What Are VVS Clarity Diamonds - Full Guide

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Today, we delve into the glimmering world of VVS clarity diamonds, your luxurious key to a breathtaking 'I do.' 

We’re diving deep into the sparkle and allure, mining valuable nuggets about the starry wonders of these precious gemstones. 

VVS clarity diamonds are like the unicorn of the jewelry world—rare, beautiful, and sometimes slightly elusive. 

Whether you're a seasoned diamond connoisseur, a curious admirer, or someone ready to pop the big question, this guide will ignite your imagination and appreciation for these stellar stones.

We'll dance with the light, play with the facets, and unlock the secrets of these extraordinary gems in a language as clear as, well, a VVS diamond.

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of bubbles (we don’t judge!), and let’s dive into the world of VVS clarity diamonds, one sparkle at a time.

What does “VVS” mean?

Fasten your diamond-studded seat belts because we're driving straight into the bling lingo today.

Let’s set the scene: you're at your favorite jeweler, sifting through glittering diamonds, when you stumble across a term as cryptic as the Hope Diamond itself - "VVS."

Well, fear not because we’re about to break down this gem of a term for you (yep, there are more puns and fun where that came from!).

"VVS" stands for "Very, Very Slightly Included" or “Very, Very, Small Inclusions” (both mean the same thing!).

It's one of the glittering grades in the diamond clarity scale.

This term, like a diamond, is multifaceted.

Firstly, it’s a testament to a diamond's internal purity. Just like your favorite rom-com character, it’s what's inside that counts.

In the diamond world, "VVS" is akin to an A-list celebrity with a spotless reputation (hard to find!).

It means there are minor inclusions or blemishes, so minuscule that even your keen-eyed, Sherlock Holmes-type jewelers struggle to spot them, even with a 10x magnifier.

That's right! Even under magnified scrutiny, VVS diamonds pull off a clean act that would make a chameleon blush.

So, if you're scouting for an almost-flawless diamond, a VVS is your ticket to glitz-town.

With such a sparkler on your finger, you'll be more radiant than the stars in the night sky.

The difference between “VVS1” and “VVS2”

Now, onto the next gem of the day, the difference between VVS1 and VVS2. You may think they're identical, but we assure you, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Think of these two as siblings in the diamond family rather than twins. VVS1 is the elder sibling, a little more flawless and a little harder to critique.

The inclusions in VVS1 diamonds are so microscopic, located on the pavilion or the bottom half of the diamond towards the edge of the diamond.

They are the Beyonce of the diamond world - practically perfect in every way.

Then comes VVS2, the younger sibling. It's still pristine but with inclusions that, while incredibly hard to find, are located closer to the surface and in the center of the diamond.

They can generally be viewed with 10x magnification. In layman's terms, if VVS1 is the student who gets 98% on their test, VVS2 is the student who gets 96%.

Yes, they're both acing it, but there's a minute difference.

The same goes for the rest of the grading system including SI1 and SI2, VS1 and VS1…so on so forth (the lower the grade, the higher the inclusions…and more central!). 

So, there you have it, diamond enthusiasts.

We've cracked the code of VVS, shed a little light on the subtle differences between VVS1 and VVS2, and navigated through the gleaming troves of diamond grading.

Whether you're a trendsetter, a to-be-wed, or a diamond connoisseur, knowing your bling language will always keep you one step ahead.

Now, let’s traverse the price of VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds to see which may be more desirable for your budget…

How much does a VVS diamond cost per carat?

Alright, diamond divas and gemstone gurus, we’re arrived in the realm of pricing VVS diamonds, or as we like to call them, "Very, Very Scintillating" diamonds.

The pricing of these diamonds is somewhat similar to the daily flux of the gold market – it changes every day faster than a fashionista changes their wardrobe.

However, we can provide a rough estimate for you jewelry adventurers as of the date we’re publishing this guide. 

On average, a VVS diamond can range from a high of $7400 for a round cut, excellent or ideal cut diamond,  VVS1, 1 carat, H color diamond to a more modest $6800 for a VVS2, H color 1 carat diamond of the same characteristics.

Now, don't let those dollar signs blind you. Remember that these glittering gems are just as unique as every couple out there - varying in cut, color, and weight.

They are also some of the highest quality diamonds you’ll find, so expect they’ll always come with a slightly larger price tag.

Remember that these prices are just as fluctuating as the priciest runway collections at Fashion Week.

