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Warranty, Care and Insuring Your Ben Garelick Jewelry

Does Ben Garelick Warranty My Jewelry Purchase?

At Ben Garelick we pride ourselves on offering the best quality jewelry made by designers that value quality and their reputation as much as we do. Once in a great while a piece gets past its multiple inspections with an un-noticed defect or workmanship problem. Ben Garelick warranties every piece against manufacturing defects and workmanship issues for 90 days after delivery to you.

If you have a problem or concern with any piece of jewelry, notify us as soon as you notice it and we will make it right. It is a rare occasion when a Ben Garelick piece exhibits a defect or flaw in workmanship, but when it does happen we take it seriously and work hard to correct it as quickly as possible.

In addition to your Ben Garelick warranty, you are protected by the warranties offered by our designers. You will receive all applicable warranty information with your purchase.

(Normal inclusions in diamonds and other gems are not considered defects.)

Limiting Normal Wear and Tear

Jewelry, especially rings that are worn daily, do eventually show signs of normal wear and tear. The metal prongs and channels that hold the diamonds can be pushed out of place and wear down. Diamonds and other gems can chip and crack.

There are things you can do to protect your jewelry:

Take your jewelry off when you are using chemicals like bleach, ammonia or peroxide. Also avoid wearing your jewelry in swimming pools and hot tubs. Chlorine is not good for gold or platinum.

Take your jewelry off when you go to the gym, especially when you weight train. The pressure on your ring can push it out of round, and deform the settings that are holding your diamonds in place.

If its safe to take your jewelry off when applying makeup and hair products.

Clean your jewelry frequently, the right way! Don't follow questionable internet advice for homemade concoctions. Use an inexpensive, gentle jewelry cleaning solution. Better yet, drop into Ben Garelick if you are nearby and let us clean it for you, free.

It might seem silly, but take your jewelry off when you sleep. It's easier than you think to pull a prong, lose an earring back, strain a bracelet or tangle a chain while you sleep. Make putting your jewelry on part of your morning routine, and taking it off part of your bedtime routine.

It's important to remember that different gems require different care. For example, tanzanite, emeralds, pearls and opals can all easily be damaged if not cared for and cleaned properly. If you have any questions about caring for and cleaning a special gem we suggest you follow the expert advice at the GIA. They offer comprehensive cleaning information here.

Maintaining Regular Jewelry Checks

Have your jewelry, especially your rings, checked regularly. We recommend at least once every six months. If possible have it checked here at Ben Garelick. If you are too far away, find a reputable, preferably independent, jeweler to check your jewelry. The prongs and channels that hold your gems in place should be checked to be sure that they aren't worn or bent, and your stones should be checked for cracks and chips. If caught early repairing metal damage is fairly inexpensive, left too long you risk losing your stones and higher repair costs.

Our favorite way to remember to have your jewelry checked is to do it the same day or week you visit your dentist for your routine cleaning and check-up.

Insuring Your Jewelry

We don't sell Jewelry Insurance, but we do insure our jewelry, and strongly recommend you do the same. We use and recommend Jeweler's Mutual Insurance. We have worked with them on dozens of claims and have been impressed with their customer care every time. Go to their website at for a no obligation quote on insuring your treasured items against damage and loss.