How To Get Him To Propose Faster

Maybe you’ve been in a serious relationship for years or maybe you’ve known you found “the one” for only a few months — either way, there comes a time when you may want to figure out how to get your boyfriend to propose faster. Whether you live together or separately, getting your man to propose can be a tricky situation. At Ben Garelick, we are always excited to see true love bloom into a lifetime commitment, symbolized of course with a diamond engagement ring. But before he gets down on one knee and pops the question, he may need a little nudging to make him feel like he’s really ready to settle down. We asked some of our family of brides how they helped speed up the proposal process and are excited to share them with you! So if you’re tired of filling your Pinterest board with photos and ideas for your perfect wedding, light a fire under your man with these great ideas!

Keep Company With Your Married Friends

You have visions of what your married life together will look like and probably describe in detail what your new life will look like. Instead of just talking about your dreams, start hanging out with your happily married friends so he can see for himself. When you spend time with committed couples, your boyfriend will start to see all the benefits of marriage. This is especially important if your man is hesitant to commit because of his own divorced parents. Replacing the negative recollections he may have of his parents with happy life experiences with your married friends could be the boost he needs to order that engagement ring.

Show Him What True Love Looks Like

The surest way to get your boyfriend to say, “Will you marry me?” is to make him long to be with you every waking minute of every day. That means being the perfect roommate if you’re living together. And, if you’re not, making sure you become an essential part of his everyday life. Show him that a life with you means a life of love, laughs, caring and sharing. Be his confidant, his best friend, his lover. Whether you’re exploring a new city, planning your next adventure, or chilling in your apartment, he’ll know he’s found his best friend. At the same time, be sure you are confident in allowing you to have time apart. Let him head to the football game with the boys if he wants with no guilt. He’ll appreciate that you understand what he needs and that he isn’t giving up his freedom to be married to you. Remember, love is not what you say, it’s what you do.

Spend More Time Without Him

While you’re allowing him to hang out with the guys, don’t sit home waiting for him to come home. Get yourself out with friends and revitalize your own social life. Don’t let your old friendships die off just because you have a serious boyfriend. Not only can refreshing these friendships be good for your soul, you’ll also show your boyfriend that you have a social life outside the fun you have with him. If your friends are busy, consider or picking up a new hobby or sport. Spend time practicing mindfulness, valuing yourself, and pursuing your own personal goals and dreams. Consider taking a short trip by yourself or with your girlfriends. Doing things to make yourself happy will be a total turn-on for your sweetheart. He’ll be happy to know you don’t need to cling to his side 24/7 and it’s really true — absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Share Your Wedding Ring Preferences With Him

When the time is right, share that Pinterest wedding board you’ve been making since you were a little girl — including the board with your dream wedding bands and engagement rings. Seriously, most guys are pretty clueless about jewelry and relying on him to choose the ring you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life is pretty risky. Pinned URLs can lead him to some options that you love and he can use that when he visits Ben Garelick or shops online to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring that will make you happy. Having examples of wedding rings you love will make his job so much easier as well! Plus, the conversation will help get him used to the idea that a proposal is needed sooner than later!

Discuss The Wedding Budget

If your sweetheart is concerned about the cost of getting married, it’s time to sit down and go over the budget you’ve spent time creating. Make sure he understands that you don’t need an extravagant wedding in a faraway place if you can’t afford it. Also, discuss your happiness at receiving a smaller engagement ring if he’s concerned about getting you a diamond ring that’s expensive. The average cost of a diamond engagement ring is more than $5K, but jewelers like Ben Garelick have rings in all price ranges. You can also consider replacing any diamond engagement ring design with a center moissanite or other gemstone to reduce the cost of your engagement ring while keeping the same “wow” factor. Ben Garelick also offers a trade-up policy that will allow you to trade in your existing center stone for a larger one when you can afford it. Many of our couples use their trade-up options as an anniversary gift.

Tell Him What Marriage Means to You

While some of these ideas may seem a little manipulative, they have definitely been proven effective. But when it’s all said and done, the number one thing you can do to get him to propose is just to be honest and speak from your heart. Tell him how important marriage is to you and your feelings about it being the ultimate form of commitment. Tell him all the many reasons why you want to be his wife. Also, express your own fears and concerns so he knows that you take the step seriously and understand the permanent commitment you are about to make. Making sure he knows just how you feel will help him better understand your desire for a wedding date.

When He’s Ready, Ben Garelick Has The Ring!

By combining one or all of these tips, we know you’ll be showing off your new diamond or moissanite engagement ring to friends and family in no time! Once your guy is ready to move forward with his proposal to you, slip him our web address or our Buffalo, New York, showroom address. We carry a huge selection of hand-selected ring designs from some of the most renowned jewelry designers in the world — like Kirk Kara, Simon G and Gabriel, just to name a few. Our jewelry experts are excited to meet with men just like him who are looking for the one perfect symbol of your love. We’ll walk you through the diamond buying process, learn about your personality and style, discuss your budget and offer you options that are sure to please! We can’t wait to welcome you into the Ben Garelick family of happily ever afters.

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