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At Ben Garelick Jewelers, we understand that every bride wants to have a unique, one-of-a-kindengagement ring that truly represents your individual love and her style. That’s why almost all of our engagement rings can be quickly and affordably customized with a variety of specifications that will make it her dream come true. From the size, shape, and type of your center gemstone to the precious metal used in the setting, customizing is made easy at Ben Garelick Jewelers. You’ll find engagement rings from world-renowned designers likeKirk Kara, Fana,Simon G. and more, to give you a variety of styles and looks that are sure to capture your love and suit your pocketbook.

Understanding The Elements Of Your Engagement Ring

Understanding the elements that make up your engagement ring is an important first step in being able to customize yourring. While it is always possible to purchase a completely custom-designed engagement ring, there are many individual elements that can be specially selected to make a ring your own. Those elements may include:

  • Setting:Sometimes called a mounting, the setting is the metal part of the ring that holds your gemstones in place - including both the larger center or side stones as well as any diamond melee (rhymes with jelly) which are small accent stones. The setting includes the head and the shank and you can choose what type of metal (and color) it is made from.
  • Shank: That’s the metal part of the ring that circles around your finger, also called the band. This can sometimes be made from different metals or a combination of two.
  • Head: The metal section of the setting that holds the center stone or larger side stones in place usually with prongs.
  • Prongs: The tiny metal supports - usually four or six - that hold the gemstone to the head. These can sometimes be made of a different type (and color) than the setting.
  • Bezel: Instead of prongs, a bezel setting has a thin metal strip pushed tight around the gemstone to hold it in place.
  • Channel Setting: Often used in diamond melee, the small stones are set next to each other inside a metal wall with nothing in between them.
  • Bead Setting:Designers drill tiny holes into the metal setting, place the small diamonds in the holes, and then push up the metal around them to hold them in place.
  • Pavé Setting:This is a popular style that is similar to the bead setting but the diamonds are placed in a honeycomb pattern giving the ring continuous sparkle.
  • Halo Setting:As the name implies, diamonds are placed around the center stone like ahalo in a bead or channel set, making the center stone look larger and more brilliant.

Selecting Your Gemstone From Ben Garelick

One of the most common customizations made by customers of Ben Garelick Jewelers is the selection of the center stone. When you shop at our online store, you will see hundreds of engagement ring designs and most are pictured with a 1 to 2-carat diamond. However, that diamond can be switched out to a different gemstone, size, or shape to make your ring truly unique.

Gemstone Type:

This is one of the most significant choices you can make when it comes to customizing your engagement ring at Ben Garelick Jewelers. It will have the most noticeable impact on your bride, your friends, and your pocketbook.

  • Diamonds:Choosing a diamond for your center stone on your engagement ring is a common choice, given its reputation for thesymbol of marriage and love, and the crazy sparkles it exudes. Ben Garelick hand selects only the highest-quality diamonds to ensure your ring has maximum sparkle. While our jewelry experts are happy to help select the diamond that’s right for you, it’s always a good idea to know the 4Cs of diamond quality - color, clarity, cut and carat weight - when choosing your center diamond. You will want to think ahead to prioritize which of these characteristics is most important to you so that our jewelry experts can assist you in choosing a diamond that is perfect and within your budget.
  • Moissanite Stones: These affordable, lab-created diamond alternatives allow you to have all of the sparkle of a real diamond at a fraction of the cost. Have your heart set on a particularly sized diamond but are unsure whether you can afford it? Ask about swapping that diamond center for amoissanite stone.
  • Colored Gemstones: Looking for something a little more original when it comes to your engagement ring? Think about choosing a colored gemstone as your center stone. Two of the most popular gemstones used as a center stone are theblue sapphire and ruby. They can really “pop” against diamond side stones or melee and are almost as strong as a diamond so will last through everyday wear. There are other gemstone choices including garnet, pink sapphire, spinel, and more!Morganite rings are also gaining in popularity as an affordable sparkling option to the diamond.

Gemstone Size:

While the photos on our online site are pictured with 1 to 2-carat diamonds, you can select a size that suits you. Not only should you consider your budget when it comes toselecting the size of your center stone, you should also consider the size of your bride-to-be’s hand. You want to select a size setting and stone(s) that fit well on her hand and won’t overpower it. Already have a diamond or gemstone in mind that you want to incorporate? Simply provide the measurements of your center stone and a ring will be made specifically to fit.

Gemstone Shape/Cut:

There are several options for the shape and cut of your center stone and the decision is more personal preference than anything else. Round diamonds are the most popular for today’s bride and their brilliant cut can give your diamond a super sparkle from every direction. If you like the look of a different shape, you can also choose from oval, pear, square (often called the princess cut), emerald,marquise and heart-shaped.

Types Of Engagement Ring Settings - Your Choice

Almost all of the engagement rings that Ben Garelick offers come with your choice of palladium, platinum or gold settings. Within the gold category, you can choose14-karat or 18-karat gold rings and they will appear as different colors depending on whether you choose yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold settings. Each of these metals is durable and ready for a lifetime of wear, but each gives you a different look. Yellow gold is a more traditional choice for an engagement ring setting, while white gold or platinum gives off more of a smooth, contemporary aesthetic. Rose gold has gained in popularity lately and radiates romance. You can also use the type of metal you choose to represent different eras in which they were popular. For example, platinum came of age in the Art Deco era and rose gold in the Retro era. Mixing metals is also trending for today’s bride and even formen’s wedding bands. You can sometimes mix metals in your band or with the prongs of your setting.

Select An Engagement Ring Style That Suits You

Too much of a good thing? That may be what you think after browsing Ben Garelick Jeweler’s collection of engagement rings. Because we feature designs by the bestdesigners in the world, you will be able to select a style that suits your personality and desires. To start, think about what eras of time inspire you the most. Do you consider yourself avintage-style romantic? Or perhaps you are more of an art decocontemporary? Our rings feature engravings, filigree and other embellishments that represent a variety of historical periods. Fromclassic tothree-stone, Ben Garelick is going to have the ring style you will fall in love with.

Let Us Help You Design Your Perfect Engagement Ring

When you choose Ben Garelick Jewelers for your engagement ring purpose, you’re not only choosing high-quality fine jewelry that you can customize for your special bride-to-be, you’re also choosing to become part of the Ben Garelick family. And we’ve been taking care of our family for generations. Our jewelry experts have decades of experience in the diamond jewelry industry and are just waiting for the chance to help you choose the elements of your engagement ring that will make her smile every day for the rest of your lives. Call us today at (716) 631-1584, text us using (716) 574-0966, or chat online. Withspecial financing and layaway options, it’s never too soon to start a conversation. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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