Tantalum Wedding Bands

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What is Tantalum?

This alternate metal is an incredibly popular choice for men’s wedding bands. Tough, durable and affordable tantalum is mined from locations such as Australia and South America. With a gorgeous slate blue tone, this malleable metal had similar properties to platinum. Tantalum is hypo-allogenic and resistant to breakage, which makes it a perfect choice for a wedding band. 

The name tantalum comes from Greek mythology, where perfect fruit was grown just tantalizingly out of reach. Lucky for us, this precious metal is widely available. And it might just be the wedding band you have been looking for. 

Why Buy Tantalum?

Does your spouse have an active lifestyle? Tantalum is a perfect choice for a wedding band as it is scratch resistant and extremely durable. They can survive general wear and tear, keeping their sleek and shiny look for many years to come. There is no extra care that you need to undertake to keep these rings looking their best. If needed you can clean the band with a mild detergent and water. Because of the neutral malleability of tantalum these rings can easily be resized or removed in case of an emergency. 

What designs are available in Tantalum?

The sky's the limit when it comes to tantalum wedding bands. Two tone and metal inserts are very popular, utilizing a polished interior to create a stunning effect. Tantalum also comes in a range of finishes including stone, satin and brush. Inlay designs have proven very popular that gives the ring a stunning artisanal quality which makes them a perfect option for someone with an alternate style. There are also precious gemstones available to insert into your tantalum wedding band including traditional diamonds. The chameleon quality of tantalum makes it perfect for a matching couple’s ring as you and your partner can coordinate styles. If you can dream it you can buy it in tantalum. 

Why Shop At Ben Garelick?

We offer a stunning range of tantalum rings and wedding bands. Many of our customers are drawn to Ben Garelick for the jewelry designers we choose to work with. Our fine luxury, antique, contemporary and couture jewelry is crafted by designers such as Kirk Kara, Simon G., Fana, Gabriel & Co., & Noam Carver, featured both instore and online. If you’re dreaming of your own unique engagement ring or wedding band design, our artisan jewelers will work with you to hand create your vision. Come and talk to our team or visit our showroom today!

Free Gift Wrapping

Ben Garelick will gift wrap your purchase free of charge beautifully wrapped and tied with a luxurious blue ribbon. Boxes included on all orders.

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