The Overwhelming Appeal of Oval Shaped Rings

When it comes to choosing an engagement one of the questions we might first ask is — what shape diamond are you looking for? 

It can be hard to pick between cuts such as Princess, Pear and Radiant, just to name a few. And while shape trends come and go there is one that has remained a timeless favorite over the years — the oval. 

Although the oval was only invented in the early 1900s, we know that it’s here to stay. This slender shape is known for its brilliance and has proved to be a very popular choice. With its romantic curve and sparkle, an oval ring might just be the perfect fit for your bride.

Oval shaped rings

As Seen On Royalty 

We have seen plenty of celebrities and royalty alike choose this stunning ring shape. 

Favored by the likes of Serena Williams, Penelope Cruz and Blake Lively, there has been a mini-revival of the oval over the past few years. Even Diana Spencer’s engagement ring was an oval-cut Ceylon sapphire, which is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. This cut also makes the finger appear longer too, giving an instantly elegant feel. 

Part of what makes this shape so popular is that it can easily be customized for the bride. Ovals have a unique quality in the way they play so well with a range of designs. Whether you choose an addition of pavé stones or a hidden halo, a oval cut will suit beautifully. Of course, if you’re after a traditional feel you can’t look past the simple elegance of a solitaire ring.

royal wedding rings

Great For Every Budget

If you’re looking for more sparkle, then an oval ring is the one for you. 

This is due to the way the diamond is cut. On average a 1-carat oval diamond surface area is around 10% bigger. This means that you can get more brilliance, without a massive price tag. In fact, oval shapes tend to be slighter cheaper than their sister round cut.  

Here at Ben Garelick, we have seen both 2 and 3-carat oval diamonds becoming a popular choice. Not only are these more affordable, but they also don’t lose any of the wow factor. And you don’t even have to pick a diamond at all. Did you know that we also offer Moissanite Diamonds? If you’re after a more responsible and affordable diamond, you can’t look past the brilliance of Moissanite. If you’re interested we have an entire guide here.

timeless diamond rings

Timeless Designs For Ovals 

Have you found the one yet? It might just be waiting for you here. These are some of our, and our gorgeous bride’s, favorite designs: 

This show-stopping Fana Three Stone Halo Oval Diamond Engagement Ring features delicate metalwork and stunning sparkle. If you’re after a two tones design, you can’t look past the Noam Carver Two-Tone Oval Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring. This beautiful design features both a halo and stones set into the band. If you’re after a more traditional style, Noam Carver also offers a High Polished Twist Oval Engagement Ring. Don’t forget all these rings can be set with the diamond, or Moissanite, of your choice.   

Do you think an oval ring is the one you have been searching for? Why not call us today at (716) 631-1584, text us at (716) 574-0966, visit us at our Buffalo, NY location or chat with our engagement ring experts online 24/7, and let us find your perfect match.

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