Tips for Cleaning Your Ring At Home

Let’s face it. Our diamond engagement ring and wedding bands go through a lot on a daily basis. Since most people wear them 24/7, it’s easy to dull that sparkle as we scrub dishes, mow the yard, workout, or even apply gels and lotions to our body.

“We know your wedding rings are probably two of the most valuable things you own, so it makes sense to clean them, and clean them often,” says Peter Manka Jr. of Ben Garelick.

Manka says cleaning your rings at home every couple of weeks is a good timeframe, but that it doesn’t hurt to clean them more often.

“When your rings are really clean it gives you the chance to inspect them more closely and see if you have any loose prongs or damage to your diamond or other gemstones,” Manka says. “And if you do see anything of concern, you can take it right away to your jewelry store and get it checked out.”

How To Clean Your Diamond Rings

Manka insists that you don’t need fancy cleaners or harsh chemicals to restore your rings to their natural sparkling shine. In fact, he says it’s better if you just stick to cleaning your ring with a few household items you likely already have in your cabinets. Here are the steps to cleaning your diamond engagement ring and wedding bands:

1. Soak

Find a small glass bowl and fill it with hot water. The hotter the better (just before boiling) - but be careful not to burn yourself! Then add a squirt or two of soap - Dove soap, or another natural soap works best. Stir and then put in your rings and let them soak for 20 minutes or longer to allow the lotions, gels, dried dirt or other particles that have attached in the cracks of your ring to loosen.

2. Brush clean

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently brush the loosed dirt and particles from in and around each diamond or gemstone. Be sure to brush the back of the ring as dirt can get stuck behind your stones, block the light from shining through and prevent your rings true natural sparkle.

3. Rinse

Rinse your ring thoroughly in warm water, rinsing over a cup to ensure you don’t drop your ring down the drain, or lose small side stones that might fall out while cleaning. Turn it over and rinse the underside making sure to completely rinse away any cleaning residue.

4. Second soak (if needed)

If your ring needs a second soak to get the “gunk” off, put it in a small bowl of equal parts cold water and ammonia. NOTE: ONLY use ammonia on diamond rings. It can damage pearls or other gemstones!

5. Dry

Let you ring air dry on a soft towel for 20 to 25 minutes before putting it back on your finger. If you must dry it faster, use a soft, lint-free towel.

If you’re looking for an even better clean, you can purchase Ben Garelick Jewelry Cleaner online or at our Transit Road location to keep your ring sparkling like new!

Additional Tips To Keep Care For Your Rings

Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals. Take off your rings or use gloves when cleaning dishes, your house, or working in the garden to protect your ring from chemicals and abrasive materials.

Be careful in cold. If you’re swimming in a cool pool or lake water, or playing in the ocean waves or the snow, be careful your ring doesn’t slip off your fingers. Your fingers will shrink in the cold, or when exposed to salt water,  making your ring much looser.

On finger or safe place. In the rare times that your ring is not on your finger make sure you place it in a secure place (preferably a soft cloth bag or >Lion Latch Jewelry Tote). Avoid table or sink ledges.

Insure it. Consider adding your ring as a rider to your homeowner’s insurance, or through a recommended jewelry insurer like Jeweler’s Mutual. It will require an official appraisal but can give you some peace of mind if ever you lose it.

See Your Jeweler For Regular Maintenance

Even though you can keep your diamond engagement ring and wedding bands perfectly clean on your own at home, you should return back to your jeweler twice a year for a thorough ultrasonic cleaning and inspection, Manka says.

“At Ben Garelick, we are happy to see our customers return so that we can make sure our rings are looking their best,” he says. “We’ll clean them to their like-new look and inspect them for any loose stones or other issues we can fix. All at no charge to our customers.”

Ben Garelick Jewelers is a premier retailer of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, and other fine jewelry. Browse our collection at or in our Buffalo, New York, jewelry store. If you’re looking for fine jewelry we’re here to help. Ask your questions via email, text or online chat anytime. We look forward to adding you to our Ben Garelick family of customers.

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