The Best Same Sex Engagement Ring Styles & Inspiration

Sharing love and commitment between two people is one of the most beautiful things that can be experienced. It is the most human thing we do, and the need to find someone with whom we can spend the rest of our lives is a fundamental part of this.

Same-sex couples have long wanted to tie the knot as much as heterosexual couples, but up until recently, this was often seen as a taboo subject, making it difficult for same-sex couples to share their love and commitment outwardly.

Thankfully, the modern mindset shift and greater acceptance have meant that the LGBTQ+ community can now say “I do” and celebrate their love with the world, exactly like they always should have been able to!

With this comes a whole heap of questions surrounding rings, who should propose, and how do you know what ring they will like?

Thankfully, Ben Garelick is here at your rescue to answer any questions you may have regarding your wedding rings as a same-sex couple.

Why wait any longer? Let’s dive straight in! 

Know your partner’s preferences

An excellent place to start would be getting to know your partner's preferences, which you may already know or may not have a clue about!

Unlike different-sex couples, same-sex couples don’t generally rely on one partner to pop the big question; it’s down to timing and feeling ready – which goes for all couples, but in same-sex relationships, any partner can ask the question when they think the time is right.

If you’re in love and feel you cannot spend another moment without your significant other being your fiancé and ultimately your bride or groom one day, then maybe it’s time for you to purchase the ring.

What ring you get them doesn’t really matter, so long as it matters to you both. Think about the significance of the ring style, what color metals your partner will prefer and if they are a diamond guy or gal!

You’ll likely be able to tell from the jewelry they already wear if they wear any or their daily style. This is particularly helpful to consider as the engagement ring and wedding ring will be on their hands every day for the rest of their lives!

If you want to go traditional…

Some same-sex couples adore tradition, and you can’t get more traditional than the plain gold wedding band!

It’s a classic for a reason. Its simplistic yet stunning design fits almost any person and their style; whether you’re male, female, or non-binary – the classic wedding band will suit you.

You don’t have to go for gold if that’s not your color – you could get the classic wedding band in white-gold, rose-gold, or platinum to be a little different and even add an engraving on the outside or inside of the ring for that extra special touch.

It is also rather common that men’s wedding rings are slightly thicker and often use tougher metals such as titanium or tungsten. Still, there is absolutely no reason why any gender could not opt for these metals too.

Traditional – Ben Garelick Top Picks – Men’s

If you’re a male same-sex couple and want to honor a bit of tradition, why not look at some of our favorite Bleu Royale traditional wedding bands below:

-   Bleu Royale Wedding Band Featuring a Sandpaper Center 

-    Bleu Royale Sandpaper Finish Men’s Wedding Band

-    Bleu Royale Satin Finish with Tantalum Inside Wedding Band

And if you want to learn more about what makes Bleu Royale so unique, why not give ourBleu Royale blog a read? 

Traditional – Ben Garelick Top Picks – Women’s

And if you’re a female same-sex couple, the tradition continues with this gorgeous selection of traditional engagement rings and wedding bands that are sure to please almost any style:

-    Noam Carver Hidden Halo Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

-    Noam Carver Three Stone Prong Set Diamond Engagement Ring

-    Noam Carver Interwoven Twist Diamond Stackable Band

And while we may have separated these rings by male or female, all our rings are inclusive of any gender – it’s about personal desire, style, and preference, and we’re sure to find a ring to suit all!

If you want something non-traditional…

Some couples want to do nothing more than avoid tradition altogether, which is totally understandable, especially if your style and beliefs don’t align with tradition.

Couples dare to be different with their wedding rings by opting for carved ring designs or completely different metal or diamond choices.

See some of our suggestions below to get a feel of how you can make your ring stand out! 

Our top picks for you – Any gender

-    Your very own custom design wedding ring

-    Noam Carver Compass Set Halo Round Cut Engagement Ring

-    Gabriel Zaira Two Tone White Rose Gold Bypass Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

-    Bleu Royale Forged Carbon Fiber and Tantalum Wedding Band

-    Bleu Royale Laser Engraved Tantalum Scrollwork Wedding Band

If you prefer diamonds…

If you’re a lover of a bit of bling and sparkle, don’t be afraid to add a beautiful selection of diamonds to your wedding band. Many traditional wedding bands stay clear of adding any diamonds – but if you love to shine, there are absolutely no rules at all!

Have a look at these stunning diamond bands as examples.

