Stacking Your Wedding Rings - The How, The What and The Why

Congratulations to you!

You’ve just gotten engaged, or maybe you’ve already tied the knot and are still considering your wedding jewelry or looking to swap out an existing piece.

This is perfectly normal, and whether you’re just about to start looking for your dream wedding band or upgrade your existing jewelry, at Ben Garelick, we have got you covered.

Perhaps you’re struggling to decide on just the one ring – after all, this is an item that is going to be with you for the rest of your life. How could you possibly decide on only one design?

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Surely, it doesn’t have to be this difficult – how have people been doing this for centuries?

Well, like much of your wedding planning, you do have options, and you aren’t stuck to making one choice either.

Why not treat yourself to an abundance of options rather than just one simple ring?

Let’s take a look at the ways you can up your personal expression with more than one ring:

The “stacked wedding rings” trend

Something super exciting that many people are considering when it comes to their wedding jewelry is ring stacking.

What is ring stacking, you ask?

Ring stacking is a trend that lets you wear as many rings as you like, though three is generally the best fit for most fingers.

Maybe you want two wedding bands and an engagement ring, perhaps you want a keep safe just in case, or maybe you’d like to have a variety of rings to mix it up for different outfits or occasions.

Some of these occasions often include but are not limited to being given a new ring on the first wedding anniversary or for the birth of their first child or birthday.

The trend of ring stacking is becoming more and more popular, but it isn’t anything new.

In fact, many cultures and countries ring stack as a habit and part of their wedding rituals and have done so for many centuries, not just recently. 

The History of Wedding Rings

The actual wearing of a wedding ring and its origin is still disputed. It is believed that Neanderthals created the wedding band, to begin with; this was a symbol of the lasting attachment with their chosen mate.

How novel to know that our ancestors wanted to form a lasting sentiment for their loved ones even so far back. It just goes to show the very importance wedding bands still hold to this day.

Some traditions are worth keeping!

Many also still believe that the wearing of a wedding band on your left finger closest to your pinky was introduced by ancient Egypt.

This is apparently due to the vein that runs from this finger leading directly to the heart and therefore represents the marriage's attachment to its wearer and the love shared with the wearer’s partner.

How sweet is that?

It would be very sweet if it were true.

Unfortunately, this has been speculated to be nothing more than a myth, yet the sentiment still stands and is widely accepted as to why people in the US are more likely to wear their wedding band on their left hand as opposed to their right.

We still think this is a very sweet myth or no myth!

Following this, it is said that the Romans and Greeks also had their versions of ring wearing and adopted the same finger closest to the heart to symbolize the most love shared.

Honestly, our hearts are melting!

Many people in Europe, however, opt to wear their rings on the right hand.

Some have no preference at all, and in some places, it is only expected that the woman should wear a wedding ring and the man does not require one.

In fact, for the longest time, in most cultures, men didn’t even wear wedding rings – this was reserved purely for the bride.

Russia, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine are the biggest wearers of wedding bands in Europe. In contrast, Spain and the Netherlands don’t have any preference at all – they just pick as they choose, and it often depends on the region in which they live as to what tradition they follow.

The art of stacking multiple rings on the left hand is commonplace in the US and UK and is a way for couples to signify milestones within their marriage, not just the engagement and marriage itself.

The stack usually consists of the wedding ring, given during the actual marriage service, the engagement ring given to propose, and then an eternity ring given later into the marriage to signify the lasting bond of the relationship.

Another ring that may also find its way into the stack is the well-known promise ring.

This ring is likely to have preceded all the other rings but still holds a special place on your hand, so you may wish to include it long after the newer rings have taken their place too.

A promise ring is one given to show commitment and exclusivity in the early stages of a relationship before marriage is officially proposed, and they are more common in the US than in most other places.

In the UK and US, it is also considered tradition to have what is referred to as a “double ring” ceremony. This is where both the groom and bride receive a wedding band as opposed to only the bride, which is still common practice in many cultures today.

Where did stacking wedding bands come from?

The origins of stacking rings are thought to have been first popular as early as the 16th century.

Both bride and groom would adorn a gold band each up until the wedding; then, the bride would acquire the grooms following the ceremony.

The rings were designed to lock together in a way that was supposed to represent the locking of the bride and groom's love forever.

Again, we really can’t handle how wonderful these commitments were even that far back in history!

There was also a development in the stacking style around the 17th-18th century, and these types were named “guard” or “keeper” rings. Their purpose was to keep the wedding ring safe and to ensure that it wouldn’t fall off the finger.

An apt name for them if you ask us.

Countries such as Turkey also introduced their own varieties and ways to wear stackable rings, which sometimes included as many as twelve pieces of jewelry!

These trends later influenced western cultures, and we now see stackable rings as an everyday fashion trend even outside of wedding and engagement jewelry.

How to choose & match rings perfectly.

We hope by this point that you are intrigued by wedding ring stacking.

That you are desperate to know more but perhaps don’t know where to start.

There are so many options, what materials, what gems, what shapes and designs!

It might feel a tad overwhelming, but it’s actually an enjoyable way for you to get creative and show off your unique personality and style, all on one hand.

Our expert jewelers at Ben Garelick can answer all the questions you may have while letting you take your pick from our plethora of different designs. And if you can’t make it to our store, our website has all the options labeled out, including a dedicated section purely for stackable rings.

Fancy that!

When considering the options, variety is, in fact, the spice of life when it comes to your wedding ring choices.

