Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Gift Ideas By Ben Garelick

Anniversaries are a wonderful time to reflect on the relationship you have with your partner. It can be an exceptional occasion for you to shower them with gifts of affection. 

But, just what gift do you give? That is a question that has plagued many people for many years. We get it, it’s difficult! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some gift ideas. At Ben Garelick, there truly is something for everyone.


A sparkling, stunning pair of earrings will always be considered a fantastically thoughtful gift for your significant other. What’s great about earrings is that they can contain subtle symbols of significance for the individual you’re gifting them to. 

If they’re someone who is enamored by precious gemstones, then a pair of diamond, amethyst, or topaz stud earrings are great idea for this type of person. Hoops are equally excellent, as is a pair of dynamic dangling earrings. Another option is to gift a pair with your partner's birth gemstone incorporated into them. 

Stunning Pair Of Earing For a Thoughtful Gift

Pendants & Necklaces

Pendants and necklaces have this wonderful ability to be attributed individually to the wearer all the while looking quite unassuming to the casual observer. They can tell a story without words, they can represent an important symbol to a person, or they can simply be reflective of your love for one another.

Whatever the reason, Ben Garelick offers you a variety of options to choose from, suitable to every need and budget.Many of our pendants are sold with accompanying gold or silver chains. There are other options wherein you can choose your chain by selecting a metal choice, length and style.


Bracelets are a powerful way for a person to showcase their personality and style preferences. Meaning, if you plan to gift your love with a bit of wrist jewelry, first consider how they will wear it. If they’re a more reserved individual then the bracelet should reflect this. Whereas if they are an extroverted, exuberant person, a piece reflective of this personality is in order.

Our curated collection contains an eclectic range of choices, suitable for all tastes and preferences. Bracelets should be worn comfortably and not be constrictive. You should be able to slide one or two fingers under the bracelet when worn on the wrist. Treat a bracelet like a wristwatch, it should fit underneath the cuff or sleeve of a shirt or blouse. In fact, compliment your wristwatch and wear your bracelet alongside it. 

A Powerful Bracelet To Reflect The Partner Personality


A classic option when it comes to anniversary gifts, cufflinks are a great way to complement a gentleman’s outfit on formal occasions. They can be indicative of a person's passions, heritage or personality. As they will most likely be worn sparingly, ensure that they hold significance to your partner. 

That way, every time such a special occasion arises, they will be reminded of your union and your love for one another. Also, something to remember is that cufflinks are meant to be worn with a French cuff shirt. 

In saying that, they can add an extra special touch to your everyday outfit, especially if you work within the legal industry. Really make a statement in court.

Box Of Present

Everything Else

If you’re still unsure what to purchase for your partnergive us a call at (716) 631-1584, or text us at (716) 574-0966, or visit us at our Buffalo, NY location. Our friendly staff are more than willing to help you out during the decision making process. Conveniently, you can also chat with one of our sizing experts online 24/7.


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