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Round Brilliant Forever One™ Moissanite Gemstone - 0.50-5.00ctct

By Charles & Colvard

Style Forever One™-0.50

Round Brilliant Forever One™ Moissanite Gemstone - Near-Colorless (G-H-I)

This colorless (G-H-I), loose, round Moissanite® gemstone is created with a patented process by Charles & Colvard for the highest-quality. Made from rare silicon carbide, moissanite gemstones like the Forever One™ is becoming a popular alternative to diamonds for center stones in engagement rings. Ben Garelick Jewelers is one of the few jewelers who will allow you to substitute a diamond for this gemstone in almost all of its world-renowned designs. With more brilliance and fire than diamond, this stone provides more sparkle with an almost equal hardness. Its discovery in 1893 by chemist Dr. Henri Moissan inside a crater in Arizona was mistakenly identified as a diamond at first. However, further testing led to the discovery of a different mineral, later named after him. It wasn’t until about 20 years ago, that researchers discovered a way to create gemstones from the silicon carbide and now Charles & Colvard has perfected and patented the process to bring you this unique and captivating stone at a fraction of the cost of other gemstones. Order it today in a size that fits your desires and budget!

  • Charles & Colvard patented, high-quality Moissanite®
  • Carat weights are approximate and may change slightly within millimeter ranges. Carat weights are provided in comparison to a comparable diamond size. For example, a 1 carat Moissanite may not weigh one carat but gives the look of a comparable 1-carat diamond as the density of diamonds and Moissanite differ.
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