Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

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Here at Ben Garelick, we're not just about curating breathtaking jewelry collections that send your heart racing; we're also about breaking those gem-encrusted stereotypes. 

And today, we're tinkering away at one set in diamond-hard tradition: 

Do men wear engagement rings? 

Now, you might be blinking at the screen, a touch bewildered, but we assure you, this isn't just a fad or a quirky twist in love-bling's long, golden history. 

This is an age-old tradition of getting a modern-day makeover, making a bold statement that everyone-yes, even the guys—deserve a bit of sparkle when they say 'Yes!'.

So buckle up because we're about to unpack the hot topic of Men's Engagement Rings—an undiscovered territory just as exciting and stylish as its counterpart. 

As always, we promise this ride will be a brilliant cut above the rest!

Do Men Get Engagement Rings?

Twinkle, twinkle, star-crossed lovers, wondering if men wear engagement rings like their significant others. 

And if they’re a same-sex couple, who gets to wear the engagement ring?

The answer is like the luster of a brilliant diamond - yes and no, it varies but certainly gleams with possibilities.

Traditionally, it is uncommon, but get with the times!

Men wearing engagement rings was as rare as finding a natural pink diamond in the labyrinth of time.

This was mostly due to social norms and expectations. 

However, like a trusted jeweler refining rough diamonds into mesmerizing stones, societal customs have transformed, polishing antiquated norms into more inclusive and egalitarian traditions.

Women now propose; same-sex couples can marry - It’s about the love!

Today, it's not only women showcasing a radiant rock on their ring finger. Akin to a twist in a gold band, the narrative has taken a new turn. 

Women are bending the knee to propose; same-sex couples are tying the knot, and 'man-gagement' rings are becoming a part of the conversation. 

Like a multi-faceted gemstone, the landscape of love and commitment displays a spectrum of beautiful possibilities.

Where Did the Tradition Begin?

Venturing into the origins of engagement rings is like diving into a treasure trove filled with tales from bygone eras and antique gems of information.

Old Roman Custom

In ancient Rome, the engagement ring was more than just a glittering piece of jewelry. 

It symbolized 'ownership' – a man's claim on a woman (oh geez!).

Hence it was only worn by women. 

The engagement ring was less about mutual affection and more about a business contract, as romantic as a ring resizing.

From the 19th Century Onwards

Over the centuries, like a goldsmith perfecting a piece over the anvil, the symbolism and purpose of the engagement ring evolved. 

As we neared the 19th century, the notion of marriage began to sparkle with a new light, resembling less ownership and more equality, reflecting the changing societal norms like a well-cut diamond reflects light. Finally!

Although the journey of change was as long and winding as a spiraled necklace, the destination led to an era where love shimmers as the most precious jewel. 

The 19th and 20th centuries, like vintage pieces, had their own unique charm and were vital chapters in the narrative of the ever-evolving tradition of engagement rings. 

It was like the journey of a raw stone turning into a polished diamond, ready to be admired in all its glory.

The History of Men’s Engagement Rings

Ah, the engagement ring. A token of love that sends shivers of anticipation down every spine.

But did you know that men's engagement rings have a captivating tale of their own?

Sashay with us down memory lane, where in 1926, the illustrious L Bamberger & Co attempted a bold move to popularize men's engagement rings.

Alas, their journey was a diamond that lacked enough sparkle in the Western world.

Think of it as the invisible setting in the ring of tradition, an idea too avant-garde for its time.

Yet, as we hop over to the vibrant cultures of Chile and Argentina, men's engagement rings aren't just a glinting detail; they're a whole jewelry box of tradition.

In these regions, men have been rocking engagement rings for eons.

This practice has seamlessly woven into their engagement customs like a timeless gold band.

Intriguingly, the American groom's wedding band tradition we know and love today didn't emerge until the 1940s, owing to the jewelry industry's clever advertising and promotional campaigns.

