Resetting Your Diamond Ring – All You Need to Know

You may have come across ring resetting before but may not be entirely sure what it is and why people do it.

Ring resetting is essentially a term for changing up your ring – be it an engagement ring, promise ring, wedding ring, or eternity ring. Or any ring, for that matter!

But why would you want to reset or change a ring you already have?

Well, consider when you originally bought or were given the ring – you may now feel that the design of your ring has become outdated, or you may have become bored of it over the years.

Many traditional engagement and wedding rings were made of simple yellow gold with simple diamond settings – either one singular stone or perhaps a channel setting with a few diamonds.

Noam Carver Three Stone Oval Center Diamond Engagement Ring

Unfortunately, this design is now considered “outdated” by many – though we prefer to think of them as being an additional classic or vintage selection, tastes have changed over the years.

Therefore, many original owners wish to reset these rings to give them an extra spark of life.

Other reasons for resetting your ring could include wanting a change of metal and its color, changing the diamond or gemstone color and size, or wanting to mix up the design of your ring entirely.

Over time, rings can also become worn, especially from wearing them daily while working, cleaning, or carrying out general day-to-day activities

The metal colors can begin to fade, the prongs holding stones and diamonds may wear, and you may even lose the ring stones, or they, too, can become damaged.

All of these issues can usually be resolved by resetting your ring, offering you many options that will leave you with a ring that feels as good as new!

Ways of resetting the ring

Sometimes resetting your ring can signify reaching certain milestones, perhaps an anniversary, the renewal of vows, or the arrival of a child. 

You may also wish to reset your ring as a way of upgrading your diamond if you had a smaller budget when you first purchased it and now are in a better financial position.

Many people are also opting to upgrade their current center diamond to a lab-grown diamond as they are able to get a larger stone for less money this way. 

They are then taking their old stone and adding it to a new piece of jewelry such as a pendant for sentimental value. 

They often do this because the trade-in value between their existing diamond and the new diamond is enough to buy a brand new lab diamond while still keeping their original diamond.

Let’s take a look at the different ways of resetting a ring, so you know your options!

Add more diamonds –Is there really such a thing as TOO many diamonds? We don’t think so; therefore, if you want to reset your ring, why not consider upping your diamond count? Go on; you deserve it! 

You can satisfy your sparkle cravings by adding a row of diamonds on either side of your main stone or going for a more simple and subtle additional diamond on each side of your main diamond for a three-stone effect.

Going for slightly smaller accent diamonds will help your main stone stand out while still carrying the sparkle and opulence throughout the entire ring.

Switch the larger center stone –Perhaps you chose a smaller stone when you originally picked out your ring, and now you fancy something on the larger side; why not go for it? 

At the start of your relationship and engagement, affordability may have been more of an issue, but over the years, when you climb the career ladder and achieve more together, you may have the funds to invest in a larger diamond.

Upgrading your center diamond is super easy and straightforward and can be done with almost any ring type.

Halo to the center stone –Find your hidden angel by adorning your existing center stone or diamond with a halo of diamonds to suit. Adding a halo to your current setting is a brilliant way to refresh and add a touch more sparkle to your already beautiful ring.

Change the diamond setting –Maybe it’s time to upgrade the diamond setting altogether! Many engagement rings come with a raised setting; think of the cathedral setting where the center stone is much taller and pointed.

You may wish to go for a setting like a bezel setting that completely encases the diamond or stone and protects it more from potential damage. If you’ve already experienced some damage to your stone or diamond, you may want to consider this option.

Add colored gemstones –Add a touch of zest and color to refresh your ring’s look. Changing up the colors in your ring may be the perfect way to add an extra lease of life to your look. 

You may want to try blue sapphire, rubies, or emeralds to add a splash of color. If you fancy something a little more alternative, you could even opt for a black diamond which is becoming ever more popular in recent years!

Trade-in for a new ring –And maybe a complete trade-in is what you need! There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying goodbye to your existing ring in exchange for a shiny new one. 

