé arches for your altar, bohemian rugs lining the aisle, and dream catchers hanging from the trees. 

Thrift shops are the most budget-friendly and eco-friendly way to get the Pinterest look of dreams. 

Light up the venue with fairy lights draped on branches and floating candles on water features.

Again, go for items you could repurpose or pass on for someone else to use - then you can keep the boho love rolling!

Outfits for the Boho Couple

The Boho Bride: The Blossoming of a Love Goddess

You could opt for a breezy, unstructured gown with lace detailing. 

Feeling brave? 

Why not blush pink, serene blue, or even a floral pattern?

Complement your attire with a flower crown interwoven with baby’s breath and lavender for a heavenly aura.

Sunflowers are utterly ethereal as a bouquet and can make a summer boho wedding an Insta-worthy delight!

The Groom’s Thread: Laid-Back Yet Dapper

Imagine a linen suit paired with a loose, unbuttoned shirt. 

Want to ditch the suit? 

A simple cotton shirt with rolled-up sleeves and suspenders can also capture a boho groom's laid-back yet earnest essence.

If you opt for a beach wedding, let the toes run free, and the sand takes over - shoes are optional!

Styling Your Boho Wedding Jewelry

The Heart of Earthly Metals

When gold and silver feel too mainstream, why not turn to earthier options like copper, bronze, or even wooden beads? 

These materials bring a dash of Mother Earth to your ensemble.

Moissanite screams boho, and it’s the gem without the price tag - get that sparkle without breaking the bank and be the trendsetter you were born to be. 

Lab-grown diamonds are also environmentally friendly and don’t cost the earth! 

Adornments of Freedom

Imagine it: turquoise stone earrings that echo the blue sky, multi-layered beaded necklaces, and stackable rings featuring uncut stones. 

For the feet, consider anklets made of tiny bells and shells.

Toe rings and stackable rings add an extra personal touch to your style.

Boho Wedding Invitations

Opt for a palette of earthly hues—indigo, sienna, olive. 

Consider handmade paper with uneven edges and handwritten calligraphy in gold ink for an authentically rustic feel. 

Of course, we’re going to mention recycled paper!

Seal it with a wax stamp featuring a design that symbolizes your love—perhaps intertwined branches or a crescent moon?

Setting the Mood with Boho Wedding Music

Envision an acoustic guitar playing softly as you walk down the aisle, replaced by the euphoric beats of a hand drum as you share your first kiss as a wedded couple. 

From sitars to tambourines, your musical choices should make the soul dance.

Boho Wedding Cuisine

The Rustic Tableau

A charcuterie board brimming with artisanal cheeses, fruits, and freshly baked bread. 

For drinks, how about a selection of local wines or handcrafted mead?

The Final Course: An Unveiling of the Unconventional Cake

Picture a delectable cake, minimally frosted and adorned with sprigs of lavender and edible wildflowers. 

Alternatively, a celestial-themed cake adorned with moon and stars can add a whimsical touch.

To Boho or Not To Boho, That Was Never The Question

Remember, your wedding should be a celebration of love in the most authentic, unique form.

So, be audacious. Be unique. Be boho. 

After all, why settle for the ordinary when you are undoubtedly extraordinary?

And there you have it—a comprehensive guide to planning your perfect bohemian wedding, from its earthy roots to its celestial canopy. 

Come and tell us your plans at our showroom or chat with our wedding specialists online.

Cheers to a life of love as unique as a boho wedding!

Peter Manka Jr

Peter Manka Jr. - Owner at Ben Garelick

Peter Manka Jr. is a passionate member of the family business who joined Ben Garelick in the early 2000s after working in product licensing for Sesame Workshop & The Jim Henson Company for many years. He obtained a degree in diamonds and jewelry from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in order to sharpen his jewelry skills. He takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and helping clients find the perfect piece of jewelry.

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