Does A Square Diamond Fit in A Round Setting?

Absolutely, not…but at Ben Garelick we can make it happen! One of the most asked questions is, “Will my diamond fit into this setting that I found at” And the answer is yes! Since all of our designs can be customized, we can take your princess cut (square cut) diamond and make a head (the part that holds the center diamond) to fit your princess cut diamond. The same holds true, for your pear, oval and radiant cut diamond. Ben Garelick will simply custom make the head to the measurements and shape of your diamond.  

So How Do I Change the Center Stone In The Ring?

It’s easy! We sell diamonds, both lab-grown and natural, in all shapes and sizes. We also sell moissanite and color gemstones as center stone options for your setting. If you need to change the center stone, simply give us the measurements of your diamond or center stone and we will make the ring to hold your diamond. If you need to buy a diamond online, simply purchase a center stone on the product page and add it to your cart. If you don’t see something you like, just reach out to one of our sparkle specialists, and we would be happy to assist. We have access to tens of thousands of center stone options and would be happy to work with you to locate the stone of your dreams. We can send you 360-degree videos of one or a selection of diamonds for you to choose from. Easy, peasy!

If I Choose a Large Diamond Center Does That Affect Cost of The Setting?

Placing a large center stone in a ring will affect cost of the setting, but by how much really depends on the style of the setting. A ring with a halo, or a lot of workmanship around the center stone does require more metal and diamonds when you place a large center in the setting. If this is the case, reach out to one of our sparkle specialists and they would be happy to quote you on the cost of the ring customized to hold a larger center. We want our customers to sparkle and that is why we want you to be happy, and get the most perfect ring that your budget allows. If it’s a simple 4 or 6 prong head, your cost won’t be much more and a sparkle associate from Ben Garelick will be able to quote you a price for the ring modification immediately.

I Have a Center Stone. How Do I Set It In a Ben Garelick Ring?

If you already own a diamond, moissanite or gemstone, all we need are the measurements and we will create the ring to specifically to hold you center stone. If you don’t know the measurements of your center stone, you can find it in one of the two ways below:

  • Grading Report - Measurements can be found on your diamond grading report on your appraisal. On a GIA grading report, the measurements are listed on the top left-hand side under measurements in millimeters starting with the measurement of length, width, then depth of the stone. A typical excellent cut round cut diamond measures 6.48 - 6.51 x 3.94 mm, or around 6.5mm wide on average.
  • No Measurements- If you are local to the Buffalo area and you don’t have measurements available, please visit our store and we will happily measure your stone to find the appropriate dimensions. If you live far away from Ben Garelick, you can ask your local jeweler to measure the stone for you. They might ask for a small fee, but that’s ok as they are providing an important service to you.

Making it Fit For All the Right Reasons

We want our customers to sparkle and that‘s why we want you to get the most perfect ring that your budget allows. Most other websites and mall stores strictly sell the mounting as is and do not allow for a lot of customization (if any). You have to buy the same cookie-cutter ring that others have purchased, and who wants that when you are planning the proposalof a lifetime to that one special person in your life! So, whether it be big or small, round or square, lab-created or natural, the sparkle associates at Ben Garelick will help you create your diamond engagement ring of your dreams! Get started designing your perfect engagement ring today. Call your friends at (716) 631-1584, text (716) 574-0966 or email us at and let’s find the perfect design for your love. Contact us today!

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