A Guide To Diamond Shapes - What’s The Most Popular?

Delve into the dazzling world of diamonds with our guide! Discover the most popular diamond shapes and find the perfect one to capture your unique love story.

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Your Dazzling Compass to Diamond Shapes

You’re looking for the dream diamond.

The perfect shape that shines for all the right reasons.

We're not talking about a mere jewelry investment; you want a lifetime keepsake. 

But where to begin?

So many options, names, shapes!

Fear not; we've got your back. 

By the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll have locked down the lingo on iconic diamond shapes.

From Cushion to EmeraldPrincess to Oval, you’ll be a dab hand in all things diamonds!

We’re taking the headache out of your diamond decision-making and guiding you through a journey of diamond discovery.

Ready to find your sparkle?

Shape and Cut

What's the Difference Between Shape and Cut?

If you think 'shape' and 'cut' are the same, think again! 

Shape is the external geometry; it's the silhouette of the diamond - the round, square, or extravagant heart. 

Cut, however, is the interior game; it's the masterful crafting and polishing that makes the diamond sparkle.

Shape, Cut, and the Love Affair Between Geometry and Sparkle

Imagine the shape as the contour of the face, the structure. 

The cut is the makeup, the personality, the thing that makes it glow! 

If the shape gives the diamond its outline, the cut decides its aura. When you see a diamond that looks like it’s dancing with light, you know you’re onto a winner.

Round Brilliant Cut - The Timeless Diva

The Round Brilliant Cut is by far the most popular diamond shape and is usually used for engagement rings.

Founded in 1919, this timeless classic has wooed generations, from your great granny to Gen Z.

Its meticulously engineered 57-58 facets, depending on the diamond culet (bottom tip) to create a disco ball effect that makes you want to burst with joy. 

Historically speaking, this old but gold shape has graced iconic settings, such as the classic Tiffany. It's the universal symbol of "I do" for a reason!

Cushion Cut - The Romantic Retro

Cushion Cut combines vintage soul with modern day pizzazz. 

And it's recently been making waves on Pinterest boards and celebrity ring fingers.

With rounded corners, 58 facets - similar to the timeless Round Brilliant - but with an additional oomph of old-world charm. 

It's like sipping champagne in a prohibition-era speakeasy; it’s classic yet rebelliously modern. 

We love it - and think you will too.

Princess Cut - The Trendsetter

Princess Cut is a millennial favorite. She’s edgy, modern and oh-so versatile. 

Why Is It Still a Fan Favorite?

Introduced in the Swinging Sixties (but with design roots dating back to the 14th century!), the Princess Cut is a modern classic in the diamond world.

The Princess Cut sports clean lines with a square or rectangular face. 

Simply divine.

Emerald Cut - The Ever-Graceful

If elegance were personified in a diamond, this would be it. 

We're talking about high-tea-level sophistication, darling!

Why Do We Associate the Emerald Cut With Old Money and Class?

Its unique step-cuts and cropped corners create a mesmerizing hall-of-mirrors effect. 

Can you believe it's been around since the 1500s? 

It's older than Shakespeare's sonnets! 

This is the diamond you'll find at black-tie events and royal galas; it's a symphony of luxury and grace.

Oval Cut - The Influencer

The Diamond with a Massive Following

The Oval Cut diamond is like the Instagram influencer of the gem world. 

It's hip, modern, and knows how to take a good selfie.

Created in the late '50s by Lazare Kaplan, this cut is like the cool new kid everyone wants to hang with on the block. 

Its elongated shape offers the illusion of a larger size. Yeah, it's optical trickery, but who's complaining?! 

This shape is climbing the popularity charts faster than a viral TikTok video.

Pear Cut - The Modern Maven

The Glimmering Gem of Grace

Can you picture the elegant fusion of round and marquise? 

Voila, you've got the Pear Cut diamond - a lustrous teardrop that drips with style and sophistication.

Why Do Stars Stash It on Their Ring Finger?

This cut has roots in the 15th century by a diamond cutter with a vision named Lodewyk van Bercken. It has been the go-to choice for celebrities like Bella Thorne, Cardi B and Victoria Beckham to seal their love stories. 

Its unique silhouette - one end rounded and the other pointed - is more than just a shape; it's an art piece!

Asscher Cut - The Retro Revival

Old Hollywood Glamour in a Gem

Flashback to the roaring '20s, and you'll see divas dazzling in the Asscher Cut. This vintage charmer is a geometric wonder with deeply trimmed edges.

What’s with The Buzz Around It?

With a lineage dating back to 1902, designed by the Asscher brothers of Holland, it's a cut that spells luxury and legacy. 

Imagine walking into a Gatsby party with this on your finger - the epitome of elegance. Leo Dicaprio, we’ll have what you’re having - cheers to that!

Marquise Cut - The Regal Radiance

The Crown Jewel of Diamond Shapes

Shaped like a petite boat, or for the romantics, a delicate smile, the Marquise Cut is a conversation starter.

Why Are Designers Drooling Over It?

Its lineage traces back to the French royalty of the 18th century, inspired by the Marquise de Pompadour's lips.

King Louis XV certainly knew how to dazzle his lover, that’s for sure - and you can do the same to this day!

It's the embodiment of geometric grace and timeless appeal. The Marquise cut is the supermodel of the diamond world, and you can see why it's so sought after.

Utterly stunning!

The Noteworthy Novelties

Shapes that Scream Distinction

Beyond the classics, let's take a quick whirl through these chic numbers:

  • Radiant: A fiery blend of round and emerald, it's for those torn between choices. We say have your cake AND eat it!
  • Heart: Nothing says "I wear my heart on my...finger" quite a heart-cut diamond. It’s the ultimate symbol of love - it’s pure and unparalleled.
  • Elongated Variants (Ovals, Radiant, and Cushion): Longer shapes trick the eye into seeing a grander gem. Clever and captivating!

Diamonds might be forever, but your choice defines how forever will look. Always ensure you choose the shape that connects with your soul and feels like a sparkling embodiment of your truest self!

Diamonds Are Forever, So Make It Count!

From Cushion and Round to Princess, Oval and Emerald - when it comes to diamond shapes, there’s a perfect cut for everyone.

By now, you should be fluent in all things diamonds, as we've left no stone (pun intended) unturned. 

If you're to take anything from this shimmering encyclopedia, let it be this: a diamond isn't just a piece of jewelry. 

It’s a declaration of style.

So pick a shape that's as unique as you are, and let your personality shine through.

Head on over to our collection and make the choice that screams, "This is soooo me!" 

Your dream diamond is just one click away.

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