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FAQs - Ben Garelick

Can I order just the setting from and use my own diamond?

Yes, you can mount your own diamond, Moissanite or gemstone in one of our settings. When you place your order, please enter the dimensions of the diamond, Moissanite or gemstone in the notes section and we will make the setting to hold your stone.

What's your Layaway Policy?

Our layaway program offers carefree payment options with no fees, carrying charges or deadlines. We only ask that you put down 20% and make monthly payments of an amount of your choosing. You can pay online by credit card, mail us a check or make a payment in store.

How do the 4c's Make Up the Beauty of the Diamond?

The 4 c’s of a diamond is what determines the beauty (and price) of the diamond. Over our many years of selling diamonds, most diamonds we sell have a G or H in color (nice average color) and a SI2 in clarity. SI2 in clarity is lowest clarity you can go where you can’t see any of the inclusions with your naked eye (you need a 10 power loupe or magnifying glass) to see them inside the diamond. Any time you go up on clarity you add about 10-20% in price. So our thinking is if you cannot see any inclusions inside the diamond, then it’s best to put your money into color, carat weight and cut (which gives the diamond its sparkle and scintillation)….things you can see!

All of our diamonds are GIA certified (the most reliable and only non-profit lab out there certifying diamonds ( or (  and come with a lifetime trade-up policy, which means you get back 100% of the diamond cost towards a new Ben Garelick diamond at any point in time (and you do not have to spend twice as much either)!

Diamond Trade-Up

Shopping at Ben Garelick Jewelers means that your diamonds will last forever. Ben Garelick Jewelers aims to please and understands purchasing any piece of diamond jewelry is a major investment. This is why we guarantee the full trade-in value of your loose diamond purchase to use towards a larger loose diamond purchase at any time you wish.

This means that you will receive full credit for the price you paid for your original diamond towards a brand new loose diamond purchase. There is no limit to the number of times you can upgrade your diamond at Ben Garelick Jewelers so as you grow, so can your diamond.

Jewelry Cleaning

Ben Garelick Jewelers makes certain you are always satisfied with your sparkling jewelry; which is why we complimentary cleaning of your jewelry. Never worry about your diamond engagement ring losing its luster. Our highly-skilled staff will gladly clean your  jewelry for free, any time you please. What’s more, Ben Garelick Jewelers offers free lifetime stone checking, free lifetime rhodium plating for every paying customer. Needless to say that when you buy a piece of jewelry at Ben Garelick Jewelers, you are set for life.


In regards to warranties on our rings, all of our rings include a warranty to cover the ring from any initial flaws. If there are any flaws with the ring or if any immediate problems arise within the first 4 – 6 months under normal wear and tear, we will take a look at it and make any necessary repairs (not including the replacement of any center stone loss).

In addition, with every ring we sell we recommend that you have it checked and cleaned every six months to be sure the prongs are tight and that any diamonds are not loose. Most people are good at getting rings checked and cleaned within the first two to three years or so, but unfortunately one tends to forget in year 4 and 5 and beyond. That’s when problems could arise like worn prongs (just like tires wearing on a car) and diamonds becoming loose or even falling out. It all depends on how you wear your ring. Some people wear their rings to the gym and lift heavy weights (definitely do not recommend) and others are very cautious of their rings and never have any issues at all. Again, as long as you have them checked and cleaned every six months, your ring will be happy the rest of its life (as will you!).  Lastly, we recommend that you have your rings insured. We recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance as we feel they are the best and easiest to work with should something unfortunate happen to your piece. They are competitively priced and we cannot recommend them enough! They cover any loss of stones as well as any repair work needed. Please click here to get a free jewelry insurance quote.