G Color Diamonds and why you need to buy one!

Everyone deserves a life filled with beautiful shimmering diamonds…

If you could have a different diamond for every day of the week, we’re sure you would!

But with so many options, sizes, cuts, and colors to choose from, it can be hard even to know where to start.

You’ll have come across the terminology of carats when referring to diamonds in the past, no doubt, and likely have a good idea that this relates to the weight of the diamond.

Most of us also know what is meant by the cut of a diamond too – its shape, be it round, pear, princess or Asscher, the list goes on!

But what do you think when you hear “diamond color”?

You might think that we are talking about whether you want a green, blue, or pink diamond – but this isn’t the case!

When it comes to “color grading” a diamond, there is a lot of information revealed about the diamond in question from the grade they receive.

In this blog, we are going to explore G-color graded diamonds and exactly why you’ll be dying to get your hands on your own, no matter what the occasion.

Let’s waste no time and get straight to talking more about these fantastic diamonds!

How does the diamond rating scale work?

Because diamonds are so rare and unique, it is no surprise that they have an extra special way of being color graded.

The color-grading system is an alphabetical scale starting from D all the way through to Z, which rates the diamond based on its color appearance.

Which seems relatively straightforward!

But wait a minute…why not start with the letter A?

Well, before the globally accepted GIA color grading system was in place, there were many other systems that included letters starting from A, B, and C and even numbers and numerals but none of them aligned with one another very well!

Expectedly, this ended up causing a fair amount of confusion and meant there was a lot of inaccuracy when it came to grading and pricing – which consequently left a fair amount of unhappy diamond owners and sellers out of pocket.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grading system opted to avoid confusion by starting the scale at D through Z and is now the industry standard for which diamond colors are graded – especially in the US.

But what do the grades mean in terms of color?

  •   D-F = Colorless
  •   G-J = Near Colorless
  •   K-M = Faint
  •   N-R = Very Light
  •   S-Z = Light

What is a G color diamond?

As you can see in the scale list above, G-color diamonds fall into the second category of color, being near colorless.

When a diamond shows color, this is often yellower in tone the further you go down the scale, and it becomes more apparent to the naked eye when you get to grade Z.

This is also the case if you go larger in carat weight, the color will begin to be more noticeable!

Kirk Kara Stella Five Stone Emerald and Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

As a near colorless diamond, G-colors are still icy-white in appearance and show no yellow tint to most untrained eyes.

When compared side by side with a higher graded diamond, it is possible to see a difference, but it is so subtle you’d really have to look.

In fact, we’d say almost all people who aren’t diamond experts would find it hard to tell the difference between a G-color in the nearly colorless grade compared to an F color in the colorless grade.

The only noticeable difference would be the cost!

How much does a G color diamond cost?

 The color grade itself doesn’t purely determine the cost of a diamond.

 The cut, carat, and clarity all play a factor in determining the price of the diamond you are buying.

 However, if you were to compare apples with apples, or diamonds with diamonds in this case – if you were looking at the cost variance between a D color grade diamond and G color grade diamond of the same cut, carat, and clarity, you’ll find the D color diamond to be in the region of $800 more expensive than the G.

It is important to note that this changes exponentially when you start to increase the carat weight of the diamond, you’ll likely be looking at thousands of dollars in prices difference between a D and a G-color diamond.

When is a G color diamond a good idea?

According to diamond experts and anyone who’s ever been in the market to buy a diamond – almost always!

 G-color grade diamonds are actually the most popular choice of diamonds for engagement rings.

So much so that most fine jewelry has G-color diamonds for their smaller diamonds for pieces such as pendants, earrings, or bracelets as it wouldn’t make enough difference to go for a higher color grade at these sizes.

This is likely because they come packed with all the beautiful qualities of the colorless range of diamonds but with a smaller price tag.

G-color diamonds are perfect for any jewelry and suit any style – they are wonderful and versatile, which is everything you want when investing in a diamond.

They never fail to please and always make the wearer feel like a million dollars!

Best shapes for G color diamonds

The best shape for a G-color diamond will always be a round cut.

This is because round-cut diamonds show the least amount of color exposure, but you’ll be just as well choosing a cut such as a Pear, Oval, or even Marquise.

These cuts may show a slight amount of color overall in the diamond when rotating diamonds  180 degrees, especially when viewed at a 45-degree angle, but again, the color in a G-grade diamond is so minute that it’d be hard to notice anything with any shape.

Other cuts such as Asscher, Cushion, Emerald, or Princess may also show a faint amount of color closer to their center as this is where they reflect light towards – but again, unless you’re comparing your G-diamond side by side with a higher-grade diamond, you’re going to find it hard to notice any color showing.

Best settings for G color diamonds

Because the G-color diamond is near colorless in appearance, they almost always fit most style settings.

So, whether you fancy a halo setting or pave, or maybe a more classic vintage setting, the G-color will look magical no matter what.

