Why are Hidden Halo Rings So Damn Popular?

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Who doesn’t love a bit of extra sparkle? 

Here at Ben Garelick, we believe in that special lifelong commitment to someone. We celebrate love in every form it takes with a collection of wedding rings that every bride can fall in love with. When it comes to picking the perfect ring it’s not just the size of the diamond that matters. It’s about choosing an engagement ring that fits your bride. 

This is why the hidden halo rings have become so popular over the last few years. This design is elegantly classic but with a modern touch that is sure to absolutely wow any bride on her engagement day. See what makes them the perfect choice for your bride. 

What Is A Hidden Halo Ring?

The halo has always been in style. 

A traditional style halo refers to a small ring of gems around the centre stone. Recently we have seen the emergence of another stunning jewelry trend — the hidden halo. 

The hidden halo refers to a small ring of diamonds that frame the center stone almost like a collar round the head of the ring — adding a whole heap of extra shine.  Viewed from the top the centre stone takes the stage, but when viewed from the side all that extra sparkle peeks through. A hidden halo is a beautiful way to create a ring that is unique to your bride who adores a mix of modern and classical tastes. 

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One Halo Fits All 

The beauty of a hidden halo setting is that it can work with any shaped diamond. 

Some of the more popular choices include oval, pear and round diamonds like our stunning Fana Oval Hidden Halo Ring. If you are looking for a more classic design, the Noam Carver Hidden Halo Solitaire is a masterclass in beautiful simplicity. Our highly trained staff can also help you pick out the perfect engagement ring at our store. 

A hidden halo is also highly customizable. You can change the band color, stones and setting to create something that is totally unique to your bride. If you have a stone or are looking to transform your current ring setting, a halo ring is a fantastic option. We can work with you to create a custom-designed ring to suit your bride. 

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Shine On Without Breaking The Bank 

Looking for some extra sparkle? 

The addition of small, pave stones is a fantastic way to add some more shine to your ring. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of a hidden halo is that it makes the centre stone look 15% larger and shiner. 

Plus the inclusion of smaller gems is actually much more cost-effective than you might realize. These small stones are a way to add a lot of extra visual value at a lower price than buying a larger diamond. Pair with a Moissanite gem and you have a stunning engagement ring — all for a fraction of the cost. 

Interested in more budget-friendly options? Check out our Why Moissanite Rings Are a Millenials Dream blog to discover why we love these gems so much. 


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A Ring To Last A Lifetime 

Don’t be put off by the idea that hidden halos are more maintenance.

Of course, you should look after your ring with care. But there is no real extra maintenance involved with a quality hidden halo ring. This type of ring has been designed to ensure that your gems are secure for many years to come — so don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

Want to ensure your ring is looking its best? We have a whole blog about keeping your ring in perfect shape: Tips for Cleaning Your Ring At Home

We are positive the hidden halo trend isn’t going anywhere — especially when it looks this beautiful. Together we can help find the perfect ring for your bride. 

Need someone to help you through picking the right ring for your bride? Why not call us today at (716) 631-1584, text us at (716) 574-0966, visit us at our Buffalo, NY location or chat with our hidden halo experts online 24/7, and let us find your dream ring. 

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