Diamond & Moissanite Trade Up Program

One of our customer's favorite long-term benefits of buying their diamond engagement ring and other diamond jewelry from Ben Garelick is our no-hassle, lifetime trade-up guarantee. We know that tastes and styles change as you get older and your buying power can grow! That's why we allow you to trade-in your original Ben Garelick diamond or moissanite stone for one equal in cost to or more than your original stone. You can count on the same service, quality and exceptional value you've come to expect at Ben Garelick.

Enjoy Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Services at Ben Garelick

All of our loose diamonds (excluding lab-grown or lab-created diamonds), Moissanite stones, and diamond stud earrings come with a lifetime diamond trade-up option. You can trade-in your Ben Garelick loose diamond in good condition and use the original sale value as in-store credit towards a higher-value new loose diamond purchase. Or maybe Moissanite is right for you? Well, at Ben Garelick you can ALSO trade-in and trade-up your Moissanite stone! Diamond stud earrings work the same way! You trade in your diamond studs or Moissanite studs towards a higher-value pair of studs.

Unlike other jewelers, we do not require that you double your original purchase. Any diamond purchase equal to or more than your original purchase qualifies. There are no limits to the number of times you can trade-up, so when you grow, so does your stone! Upgrade the size, shape or quality of your diamond whenever you like, however many times you like!

VIP Treatment For Ben Garelick Customers

Whether it's a diamond or moissanite engagement ring, a wedding band, or a diamond pendant, once you become a customer you become part of the Ben Garelick family - and we treat all our family members like VIP's! What does at mean for you? It means you can stop by our Buffalo, New York, jewelry store and request a free professional cleaning of your jewelry anytime for LIFE! We also offer a Ben Garelick rewards program!

What's Excluded From the Trade-Up Policy?

Because upgrades apply exclusively to diamond or moissanite stones (excluding lab-created diamonds), pieces that only feature pearls, emeralds, sapphires, any other gemstones or lab-created diamonds are not eligible for trade-in. For this reason, your trade-in of jewelry with these stones cannot be used to purchase new gemstone jewelry or lab-created diamond jewelry. Diamonds that are chipped, cracked or have been damaged are not eligible for upgrade.

Trade-In and Upgrade Key Facts

  • Loose Diamond and moissanites and stud earrings qualigy for the trade-in or trade-up.

  • Trade-ins purchased at Ben Garelick (online or in-store) are awarded the full value of the original purchase price as a credit toward the upgrade.

  • Your purchase price of the upgrade must only be equal or more in value than the original.

  • There are no limits to the number of times you can trade up.

  • Trade-ins can only be completed in our Ben Garelick store, and online purchases can be mailed in for an upgrade.

Custom-Jewelry Design Available

If you fall in love with a much, much larger stone or a stone that is a different shape than your original, we may need to charge you a small labor fee to reset your new stone. If you have other gemstones you now own or want to purchase to add to your special ring, no worries. Our Ben Garelick designers are experts at crafting beautiful custom-designs with stones you have purchased or inherited and you can use your trade-up credit toward the new jewelry purchase you will love.

Shop Online Or In Buffalo, New York

Many of our Ben Garelick customers know when they purchase their first diamond engagement ring that they will eventually upgrade when the time is right. Others never thought about upgrading at the time, but down the road found their tastes and pocketbook changed and love taking advantage of the trade-up benefit with a 5, 10, or 20-year anniversary ring If you're ready to trade-in or trade-up your diamond or moissanite jewelry, reach out to us today! We make it easy to stay in touch by phone at (716) 631-1584, text at (716) 574-0966, online chat, or a personal visit to the Ben Garelick showroom. We can't wait to see what you'll love next!

Free Gift Wrapping

Ben Garelick will gift wrap your purchase free of charge beautifully wrapped and tied with a luxurious blue ribbon. Boxes included on all orders.

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