Our top picks for traditional diamond bands – Any Gender

-    Bleu Royale Diamond Sandpaper Center Wedding Band

-    Bleu Royale Wedding Band with Princess Cut Diamond and Blue Enamel Stripe

-    Crown Ring 8mm Satin High Polish Wide Diamond Station Wedding Band

-    Gabriel Criss Crossing Layered Diamond Ring

-    Noam Carver Rose White Round Cut Twist Diamond Engagement Ring

-    Fana Share Prong Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Large Center

Our top picks for non-traditional diamond rings – Any Gender

-    Noam Carver Contemporary Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

-    Simon G Round Cut Supernova Diamond Baguette Halo Engagement Ring

-    Simon G Contemporary Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring

-    Simon G Christopher Tension Set Style Diamond Ring

-    Simon G White Rose Gold Two Tone 7mm Diamond Wedding Band

-    Simon G Men’s 8mm Hammered Black Diamond Wedding Band 

If you want a unique look…

And if you really want to step away from tradition and opt for something entirely unique, why not go for a patterned design? Patterned rings are becoming increasingly popular, especially with same-sex couples.

These patterns often differ in their metal designs, diamond layouts, and even mixed coloring. Many of which have specific symbolic meanings and even themes.

Unique wedding band designs can make the wearer feel like their ring is extra special and unlike anything anyone else may have.

Our top picks for you – Any Gender

-    Noam Carver Two Tone Oval Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

-    Gabriel Aiza Two Tone Wide Diamond Engagement Ring

-    Simon G White Rose Puzzle Piece Diamond Wedding Band

-    Gabriel Nova 18k White Gold Contemporary Bypass Zodiac Diamond Engagement Ring

-    Bleu Royale Two Tone Gold Black Carbon Swish Wedding Band

If you’d like to add a dash of color…

Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, color is your greatest signifier of pride, love, and acceptance, so why not let that color carry through into the most important piece of jewelry you own?

Ditch the tradition, mix your colors, or go for something extra special like ceramic, tungsten, or cobalt. You can even go for a stunning-colored gemstone or diamond such as Sapphire to add a pop of color to your ring!

Our top picks for you – Any Gender

-    Kirk Kara Dahlia Marquise Cut Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

-    Bleu Royale Brushed Finish Blue Sapphire Eternity Wedding Band

-    Kirk Kara Charlotte Pink Sapphire Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

-    Kirk Kara Dahlia Marquise Shaped Aquamarine Engagement Ring

-    Simon G Men’s 6mm Blue Sapphire Diamond Wedding Band 

Which finger should same-sex couples wear their rings on?

Okay, so you’ve found the perfect ring, but which finger should the ring go on?

Well, any finger, really – it doesn’t matter and doesn’t make a single bit of difference to the love shared between the two of you.

Most heterosexual couples put the ring on what is traditionally accepted as the ring finger, the fourth finger of the left hand, but this isn’t the case for every couple.

Place the ring on whatever finger feels the most comfortable – some people decide this based on the type of work they do and how their ring may potentially get in the way.

Also, wear your wedding ring exactly how you like, but mainly with pride!

How Do I Find Out My Partner’s Ring Size?

This is the more challenging part – especially if, like most, you’re looking to give the engagement ring as a surprise.

There are plenty of ways to get hold of your partner's ring size, but mainly by using a piece of their existing jewelry to measure from.

If they don’t have a pre-existing ring you can borrow for a short while, we have an article prepared on how to measure your ring size! 

And never fear, jewelers can resize most engagement rings if the ring still doesn’t quite fit, so there is always that extra safety net!

Who Gives The Engagement Ring In Same Sex Relationships?

Unlike in a heterosexual couple, where the man traditionally gives the female the engagement ring, the rule doesn’t apply to same-sex couples.

It’s down to when the moment feels right, and if you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, then it might be time for you to propose.

You’ll almost always know if your significant other feels the same way, and of course, they’ll give you a huge yes when you finally ask the question! 

When is the right time to pop the question?

Again, there is no right time – just whenever you feel ready. 

Some people wait months; some people wait years. There is no rule to marriage. So long as you are happy and love the other person, no one else's opinion matters.

It’s time to get hitched… 

How wonderful it is to live in a time where everyone can share their love for one another with the world. 

This is even more special for same-sex couples and the LGBTQ+ community, who up until very recently have not been able to share in the joys of marriage to another. 

But this is no longer the case; at Ben Garelick, we believe everyone deserves to celebrate their love, and no one should be treated differently. 

We want to help all couples find the perfect wedding rings that will help them celebrate their love for an eternity.

Pop on down to our showroom to see our wondrous collections in person or speak online with one of our wedding experts to arrange a try-on-at-home experience.

Let’s share the love!

Visit us at our Buffalo, NY store today. Not nearby? Not to worry - chat with our wedding experts online 24/7, call us at (716) 631-1584, or text (716) 574-0966. Let’s make your engagement a memory that will last a lifetime!

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