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Gabriel Steel and Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Cable Bangle

By Gabriel Jewelry

Style BG2967MXJLB

Gabriel Steel and Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Cable Bangle

Gabriel Steel and Sterling Silver Flexible Rope Textured Cable Bangle Featuring Two Checkerboard Faceted Sky Blue Pear Cut Topaz Gemstones

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  • Bracelet fits standard 7 Inch wrist. Alternate sizes available
  • Includes bracelet box
  • Includes jewelry appraisal 
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More on Topaz

Topaz is a gemstone available in a rich rainbow of colors. Prized for several thousand years in antiquity, all yellow gems in antiquity were called topaz. Often confused with citrine quartz (yellow) and smoky quartz (brown), quartz and topaz are separate and unrelated mineral species. The most prized color of topaz is called Imperial topaz after the Russian Czars of the 1800s and features a magnificent orange body color with pinkish undertones. Topaz also comes in yellow, pink, purple, orange, and the many popular blue tones


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