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Dive into the enchanting universe of LaFonn jewelry. Uncover the exquisite craftsmanship, timeless designs, and the compelling reasons behind its popularity in this comprehensive blog.

Lafonn Jewelry

Ah, you thought you knew jewelry? 

Well, style hunters, let us welcome you to the galaxy of Lafonn Jewelry—a brand that's basically the Queen Bee of the jewelry world - a Queen of the people. 

Oh yeah, you heard that right. 

We're talking primo bling that won't make your wallet scream for mercy!

Imagine putting on a piece that feels like you have a personal spotlight following you.

No, it's not your imagination; it's the Lafonn effect. 

Think of it as VIP access to glamor without the Hollywood price tag.

So, as you sit there, coffee—or let's be real, wine—in hand, prepare for an expedition to the extraordinary. 

We're about to peel back the velvet curtain on Lafonn's shining gems, and honestly, your life will never be the same. 

Intrigued? Excited? Downright curious? 

Stick around; this is about to get wildly fascinating!

Who is Lafonn?

Established in the celestial world of gems and glamor, Lafonn is the enigmatic sorcerer who brings the dream of luxe jewelry into the hands of everyday-style warriors. 

Founded by one woman powerhouse, Molly Wang, in 2010, Lafonn dreams of single-handedly empowering all women and people to feel confident and beautiful.

They believe everyone, no matter their background, should have access to beautiful jewelry that is ethical, attainable, and drop-dead gorgeous.

They’re lovers of the Old World and the mystery of the elusive eternal beauty.

Lafonn is not just a brand but a revolution; Lafonn challenges the jewelry status quo, ensuring elegance isn't reserved only for the red carpet strutters or A-listers.


Yet, you may find the odd Lafonn piece taking its rightful place on the Oscars red carpet!

But it's for you, us, and anyone who dreams of more sparkle.

They're like the covert operatives of the jewelry world—subtle, stylish, and oh-so-suave.

Lafonn believes that every finger deserves a ring and every neck a necklace that could make Cleopatra envious. 

Think of them as your fairy godmother but for bling.

What Types of Jewelry Does Lafonn Sell?


Forget Frodo's ring; Lafonn’s rings are the real magic makers!

Whether you're pledging eternal love or just flipping the bird to convention, there's a ring that screams YOU. 

Solitaires that could make a queen bow and bands that define modern love, each ring is an unspoken manifesto of your life.

Engagement? They’ve got you covered!

Birthstone? Take your pick!

A lab-grown sapphire? Where else but Lafonn?


Just look at you, earrings so captivating, they turn every ear into an exhibition!

From studs that twinkle like the night sky to hoops that could eclipse the moon, Lafonn’s earrings are for those who understand that ears aren’t just for hearing but for impressing.


Oh boy, these aren't just bracelets; they're wrist epics. Imagine every move you make punctuated by a splash of sparkle. 

That’s what Lafonn's bracelets offer—a minuet of magic and a waltz of wonder around your wrist.

While you’re there, why not match your wrist with your ankle?

Yup, Lafonn has a piece to adorn every beautiful part of you!


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then Lafonn's necklaces are the luxurious drapes that frame them. 

We’re talking stations, pendants, chains—each one an ensemble of dreams strung together with a touch of cosmic wonder. 

What’s fabulous about Lafonn is its extensive range of simulated diamonds and colorful lab-grown gemstones.

No matter your preference, you’ll be in heaven amongst the variety and diversity of beauty.

It's like wearing a personal constellation of diamonds and gemstones around your neck.

Is Lafonn Jewelry Good Quality?

What, do unicorns prance? Yes! 

Lafonn is the epitome of quality, where each gem and metal isn't just sourced but curated. 

It’s like if Michelangelo decided to quit the Sistine Chapel and focus on jewelry.

They embody the phrase “the look of real,” offering the finest Lassaire® simulated diamonds exclusive to Lafonn.

No matter your age, style, ethnicity, or budget, Lafonn does not scrimp on their expert craftsmanship to deliver you a truly spellbinding piece!

What Makes Lafonn Unique?

Lafonn is the innovator in a world of imitators. 

Their unique Lassaire stones are like the Swiss army knife of gems—versatile, captivating, and oh-so-stunning.

It’s like Lafonn cracked the code to make luxury accessible.

They believe in equal access to gorgeous pieces for everyone - they’re not about gatekeeping beauty, and we think that’s pretty unique!

What is Lafonn's Vision for Jewelry?

Vision, you say? How about redefining what jewelry can be? 

Lafonn aims for a world where jewelry isn't just an accessory but an identity. They envision a future where each piece doesn't just adorn you but defines you. 

So, forget what you know about jewelry; Lafonn is rewriting the darn book.

And there you have it—a cosmic journey through Lafonn, where the impossible becomes the everyday, and the everyday becomes extraordinary. 

Ready to be a part of this star-studded saga? You bet you are!

Real Beauty for Everyone

Well, your chariot to the stars—aka the Lafonn collection—awaits you at the Ben Garelick showroom. 

Delve into an array of Lafonn's finest pieces, each more awe-inspiring than the last, all under one roof.

You won't just step into our showroom; you’ll sashay in, captivated by the allure of the Lafonn spectacle.

And hey, no worries if the physical world isn't your jam right now. Your gateway to Lafonn’s galaxy is just a keyboard away.

Our online experts are ready to take you on a virtual tour that's as close to touching the stars as you can get without a telescope. 

They're like the Gandalfs of the jewelry world, guiding you through Middle Earth, minus the orcs, and plus a whole lot more sparkle!

Life's too short for the ordinary, and you're too extraordinary for anything less than Lafonn. 

So why settle? 

Whether in-person or online, we invite you to discover why Lafonn is the ultimate game-changer in the jewelry world. 

Be a part of this dazzling revolution!

Peter Manka Jr

Peter Manka Jr. - Owner at Ben Garelick

Peter Manka Jr. is a passionate member of the family business who joined Ben Garelick in the early 2000s after working in product licensing for Sesame Workshop & The Jim Henson Company for many years. He obtained a degree in diamonds and jewelry from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in order to sharpen his jewelry skills. He takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and helping clients find the perfect piece of jewelry.

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