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Ben Garelick Pear Cut Garnet "Bubble" Pendant

By Ben Garelick

Style N8031

Ben Garelick Pear Cut Garnet "Bubble" Pendant

Ben Garelick Pear Cut Faceted Garnet Pendant Featuring One 1.38 Carat Total Weight Pear Cut Garnet with Bubble Design Around Edging 

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  • Pendant measures just 3/4 an inch from top to bottom and just over a 1/2 inch wide at widest point
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More oGarnet - January Birthstone

Garnet, the birthstone for January, signifies eternal friendship and trust and is the perfect gift for a friend.  Garnet, derived from the word granatum, means seed, and is called so because of the gemstone's resemblance to a pomegranate seed.  References to the gemstone dates back to 3100 B.C., when the Egyptians used garnets as inlays jewelry.  Garnet is the name of a group of minerals that comes in a rainbow of colors, from the deep red of the pyrope garnet to the vibrant green of tsavorites.  Today, the most important sources for garnet are Africa, Sri Lanka, and India.


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