Of course, as discussed in the above point, depending on the shape of the cut, there is a possibility of noticing an ever-so-slight color difference, but we don’t suspect this will be an issue unless you have a super trained eye!

Best metal combinations for G color diamonds

Most diamond experts recommend white gold or platinum as the best metal to set your G-color diamond against.

But, if white gold isn’t your thing, go for rose or yellow gold as these beautiful white diamonds will pop against the color and really stand out! 

When opting for your metal choice, 14K white, yellow or rose gold is going to be slightly stronger and more durable for everyday wear than 18K because there is less gold content in 14K. 

14K (white, yellow or rose gold) is around half is gold and the other is alloys which makes it so durable. 18K has around 75% gold and 25% alloy to still make it a strong option too. 

This is because, gold, in its nature, is a soft metal, therefore it requires alloys to make it durable for everyday wear.

Theprongs supporting your diamond will last a long time with either metal. Platinum is also a great option for this!

Is it possible to make a G-color diamond look whiter?

As suggested above, picking a yellow gold metal will help enhance the diamond's whiteness as it creates a warmer illusion that makes the diamond stand out.

Again, opting for a round-cut diamond is the safest bet, too, as this will show the least color visibility of all the cuts.

Pair this with the yellow gold, and hey presto, you’ve got yourself the whitest looking G-color diamond you can get.

It’s also worth noting that the higher the carat and the larger the diamond, the more color will likely show.

If you want your G-color diamond to look its crispest white, stay beneath a 2-carat and combine it with yellow gold and a round cut.

Ultimately, however, the secret of the G-color diamond is that it doesn’t require any additional help at all as it is a stunning white diamond all on its own!

Are G color diamonds worth buying?

Yes, 100% - they absolutely are!

In our opinion, any diamond is worth buying – they are diamonds either way – but a G-color grade diamond is so close to the top grades that it may as well be at the top.

So, depending on your priorities when purchasing your diamond, you’ll find that the G-color diamonds will almost always check all the boxes and at affordable prices too.

It’s hard to say no to that!

Is a G color diamond good enough for…

A general gift –G-diamonds are absolute all-rounders, so whether you’re looking to surprise mom on mother’s day or gift a friend with a diamond bracelet for their birthday, you’re going to create smiles no matter what choosing a G-color diamond.

A promise ring – perhaps you’re not ready to tie the knot, but you’ve found that person you adore and want to show them what they mean to you. Nothing quite says “I love you” like the gift of a diamond, and getting a G-color diamond promise ring will melt their hearts.

An engagement ring –the star of the show, the one that is dreamed about – the engagement ring! A G-color diamond is so good for an engagement ring that it has become the most popular choice of diamond. They are beautiful, elegant, utterly stunning, and are far more affordable than their colorless competitors. A G-color diamond engagement ring will have your significant other saying “yes!” in a heartbeat.

A wedding ring –and a diamond doesn’t have to be reserved for only the engagement ring either. Why not celebrate your love even more with a  wedding band adorned with diamonds? They are a brilliant addition to any wedding ring and look gorgeous even in the most subtle designs.

In fact, most wedding rings with diamonds come with G-color diamonds that are effervescent and bright to the eye. Designers around the world hand select G color diamonds when they make their wedding bands, which just goes to show how popular and incredible they are! 

An anniversary ring –And not forgetting the ring that keeps the love flowing! Maybe you opted for a slightly higher-grade diamond for the engagement but still want to add to the collection – well, a G-color diamond is a perfect match for you, and as we say, you can never have enough diamonds!

Much like wedding rings with diamonds, G-color diamonds are the go to choice for most anniversary rings you’ll find in jewelers and you won’t be able to get enough of them!

Stud Earrings - diamond studs are the quintessential gift for any occasion and G-color diamonds are the perfect match for any pair. It’s hard to find a piece of jewelry that these wondrous little diamonds wouldn’t look fabulous in!

The Takeaways

Color grading for diamonds is an industry-standard that ensures you are getting the highest quality diamond for your money.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, wanting to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry with your very own diamond, or looking for a gift, they’ll never forget – a G-color diamond will always be the right choice.

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing the diamond that is perfect for you – you can’t forget the cut, the carat, the clarity, and the overall design and setting.

You want to find something that suits your style exactly and makes you feel incredible every time you look at your sparkling ring or piece of jewelry.

If you’re unsure which diamond will suit your best or if a G-color diamond is for you, the best thing to do is compare them in person.

Our diamond experts at Ben Garelick will be overjoyed to show you our collection of diamonds of every grade. You can compare them side by side against any setting and cut you like so you can see for yourself what really suits you.

We know you'll fall in love when you first cast your eyes on a G-color diamond!

Visit us at our Buffalo, NY store today. Not nearby? Not to worry - chat with our diamond experts online 24/7, call us on (716) 631-1584, or text (716) 574-0966.

Let’s find the perfect diamond for you!

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