7 Creative Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

No doubt, Valentine proposal preparations are in full swing this time of year!It’s the day of love. Of cards, chocolates, and roses. Anddiamond engagement rings? Sure enough, proposals on Valentine’s Day are second only toChristmas proposals. Celebrated each year on Feb. 14, this special love holiday originated in part from the mid-February Roman festival of Lupercalia. While cold weather may scare some grooms-to-be, the enormous amount of love hype that surrounds the day is enough motivation for even the most reluctant to find a way to pop the question. But is making a Valentine’s Day proposal right for you? Here are some pros and cons and seven creative ways to propose that she’ll love!

Pros & Cons of a Valentine’s Day Proposal

If you’re thinking of popping the question on Valentine’s Day, let’s take a look at some of the positives and negatives of your timing:

Pros for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

  • Romance. Valentine’s Day is, by far, the most romantic day of the year.
  • Preparation. Chances are that if your love is planning a Valentine’s Day proposal, he’s doing whatever it takes to be the most perfect and romantic occasion ever.
  • Built-In Theme. While he may be going all out for romance, proposing on Valentine’s Day means he won’t have to be too imaginative when it comes to choosing a theme or backdrop.

Cons for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

  • Sharing the Day. Choosing Valentine’s Day - or any set holiday day - means you will share your engagement day with all the other couples who chose to get engaged or married on the day of love.
  • Costly. Any planned celebrations for after he pops the question could end up being on the expensive side of things with the demand for restaurants on Valentine’s Day.
  • Missing Surprise. If you have any idea that a proposal may be in the works, your engagement ring radar may be in high alert on Valentine’s Day and that may eliminate any surprise when he falls to one knee to pop the big question.

Beat The Cons With These 7 Creative Valentine’s Day Proposals

So, you’ve made up your mind, and despite the potential negatives, you are determined to gather up all of the romance and love possible by proposing on Valentine’s Day. Turn the “cons” upside down with these seven imaginative ideas for making your special proposal truly special.

1. Create A Restaurant Twist

Proposing at a nice restaurant is a popular way to ask someone to marry you. But there are some ways that you can change it up to make it even more unique and special. It will be easy to select your most special restaurant for a Valentine’s Day dinner. But be sure to do some advance planning before you arrive. Most nice restaurants will be happy to be a part of your special proposal and may even have some great ideas themselves like writing “marry me” on your Crème brûlée or having your server deliver your vintage-style engagement ring with champagne for dessert. Or, get the whole family involved with a surprise engagement party in a banquet room at the restaurant that can start as soon as she says yes!

2. Employ Music

Music gives you the chance to personalize your proposal, and there are several creative ways you can work in her favorite song such as:

  • Radio. Set her alarm to wake up to her favorite local radio station; then enlist the radio station’s help to allow you to propose to her live on the radio. They may make you buy an ad for the air time, but chances are, this is just the type of great publicity stunt they are looking for on Valentine’s Day.
  • Live Music. Write and perform a special song for her and end it with a sincere proposal.
  • The ’80s Ask. Recreate her favorite 80’s movie and find a large boombox to play outside her bedroom window as you hold it to the sky.

3. Revisit A Past Significant Moment

Chances are you have had many memorable moments in your relationship. Think back to a time that will bring back laughter and romance and work to bring that moment to life again. Maybe it was a dinner out, a walk in the park, or the place that you first kissed or said the words, “I love you.” Whatever it was, see if you can plan it down to the food and what you were wearing. Once you have her there, drop on one knee and pop the question!

4. Maintain The Element Of Surprise

Since there is a chance she will be expecting your Valentine’s Day engagement proposal, be sure to keep her off the scent by making it unexpected. You can do that in two ways:

  • Unexpected Placement. There are two schools of thought when it comes to the placement of her diamond or gemstone engagement ring. One is to hide the ring in plain sight - meaning put the ring someplace she will likely find it while going about the normal course of her day. This could be in the silverware drawer, the coffee pot, a cereal box, or tied to a bottle of wine with a note that says, “Will you marry me?” Once she finds it (hopefully, while you are nearby), you can propose.
  • Unexpected Timing. The second way you can keep the surprise alive is by proposing at an unexpected time. Maybe it’s breakfast in bed with your ring as the main course? Or, a regular lunch meeting she has where you surprise her? Or even a special greeting for when she arrives home from the office? Think about brunch or a special afternoon picnic - just any time that she would not expect you to open a tiny box with a diamond engagement ring!
  • Combination Surprise. A fun idea that combines unexpected placement and timing is to plan a trip to your local jewelry store on the premise that you would like her to start looking at engagement rings. Have a few selected that she tries on and then drop to one knee and ask her to marry you and choose her favorite ring.

5. Plan A Romantic Day Trip

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to take off work and plan a romantic getaway for just the two of you. This could also be the perfect romantic backdrop for that moment she has been waiting for. Think about the scenery of places nearby where you could propose. Perhaps it’s on a sailboat, in a quiet part of the park, or inside your local botanical gardens. If you want to really treat her like royalty, fly away to a romantic destination. She’s sure to say yes at a place like Niagra Falls or a sun-filled beach. You could even start your trip off right with a surprise proposal at the airport before leaving for your romantic destination.

6. Use Props.

Having a little help from some specially chosen objects can make your proposal easier and more meaningful. Consider sending your bride-to-be on a scavenger hunt for significant objects at all of your favorite places, ending with a locked heart-shaped box that she holds the key to. Consider gifting her a puzzle on Valentine’s Day that you complete together. When she discovers a missing piece, you will furnish it with your proposal message - as you are the missing piece for her! Use a photo album or digital slideshow to document your life together so far with a slide at the end that spells out what is in store for the two of you in your next chapter. Buy her a book of love poems and cut out the center to hold her engagement ring! Or since it’s Valentine’s Day, hide her ring in a box of chocolates, or spell out your proposal using those lovely conversation hearts. You can even purchase candy or cupcakes that include your personalized special proposal message.

7. Engage Her With Technology

With all of the latest technology available, you are sure to find some creative ways to pop the question. If you’re looking for a large audience, conspire with your local theater owner and create a proposal using the large movie screen and/or the stage in front of the movie screen. For a quieter proposal with just the two of you, use rose petals to lead her to a designated location in your home where she will be asked to “push play” on a video or slideshow to watch your special movie, then follow-up with your in-person proposal.

Choose The Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Valentine Proposal

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