The Difference Between Antique, Estate & Vintage Jewelry

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Let's be honest; getting to grips with the details and sparkles of the jewelry world isn't always a cakewalk. 

But it’s certainly easier than inventing a time machine to discover the historical significance behind these beautiful finds!

When words like 'antique,' 'vintage,' and 'estate' start floating around, they can be quite the head-scratchers, can't they? 

But understanding these terms is key to becoming a savvy jewelry enthusiast. 

One that might save you time and money when locating that perfect piece!

You might think, "It's all old, so what's the big deal?" 

The deal is about more than just age. 

The words 'antique,' 'vintage,' and 'estate' are the narratives of a piece’s existence, the epochs it symbolizes, and their unparalleled craftsmanship. 

Lucky for you, we’re well-versed in jewelry and gems from all moments in time!

Here's a closer look at these sparkling distinctions, enriching your dictionary of jewels.

What is Antique Jewelry?

Antique jewelry whispers tales from at least a century ago. 

They're like time capsules, showcasing the highest level of craftsmanship of their time.

Draped in elegance and steeped in history, antique jewelry mainly harks back to a time before the 1920s. 

This period was marked by exquisite Victorian designs, intricate Edwardian pieces with lace-like decorations, and the bold, geometric lines of the Art Nouveau era. 

To don an antique piece is to wear a fragment of history, a relic that has witnessed the changing tides of fashion and society. And oh, how they lived (and partied!). 

Imagine a Gatsby-esque gala where the chandeliers match the glimmer of the diamond brooches adorning the flapper dresses – this is the world from which antique jewelry emerges.

To hold the honorary title of “antique,” your piece must be over 100 years old, carrying the artistry of eras we revisit in history books. 

(Or movies with Leonardo DiCaprio!).

What is Vintage Jewelry?

Vintage pieces are often characterized by their unique designs, like the intricate filigree work of the 1930s or the chunky, colorful styles of the 1960s.

However, these time stamps aren’t the only periods that would classify your item as vintage. 

Any piece less than 100 years old and not brand new can be vintage!

Vintage jewelry is the rebel with a cause, the bridge between the old world and the new. 

It encompasses styles from the roaring '20s up to the vibrant '70s and beyond, stopping just short of the antique threshold. 

Each piece of vintage jewelry is a homage to the era it hails from the glitz of the Art Deco period, the wartime practicality and hidden luxury of the Retro period, and the free-spirited nature of the Bohemian style. 

What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is a term that refers to any piece of jewelry that is pre-owned, regardless of its age. 

It's the enigmatic category where one may uncover a piece from last year's high-end designer collection sitting comfortably beside an Art Deco cocktail ring. 

Estate pieces can come from anywhere: they might be the cherished heirlooms of a beloved relative or the forgotten treasures of a bygone starlet unearthed at an auction. 

This category's allure lies in its diversity – estate jewelry can be as young as a year or as old as centuries, but it always carries a story, a past life that adds to its allure.

Understanding the nuanced differences between antique, vintage, and estate jewelry adds layers to the appreciation of these pieces. 

Whether you're drawn to the delicate intricacies of an Edwardian pendant, the bold statement of a Mid-Century Modern brooch, or the enigmatic past of an estate diamond ring, each piece brings a unique story and a timeless beauty. 

A Tale As Old As Time

Antique is your 100-year-old history buff, vintage is your retro fashionista, and estate is the mystery box of jewelry. 

Each has its charm and sentiment!

Craving a dash of the past? 

Explore our curated collection of antique and vintage pieces to find the one that speaks to you. 

As for the estate pieces, thrift stores or old family treasures boxed away in the loft often present the most cherished finds!

No matter the piece you choose, let the stories of yesterday adorn you today.

Peter Manka Jr

Peter Manka Jr. - Owner at Ben Garelick

Peter Manka Jr. is a passionate member of the family business who joined Ben Garelick in the early 2000s after working in product licensing for Sesame Workshop & The Jim Henson Company for many years. He obtained a degree in diamonds and jewelry from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in order to sharpen his jewelry skills. He takes great pride in providing exceptional customer service and helping clients find the perfect piece of jewelry.

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