Many jewelers offer the option of trading in your ring for an upgrade or something a little more modern in design. Most people assume they will receive the full value that they paid for the ring originally when trading in but this isn’t always the case.

Some jewelers will pay you more than you originally paid (if it’s that old and they are willing to resell it as is), whereas others will simply weigh your ring for the metal and offer you scrap value.

We always offer twice the price of the scrap value if you use it to purchase a new ring from Ben Garelick, however, we do always advise selling their ring via a third party first to gain as much value as possible.

Some people prefer not to do this, however, as it can be a lot of hassle having to upload photos online and manage the sale yourself.  

What is the cost of resetting a diamond ring? 

Okay, so ring resetting sounds very exciting, but how much will it cost you?

First, you must consider how you wish to reset your ring.

The most common process for ring resetting is to take your diamond or center stone and place it in a new setting (from a jeweler’s showcase), or you can customize (custom ring design) the setting to what you like.

The second option is to “pimp” out your existing ring! This involves using the existing center stone and other stones, then resetting them together into a brand new custom ring - we can make a setting that can accommodate your particular design and stones.

Surprisingly, resetting your ring can start at a very low cost depending on what you would like to do with it – if you choose to set your stone in a new setting most reputable jewelers will not charge you to set it if you are purchasing the new ring setting from them. 

However, if you are ordering a new setting from an online jeweler and bringing it to a store to have it reset, this can cost anywhere between $80 to $250, depending on the jeweler and size of your stone. New settings on their own start at anywhere from $475 and above. 

Of course, if you’re looking to upgrade your diamond or gemstones, or add more to your pre-existing diamond ring, then you will have to consider the actual diamond’s cost. 

A diamond or gemstone has no set cost; it is all down to the carat, cut, shape, and color, and the bigger the size (or bigger the carat), the better the cut grade, and clearer in clarity – you’re going to be looking to pay big bucks. 

Almost all rings can be reset, too; the other factor that might affect the cost of resetting is how complicated the design of your ring is. The more complex the resetting process, the longer your jeweler will take to complete it, ultimately costing you more due to the labor time spent.

It’s also worth noting that some settings, such as the heirloom setting, could be subject to damage, especially the stone when resetting so it's always best to choose a reputable and qualified jeweler to do this type of work.

Points to remember before resetting the ring

Always find a reputable jeweler rather than someone who will reset your ring for the least money. While the process of resetting a ring is relatively straightforward, you still want to ensure that you trust the person handling your special items that often have invaluable significance. 

At Ben Garelick, we always go the extra mile to ensure the complete protection of your jewelry and pay exceptional attention to detail to deliver beautiful results. 

Always protect your diamonds, too, it’s best to keep hold of your GIA or diamond certificate to check against your diamond should it become damaged in the resetting process, or even worse, it gets swapped or replaced.

While we hate to support this claim in our blog, there should ever be a possibility that any diamond or stone could be swapped out and while it happens so very rarely, it does happen. 

We don’t believe this should be of any concern or even need to be mentioned but we always believe it’s best to ensure everyone has all the knowledge they should and having your diamond inscribed with its certificate number is just an extra great insurance policy no matter what.

As we have highlighted, this shouldn’t be an issue if you always go to a reputable jeweler!

The Right Setting 

Ring resetting can be a superb way to update your current ring, repair it, or add some additional sparkle. 

If you’ve grown bored of your old ring design and want to give it a new lease of life – there are endless options to make your ring shine once more. 

Ring resetting doesn’t have to be expensive, making it completely accessible to everyone! 

Be sure to consult with a reputable jeweler before making any resetting decisions too. 

We welcome you to the Ben Garelick showroom, where our diamond and ring experts will talk you through all you could need to know about your ring setting options. 

We’ll be able to show you various designs, diamonds and gemstones, and colors you could upgrade to. 

You could even trade your existing ring in for a completely new one, so your choices are completely open!

If you can’t make it to the showroom, chat with one of our diamond and ring experts online, who will always be on hand to help with any questions you may have.

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