But that, dear reader, is a glittering story for another day.

What Do Men’s Engagement Rings Look Like?

Peering into the realm of men's engagement rings, it's like walking into a gallery of minimalist masterpieces. Each piece tells a tale of understated elegance.

These rings often bear a striking resemblance to their close relatives - wedding bands.

Yet, they possess a distinctive charm. Just imagine a traditional band but dressed up with a whisper of subtle detailing, a tasteful embroidery on an otherwise sleek tuxedo.

Their design is subtle yet noteworthy, with a chic understatement that would make even a minimalist fashionista swoon.

Men’s engagement rings come in a delightful array of metals - think titanium and tungsten.

They're like the trendsetters of the jewelry world, turning heads with their rugged appeal and alluring luster.

They’re also great for sticking to a budget and they are incredibly durable for those of you who work with your hands. Why not have a look at all the juicy benefits that come with tungsten and titanium rings in our recent blog?

It’s also not uncommon for men to sport the highly sought after precious metals such as platinum and gold - we mean, they are classics in the engagement ring department.

And if you fancy a little bit of sparkle (because everyone deserves to shine) you can add a large center diamond to honor traditional engagement ring fashion - just take a peek at the Simon G. Christopher Tension Set Style Diamond Ring and tell us you don’t feel the effects of its charm!

So, the next time you glance at a men’s engagement ring, take a moment to appreciate the quiet charisma it exudes.

These pieces are a beautiful nod to modern jewelry trends, shining with the same brilliance as a meticulously cut diamond yet wrapped in a cloak of sophisticated simplicity.

Should a Man Wear an Engagement Ring?

Well, isn’t the question just dazzling? Should a man wear an engagement ring? 

Hold on to your pearls (and diamonds) as we cut through the carat weight and say, "Absolutely! If men want to, what's stopping them?"

Roman emperors popped the question back in the day by presenting a gold ring.

This symbolized the husband's claim to his future wife, a tad like branding a prized cow.

A tad antiquated, wouldn't you say? Fast-forward to the present, where love is love, equality is queen, and everyone's invited to the diamond party. 

We've seen this trend pick up momentum like a runaway gemstone, especially in the LGBTQA+ community and for non-binary couples.

So why not consider an engagement ring as an emblem of shared commitment, a bond that shines as brightly as the bling itself? 

It's not just about saying, "I'm taken," but also declaring, "We're in this together, you and me, like two peas in a platinum pod." 

After all, who said love stories are only told by solitaire diamonds on one person’s single hand?

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More Men in the Sparkling Band-Wagon

It's time to draw our glittering discussion to a close. So, should men wear engagement rings? You bet your baguettes they should!

There’s no rule book etched in gold that a gent can’t rock an engagement ring.

This isn’t just a trend. It’s a statement, a new norm, a shining symbol of love and commitment that’s as timeless as a classic diamond.

Just imagine your love story narrated not by one but two brilliant bands, the tale of your commitment captured in the sparkling facets of an exquisite gem.

And as you two step together into this exciting chapter of your lives, why not celebrate that turning page with a ring?

So, to all those gents pondering over the question of to wear or not to wear an engagement ring, we say - Go for it! 

Nothing can add more sparkle to your love story than a gem representing an egalitarian, committed bond. 

Happy ring shopping, lovebirds!

Visit us at our Buffalo, NY store today. Not nearby? Not to worry - chat with our jewelry experts online 24/7, call us on (716) 631-1584, or text (716) 574-0966. Let’s find the perfect ring for you!!

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Peter Manka Jr. - Owner at Ben Garelick

Peter Manka Jr. is a passionate member of the family business who joined Ben Garelick in the early 2000s after working in product licensing for Sesame Workshop & The Jim Henson Company for many years. He obtained a degree in diamonds and jewelry from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in order to sharpen his jewelry skills. He takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and helping clients find the perfect piece of jewelry.

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