Resizing An Engagement Ring - Costs, Fit & Specifics

See, the thing about getting engaged is that it is almost always a surprise.

Your fiancé will have gone to the ends of the earth to think of the most perfect way to propose to you.

They will have picked a stunning location or one that reminds them of the first time they saw you and thought, “they’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

They’ve probably spent hours picking out the piece of music that reminds them of what you make them feel like so they can play it when they pop the question.

They’ll have plucked up the nerves to ask your family if they can marry you and become a part of your family.

They then also spent hours online and in a jewelry store, paining over what diamond, color, and setting your engagement ring should have – they’ve compared everything in the store before settling on the one they want you to wear forever.

Up until this point, they’ve done a mighty fine job of making your day truly special, and when they get down on one knee and ask the question you’ve been waiting your whole life to hear, there’s not a single other word you want to say other than “YES!”


The ring doesn’t quite fit.

And in the excitement and emotion of everything, it keeps slipping off your finger, and you’re terrified of now losing the most precious thing you own.

What do you do?

You don’t want to break your now fiancé's heart, but you also know how special and perfect this ring is to you, and the thought of losing it is terrifying.

Well, thankfully, you needn’t worry because ring resizing is still an option at this stage.

Get in touch with us at Ben Garelick, and we can advise you on everything you need to know – but we’ve also answered some questions below for you, just in case!

To what degree can rings be resized?

So, we are hoping your fiancé did their best at guessing near to your ring size, and it’s just a little loose as opposed to falling right off your finger or not going on it at all!

This is usually the case and makes any ring that needs a resize straightforward.

In general, rings can be resized within two sizes of the original shape for the best results, sometimes up to three sizes depending on the type of ring.

This can go both ways, so two sizes larger or two sizes smaller.

One factor that may also determine if you need a ring resizing is if it previously belonged to someone else – it is very common that family heirlooms from parents and grandparents are passed down and that the ring won’t always fit the new wearer.

In this case, there’s only one option: to get the ring resized.

Average prices for ring resizing

Now, ring resizing can cost as little as $20 and go up to around $450 depending on the jeweler and the type of metal they are working with.

If the ring is expensive and unique, we recommend making sure you find the right expert to care for your ring – just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean they will do the right job of resizing the ring if it’s an old family heirloom as well, you don’t want to risk potentially ruining the ring to save money.

At Ben Garelick, we charge between $45 and $135 to resize a ring. 

The type of metal also has a determining factor in the price and ease of ring resizing.

Different metals:

Yellow Gold – The price of yellow gold is forever fluctuating but generally speaking; yellow gold is one of the easiest metals to resize and, therefore, usually on the less expensive side.

White Gold – A little more complex than yellow gold due to the Rhodium plating that gives white gold its spectacular finish.

It can still be resized, but following the resizing, the ring will need to be replated with Rhodium which is rare and precious therefore it will slightly add to the cost.

Rose Gold – This metal is a stunner and has become super popular; however, it does pose some problems in resizing as it is known to crack under pressure. Some jewelers may prefer not to take on the risk of potentially damaging a rose gold ring during resizing.

Multi-Colored Gold – This is more complicated because there is more than one metal in the ring. Pricing depends on the metal colors involved and whether Rhodium plating needs to be added (if white gold is in the ring). Sizing a 2-tone or 3-tone ring will cost more money to size than a standard sizing job due to the additional labor and materials involved. 

Sterling Silver – Silver falls into the same category as yellow gold and is very simple to resize for jewelers as it is such a common metal to work with; this means the cost is on the lower side.

Platinum – This is a tough one, literally! Platinum resizing will cost you the most because it requires more labor; this is due to its higher melting point, and it needs to be resized with specific tools, but we will be able to resize it no problem!

Tungsten – A more popular metal for men; unfortunately, this metal refuses to be resized because it is simply too strong!

If you are opting for a Tungsten ring, we advise getting the ring made to size the first time or you will have to return the ring to the manufacturer or designer for a different size.

If you are super sentimental about the band you wish to get married in, you’re always best choosing a resizable metal or getting the right finger size beforehand!

Titanium – Again, much like the beloved Tungsten, Titanium can be a hard one to resize, and many jewelers won’t touch it, so get this one made to size when initially purchasing.

What typically affects the price of a ring resizing?

Metal –The factor that contributes to the pricing of metal is its toughness. The more challenging the metal, the longer it will take, so you have to account for the labor to resize the ring, which is where the additional cost may come from. Of course, as mentioned above, some metals like Tungsten and Titanium are too strong to be resized.

Size –If you are going up in size, the ring requires additional metal, which contributes to the cost of resizing itself unless it can be stretched, which we don’t recommend unless you are only going up the tiniest amount. Going down in size is generally cheaper as it doesn’t require extra metal to be used.

