Top 6 Questions To Ask When Buying An Engagement Ring

After helping generations of couples choose their perfect engagement ring and wedding bands, the experts at Ben Garelick have learned a thing or two about buying an engagement ring. Whether you’re looking for a classic diamond solitaire or a vintage-style split-shank twist, you’re choosing a ring that you will be wearing the rest of your life and likely hand down to future generations. We’ve fielded every question in the book — from couples shopping for an engagement ring together to future grooms trying to figure out how to select the ring of her dreams. And while we are happy to answer your frequently asked questions individually and guide our customers through the ring-buying process, we thought it might be helpful to touch on the ones most asked. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the list to these six questions you should ask when buying an engagement ring.

1. What Should My Ring Budget Be?

According to a 2019 study, the average cost of an engagement ring is nearly $6000, depending on the location within the U.S. At Ben Garelick, we help buyers determine their budget and find a beautiful engagement ring — no matter what price range. We suggest you determine your budget range before you start shopping. Some suggest an engagement ring budget of two or three times your monthly salary. However, we believe there are many other factors that should be considered when determining your budget. Consider your finances for sure, but also consider the other things you may want to spend that money on and how important having an expense ring really is.

2. What’s Her Style?

Before you begin shopping for an engagement ring, there are a few particulars you had better know about your future bride. Here are a few questions you should be able to answer:

  • What are three words to describe your bride? These three words will give you insight into her personal style and help guide you to choose the ring style that fits. In our online collections, you can browse a variety of ring styles such as classic, contemporary and antique.
  • Should her job be a factor in ring choice? If your bride works in an office and isn’t crazy-active outside of work, you can confidently choose any type of setting. However, if her activity could risk damaging a delicate setting, you may want to consider purchasing an engagement ring that will stand up to a host of external stresses.
  • Does she like the single stone or multiple? One of the biggest choices you’ll have to make is whether to look at a variety of center stone diamond solitaires or if she likes multiple-stone rings, such as the classic three-stone engagement ring.
  • Diamond, diamond-like or colored gemstone? Some brides love the traditional diamond or simulated diamond engagement rings. Others follow some of the recent and historic British royalty embracing engagement rings with sapphire or ruby center stones. You will want to know what she loves - clear diamonds or colored stones. Moissanite is a cost-effective option for those who love diamonds and has doubled in popularity in the last few years. You might also consider a lab-grown, or simulated diamond.
  • Metal Type - Most engagement rings are able to be made in platinum or 14K or 18K yellow, white or rose gold. In general, white gold and platinum are the most popular options, given that they feel a little more casual and modern for daily wear. Pay attention to the jewelry your bride-to-be wears now and see if you can get an idea of what she would like.
  • When’s the proposal? If you’re planning to propose on a special occasion, be sure to work with your Ben Garelick sparkle consultant to allow enough time for her ring to be ordered and shipped. If you are ordering a custom-designed ring, you’ll want to make sure you allow a few extra weeks.

3. What Is Her Ring Size?

This is important for a couple of reasons. The obvious reason is that yo want the ring to fit properly — not fall off her finger and not be too tight that it doesn’t slip on her finger when you pop the question. The other reason you need an accurate size is that most jewelers like Ben Garelick only carry ring designs in everyday stock sizes.If your bride’s finger is not a standard size, chances are we’ll need to special order her ring which will add to the time frame for receipt. Your friends at Ben Garelick can help you figure out how to measure ring size for your engagement ring. If you end up off a half size or size or if her finger size changes, the ring can always be resized to perfection.

4. Is There A Trade-Up Policy?

Although you’re likely only thinking about getting the best ring for your budget we recommend you check on future possibilities with the engagement ring you purchase. For example, Ben Garelick offers a trade-up policy. That means you can buy within your budget now and trade-in your center diamond or a moissanite for a larger one in the future. If you think you’ll eventually want to upgrade your engagement ring to something a little bigger or add more stones, make sure the design you choose will allow these modifications.

5. What Are The 5 Cs I Need to Consider When Buying A Ring?

If you’ve spent any time researching how to purchase a diamond, you have likely come across the “five Cs” of diamond buying — cut, clarity, color, carat and county of origin (recently added.) Understanding the five C’s while shopping for your engagement ring will help you to get the best value.

6. How Can I Pay For This Ring?

Many jewelers, like Ben Garelick, will offer a payment plan so that you aren’t required to come up with the entire purchase price for the engagement ring. If this option sounds like it might work for you be sure to ask the jeweler about their terms of the sale. At Ben Garelick, we also have zero percent financing every day as well as a layaway program.

Ask Ben Garelick Additional Questions

You’re ready to pop the question but still have questions? We’re happy to help! Just give us a call at (716) 631-1584, text us at (716) 574-0966 or chat online. We’re here to answer ALL of your questions and guide you toward your engagement ring purchase from beginning to end! By asking these questions, you can be sure to get the most out of your engagement ring shopping process. As you take these steps forward, we hope you’ll consider Ben Garelick for your engagement ring purchase. We offer a large variety of cuts and styles as well as plenty of custom options. We look forward to adding your proposal story to our list of Happily Ever Afters.

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