It's essential to monitor market trends, take the plunge when it feels right, and pick a diamond that best represents your love story.

And, of course, we'll be here to guide you along your sparkling journey.

How is diamond clarity measured?

Our crystal-eyed readers, clarity in diamonds is a fascinating world that's more detailed than the pattern on a Versace dress.

Let's walk down the diamond clarity runway, shall we?

The Gemological Institute of America, our metaphorical Anna Wintour of the gem world, grades diamond clarity on a scale which includes grades like VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included), VS (Very Slightly Included), and others.

Imagine these clarity grades as the who's who of a fabulous jewelry gala. The VIP guests are the Flawless (FL) diamonds, followed closely by the Internally Flawless (IF).

Our star-studded VVS crowd can barely be noticed even under 10x magnification, making them the understated yet posh attendees at our soiree.

VVS diamonds, in particular, are divided into the two categories we’ve discussed: VVS1 and VVS2. VVS1 diamonds are your minimalist chic fashionistas, less included and costlier than their VVS2 counterparts.

The inclusions, or the tiny internal or external flaws, are the subtle accessories that add character to our diamond guests.

But remember, every diamond, like every fashion statement, tells a story. And it's the quirks, the inclusions, and the blemishes that make it truly yours.

So, choose a gem that speaks to you as loudly as a neon ensemble at a black-tie event, and let its clarity shine your story to the world.

The Subtle Art of Selecting VVS Diamonds

When selecting that perfect gemstone for your significant other or yourself, it's similar to a harmonious first dance you've spent hours mastering.

And much like a perfectly executed spin, every aspect must be flawless (pun intended!).

The VVS diamond, or Very Very Slightly Included diamond, is a brilliant performer in this dance. The tango dancer takes the floor and refuses to let go of your attention.

VVS diamonds are a great choice for those who yearn for a sparkle that matches their love. These high-clarity diamonds are eye-clean, meaning no inclusions are visible to the naked eye.

Yes, you read it right! Even with a jeweler’s loupe, professionals struggle to spot the blemishes. It's like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Top tips for buying VVS diamonds

Know your Vs: There are two subcategories, VVS1 and VVS2, with VVS1 being the higher grade.

It's the difference between an Oscar-winning movie and a blockbuster hit - both are great, but one has that extra edge.

Be sure to consider looking at both options when shopping as you may save yourself some money or be able to choose a larger carat depending on which grade you land on.

Set your priorities: In the diamond world, the difference in clarity can increase prices between 10-20%.

In essence, picking a diamond is like creating your own personalized cocktail.

You can choose to go heavy on the clarity or balance it out with higher color or cut grades. It's your drink; you mix it!

Choose your diamond's origin: Thanks to technological advancements, lab-grown diamonds provide a cost-effective alternative to mined diamonds.

The cherry on top? You can get a higher-clarity diamond for a fraction of the cost. It's like getting a designer dress at an off-the-rack price!

There are also a heap of ethical benefits to lab-grown diamonds.

Balance is key: Men often gravitate towards higher clarity grades, while their partners might be more interested in size.

With lab-grown diamonds, you can have your cake and eat it too! A large, sparkly diamond with high clarity is no longer a pipe dream.

Dazzling Conclusions: All That Glitters is VVS

Buying a VVS diamond is akin to walking the red carpet - glamorous, eye-catching, and unapologetically luxurious. 

But remember, in the diamond industry, every choice you make is a statement. 

Like a couture gown or a bespoke suit, your diamond tells a story about you. 

So make sure it's a story you're proud of that sparkles just as brightly as your VVS diamond. 

And while you're at it, why not let it reflect a hint of your charm, your style, and your sparkle? 

After all, we're not just selling jewelry here at Ben Garelick; we're selling memories encased in luxurious, glittering stones.

Visit our showroom today to see our VVS range up close and personal. 

Can’t make it to us? We’ll come to you via our online chat and you can view our  online diamond inventory and one of our experts can help you choose between a VVS1 or VVS2 clarity diamond!

Visit us at our Buffalo, NY store today or chat with our diamond experts online 24/7, call us on (716) 631-1584, or text (716) 574-0966. Let’s find the perfect diamonds to add to your collection!

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Peter Manka Jr. is a passionate member of the family business who joined Ben Garelick in the early 2000s after working in product licensing for Sesame Workshop & The Jim Henson Company for many years. He obtained a degree in diamonds and jewelry from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in order to sharpen his jewelry skills. He takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and helping clients find the perfect piece of jewelry.

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