Purityis down to whether the ring has precious metals (gold, silver, or platinum) or base metals (copper, brass, and bronze). Precious metals are easy to adapt and resize due to their purity, but base metals are more difficult because of their element mix and can cause great difficulty when resizing.

So much so particular jewelers may not want to work with base metals.

Setting –Depending on where the stones in the ring sit and how many you have will affect the price of the resizing.

This is because when the ring's metal changes size, it can loosen the stone setting, which will need to be tightened. This is extra labor that will incur more costs. 

Design –Depending on the ring's detailing, there may be more cost if resizing is possible. This is determined again by labor and depends on the ring's exact design, which varies. We will go into more detail in the next section of this blog!

What affects the ability of a ring to be resized?

Metal –As discussed, the type of metal of the ring is the most significant factor in resizing the ring.

The tougher metals are going to pose the most resistance and may not be able to be resized at all, depending on the jeweler. Again, metals like Tungsten and Titanium pose the most difficulty, but metals such as platinum, yellow and white gold, and even silver are easy enough to adapt.

This is advantageous as these are typically the most common metals for rings; therefore, you will likely have no issues when resizing your ring!

Solitaire Designs– these are the easiest to resize as there aren’t any side stones in the ring that prevent the ring from being sized. When a jeweler sizes a ring and must increase or decrease the size, the side stones in the ring will experience pressure.

Without stones, rings like the Fana Round Cut Four Prong Yellow Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring can go up down easily up or down to 3 sizes!

As we mentioned before, the ring will loosen the stones when you size up or down. Thanks to the Solitaire having no side stones, this isn’t a problem and makes it easier to resize.

Multiple stones – If a ring has multiple stones, it is still possible to resize it if needed. Take this Kirk Kara Pirouetta Princess Cut Two Tone Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, for example.

This ring is safe to go up or down one size. When a jeweler sizes this type of ring, all the diamonds need to be checked and tightened as they may have become loose in the sizing process.

The jeweler mustn’t put too much pressure on the side diamonds because when you bring the ring up in size, the side diamonds may crack under too much pressure. That is why we would only ever suggest going up or down one size with this type of ring! 

Channel set – A channel set ring such as the Kirk Kara Stella Blue Sapphire Channel Set Diamond Engagement Ring would also be safe to resize up or down but only by one size.

The side walls around the diamonds confine the diamonds but any further in the stretch from upsizing or pressure from downsizing will cause loosening or cracking.

Side prong set – A side prong set ring such as the Ben Garelick Elongated Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring can also be resized.

While it has many side diamonds, it is possible to size it a little more than typical pave stones because they are prong set as opposed to channel set, therefore it is safe to size up or down by two sizes. 

Complex Workmanship Settings – This Artcarved Peyton Diamond Engagement Ring with Round Center Featuring Diamonds is a great example of diamond presence with workmanship that can easily be sized up or down two sizes.

The more complex designs require skill, but an expert jeweler should have no issue resizing a ring of this style.

Wide band with many stones – Don’t be discouraged if your ring features many stones within a wide band. Rings like this Tribeca 4.5 Carat Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond Halo Baguette Engagement Ring can easily be resized up or down by one size.

Again, consult with our ring experts, and we’ll be able to advise on your specific ring type - similar to the multiple stone ring above – up or down one full size.

Alternatives to ring resizing

Okay, what if my ring can’t be resized for any of the reasons stated above?

No need to panic; other options are available if you need to downsize your ring for a better fit.

Ring clips and sizing beads sit on your ring inside to reduce the space between the ring and finger to make the fit snugger.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything like this to make the ring larger in size, but they are an excellent option for those metals or rings that can’t be resized and are too large.

How to ensure you get the correct ring measurement

The best thing you can do is visit us at Ben Garelick, and we will size your ring to perfection. If you cannot make it to the store, we can mail you a free ring sizing kit to size up at home!

Although if you plan on the ring being a surprise, this may not be a suitable option, and you may give your plans away.

If this is the case, why not find an existing ring that your significant other wears and use that to size up your new ring – you can bring the ring to the store or use the free ring kit to measure against it.

The Takeaways

There’s always a lot to consider when buying a ring.

The size is the most critical factor because a ring that doesn’t fit can’t be worn comfortably.

However, while it is such an essential factor, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world if you don’t get the sizing right the first time or an old heirloom doesn’t fit.

With ring resizing, you have many options to make your ring fit the right finger.

Trust that the team at Ben Garelick is here to help every step of the way.

After all, you want your engagement ring to be as perfect of a fit as the person you will marry!

Visit us at our Buffalo, NY store today. Not nearby? Not to worry - chat with our ring experts online 24/7, call us on (716) 631-1584, or text (716) 574-0966. Let’s find you the perfect fit!

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