How To Measure Ring Size For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

At Ben Garelick, our engagement rings, wedding bands, and gemstone rings are created to last a lifetime. Rings are more than just jewelry, they symbolize everlasting union of love. Since rings are circular, they have no end, just like your relationship with that special someone. And just like we hope will be your relationship with Ben Garelick Jewelers! This makes getting the perfect fit for a ring all the more important, since the ring will be around forever.

Visit Our Store In Buffalo, NY For Sizing

The simplest method for getting the perfect fit for your ring from Ben Garelick Jewelers is let us do the measuring. Come and visit our store in Buffalo, NY to ensure the most accurate fitting. By working directly with our jewelry experts, you won't have to worry about ring size chart measurements. Our experts also use unique measuring techniques to meet the specific requirements for your ring.

If visiting our jewelry experts at our store is not convenient for you, don’t fret! You may want to think about purchasing a mandrel set or plastic ring sizer for your use at home. These should be used in collaboration with a ring sizing chart. We also have tips to follow so your ring from Ben Garelick Jewelers will fit perfectly.

Ring Sizing Tips To Get The Perfect Ring Measurement

  • Snug fit. Your ring from Ben Garelick Jewelers should slip on easily and be hard to slip off. This means your ring is the correct fit and that it will not fall off of your finger.
  • Keep changing seasons in mind. As the weather changes, so will your finger size. Typically in the winter, your fingers will be smaller due to cold weather. In the summer months, your fingers will swell up a little due to the hot weather. Keep this in mind and adjust the fit according to the time of year you are sizing.
  • Band Width. If the ring has a thicker band, the ring will fit more tightly. We recommend sizing up .25 to .5 for rings with a wider width.
  • Hand temperature. You will want to warm up your hands if you have just come in from the cold or if you naturally have cold hands. We recommend your hands be room temperature when fitting for your ring size.
  • Play it safe. If you have two different measurements for your ring and can’t decide which one is accurate, we recommend going with the bigger size. If you are still hesitant, come into our store for expert advice.

While we always try to size for “today,” keep in mind that it’s difficult to perfectly anticipate how much your ring will fluctuate up or down over time.

Measure Ring Size Without Her Knowing

Measuring her ring size without her knowing can sometimes be difficult. At, Ben Garelick Jewelers we’ve got you covered so you don’t have to ruin the surprise by bringing her in for a ring fitting or directly asking her ring size “casually”.

  • Ask someone close to her like her mom or best friend if they know her ring size or can easily find out without her ever suspecting a thing.
  • Pay attention to the jewelry she already wears. If she wears a ring on her right ring finger or middle fingers, wait for her to remove them and bring them into our jewelers.
  • If she wears the same ring and you have limited access to it, grab a bar soap and press the ring into the soap bar. Our jewelers should be able to get an accurate measurement from this method.
  • If that method is still too risky and she only takes her ring off for a few minutes a day, grab the ring in those few minutes and slide it onto your finger until it stops. Take note of where on your finger the ring stopped and our jewelers can take her measurement from your finger.

If these ideas fail, go with a bigger ring size. This way, Ben Garelick can put on a temporary ring guard so your fiance can still show off their ring until you get a chance to resize it.

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If you’re looking for the perfect fit on a diamond engagement ring, wedding band, or gemstone ring for your special someone, look no further than Ben Garelick Jewelers. We offer the finest jewelry, the best designs, and with the highest quality diamonds and gemstones available - both in our Buffalo jewelry store and online. Give us a call at (716) 631-1584 or text us at (716) 574-0966 to find out more. We’re here to answer any questions you have about buying or sizing a ring. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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