How To Measure Your Wrist for Vahan Bracelets

Buying a new diamond bracelet orengagement ring from Ben Garelick Jewelers is exciting. But there’s nothing more disappointing than having that excitement crushed when you try on your newVahan bracelet and it doesn’t fit properly. That’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to measuring your wrist so that your new Vahan bracelet will fit perfectly.

Vahan bracelets are durable as well as elegant and may be made from a combination of 14-karat gold, silver and diamonds. Created by a designer with decades of experience, they fulfill the hottest trends of combining gold and silver and they are perfect for stacking. Whether you are interested in an opened or closed bracelet, you will want the perfect fit.

Steps For The Perfect Wrist Measurement

Step 1: Measure in inches, not centimeters.

Use a cloth or other flexible measuring tape such as the ones you might use to measure for clothes. Note that most measuring tapes have increments marked in inches on one side, and centimeters on the other, so be sure you have it turned in the correct way to measure your wrist in inches. If you do not have access to a flexible measuring tape, you can also use a string or piece of paper to measure and mark, then use a straight ruler to measure your marked paper.

Step 2: Measure starting at “0” around the wrist bone.

Wrap the measuring tape around the bony part of your wrist and note the measurement that the “0” matches up with. That is the circumference of your wrist.

Step 3: Take a second measurement further up the arm.

Move the measuring tape about an inch up your arm and use the same procedure to take a second measurement to ensure the bracelet fits properly.

Step 4: Order your bracelet.

Use both of these measurements when you place your order at Ben Garelick Jewelers for your Vahan bracelet and it will be sized perfectly for your wrist. You can place the measurement numbers in the notes section of any online order, or email us your information and we will add it to your order!

Watch this video on how to measure your wrist:

Ben Garelick’s Jewelry Experts Always At Your Service

If you have any questions after watching the video, please don’t hesitate to contact our jewelry experts. We’re here to serve you and answer any questions you have about measuring, about the Vahan Jewelry designs or any of ourworld-renowned designers. We try to be as accessible as possible through the following options: Phone - (716) 631-1584; Text - (716) 574-0966; or Online Chat. Want to chat in person? Stop by ourBuffalo, New York, jewelry store and speak to our awesome customer service staff. You can try on all your favorite designs, too! Our goal is always to help you find that perfect piece of fine jewelry for yourself or someone you love.

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