You are best considering a raised engagement ring as this can stand out sandwiched between two other simpler bands. As far as gems are concerned, these are totally of your choosing.

You can opt for a colored gemstone or sparkling diamond that sits center stage on your ring finger.

Many specialists and designers also recommend mixing metals and colors – which may seem super contradictory. Still, it has become fashionable to mix metals instead of wearing only one.

Shapes and sizes will affect the way the rings stack, which is why we suggest going for two smaller bands with one additional stand-out piece.

The ultimate way to make this decision is to pop over to our store and try on as many varieties as you like until you land on your perfect combination.

If you can’t make it to our store, never fear - we have a solution for every need! Why not try our at-home try-on service - choose a selection of rings that you like, and we’ll mail them to you to try at home.

Pick the ones that best fit your style and send back the ones that don’t.

Hey presto, you’ve just got yourself a wedding ring stack!

The best ways to stack different styles

If you want to mix those metals, go ahead and get those metals mixed!

Now is the time to let your personality shine through.

It’s always good to stick to a cohesive palate, so if you love white gold or champagne color, perhaps double up on this tone and then use your gemstone to accent or offset the tones.

But genuinely, there are no rules – have fun and pick items that stand out to you or have a special meaning.

You may even want to add in an old family heirloom or have an existing piece of jewelry adjusted to fit your new stack.

Is there a limit to how many rings can be stacked?

There isn’t a limit to how many rings you can stack; we suppose it can be as many as will fit on your finger but realistically, you want to stick to around three.

Stacking in odd numbers will result in a better stacking effect and will allow the rings to accent one another nicely.

You may choose more than three rings and then swap them out later down the line or replace them altogether after a certain amount of time.

Pros and cons for stacking your wedding rings


  1. You can choose various designs and materials – if you’re struggling to decide on just one, then this option will save the day!
  2. Mix and match depending on your mood – if you are bored of a particular piece, you can simply remove it or freshen up your look with a different item. You could even have a different ring for each day of the week, should you please!
  3. Dare to be different – why opt for only one wedding ring when you can have as many as you like? Stand out from everyone else and make a statement with your very own combination.


  1. If you’re prone to losing things, you might find it hard to keep track of more than one ring. However, on the flip side, if you do lose one, at least you have spares!
  2.  You might find movement in your finger more complicated – depending on how much you use your hands for activities, work, or even writing, having more rings on your finger may feel uncomfortable and get in the way.

Our recommendations for ring stacking

We definitely recommend a variety of styles when choosing your beloved wedding rings.

If you’re uncertain about whether stacking is for you, it’s best to try as many styles and varieties as possible. Test our wide range of sizes, cuts, and metals in-store so you can get a feel for them.

We genuinely believe there is a stack to suit every style and personality. One of our wedding experts will show you everything we have to offer at Ben Garelick to perfect your dream look.

You may be intrigued by a more oversized stone look, especially for your engagement ring.

A striking stone adorning a more straightforward band makes for a fantastic feature on your finger amongst your other choices.

Maybe our Gabriel Marquise and Round Shaped Station Diamond Band might be the one for you, paired with our Noam Carver Baguette Cut Diamond Wedding Ring with the absolutely stunning  Kirk Kara Pirouetta Princess Cut Two-Tone Halo Diamond Engagement Ring.

This could be just the stack that’ll have people saying, “wow.”

We have so many options to choose from and have over 1000 varieties of stackable bands that you can mix and match.

The combinations are quite possibly endless.

The best way to combine your rings is to give the effect of one complete ring, so having the designs merge together to almost form one piece of jewelry is a really unique way to combine your rings.

Just because this is the aim, though, it doesn’t mean all the gems and metals must be the same. In fact, having contrasting metals will give your designs more detail and will add to the character of your overall look.

Opting for smaller complementary rings to sit beside your gemstones or engagement ring will ensure you get a flowing look between the three.

How to swap out rings from your bridal stack

Perhaps you already have a wedding stack and absolutely love it but fancy a change, so you are looking for a new addition to brighten up your hand.

Many people like to add a new ring to their stack as a way to symbolize an anniversary or, as mentioned before, another significant occasion such as a vow renewal.

You can take one of your existing rings and swap it out for a brand new addition to mark the special moment.

Alternatively, you could look to take an existing band and upgrade it. This can be achieved by replacing the stones, rhodium plating your bands in a different metal or finish, or you could add a texture or engraved type finish.

What’s more, you can make each ring even more special by engraving each with a memento for each occasion. Some people like to opt for significant dates or family names.

You may even like to add a favorite song lyric or book quote that means something special to you both.

Either way, each ring can be marked with its own special meaning that you’ll be reminded of each day.

The world is truly your oyster…you might even consider adding a pearl to your stack!

The Takeaways

We think that stacking rings is the way to go.

So why not give it a try?

It is such a unique way of showing off your personal style and being able to celebrate your love in more than one way.

Stacking wedding bands means the excitement you experienced when you first got engaged or said your vows at the altar can last forever, and you can constantly update your look throughout your lifetime.

Keep displaying those momentous occasions and many more to come.

What’s more, they can change as you change over the course of your relationship.

Go on, get yourself stacked!

Visit us at our Buffalo, NY store today. Not nearby? Not to worry - chat with our diamond experts online 24/7, call us on (716) 631-1584 or text (716) 574-0966. Let’s make your wedding day and all the days that follow, shine!

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