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Oval Shaped Forever One™ Moissanite Gemstone - Near-Colorless (G-H-I)

By Charles & Colvard

Style Forever One™-0.50

Oval Shaped Forever One™ Moissanite Gemstone - Colorless (D-E-F)

Charles & Colvard Loose Oval Shaped Forever One™ Colorless (D-E-F) Moissanite Gemstone 

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  • Charles & Colvard Colorless Created Moissanite®
  • Carat weights are approximate and may change slightly within millimeter ranges. Carat weights are provided in comparison to a comparable diamond size. For example, a 1 carat Moissanite below may not weigh one carat but gives the look of a comparable 1 carat diamond as the density of diamonds and Mossianite differ
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Moissanite, also known as silicon carbide, is a gemstone unlike any other. With more brilliance and fire than diamond, this stone has been a source of intense interest ever since its discovery more than a century ago. Moissanite dances with sparkles of light that draw the eye and delight the senses. Its unique internal beauty lends a captivating allure to jewelry, making a magnificent statement at a fraction of the cost of other gemstones. Moissanite was first discovered in 1893 by the Nobel Prize-winning French chemist Dr. Henri Moissan at the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona. The tiny particles he unearthed were initially mistaken for diamond due to their hardness and brilliant reflectiveness, but after painstaking testing, were identified as naturally-occurring silicon carbide. This intriguing new stone was named moissanite in his honor, and Moissan spent the rest of his life attempting to re-create this exceptional mineral, which is among the hardest materials on Earth.


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