Peter's Trip to Barkev's in Downtown LA

In the center of bustling downtown Los Angeles you’ll find the largest jewelry district in the United States. And this month, that’s where you would have also found Ben Garelick Jewelers owner, Peter Manka, Jr. 

As one of their top diamond jewelry retailers Ben Garelick likes to stay in close touch with their designers to discuss thier newest products & designs face to face. The world-renowned Barkev’s invited Peter to visit and tour its facility, located right in the center of LA’s jewelry district. Peter was delighted to make the trip to the City of Angels and never gets tired of seeing first-hand how Barkev’s fine jewelry is handcrafted. Because Barkev’s designs and manufactures its diamond engagement rings and all of its other jewelry on site in Los Angeles, they are able to manage every step of the process ensuring the highest quality possible.

The location and on-site process also allows Barkev’s to customize rings quickly to meet customer needs. If you’re looking for a quick diamond engagement ring, choose your favorite design on, then add any customizations, and Barkev’s can turn around your unique designs with your custom alterations in as little as a week! Each engagement and wedding ring design has its inception from a digitally outputted mold as shown in this photo.

During the tour, Peter was one of the first to see some of Barkev’s newest designs and he said he can’t wait to have them in his Buffalo, New York, jewelry store and online so all customers can see them, too! Peter also loved seeing some of owner/designer Barkev Meserlian’s personal favorites.

“It’s always exciting to see the engagement rings that the designer thinks are the most unique or they were most inspired to create,” Peter said. “It was so interesting to hear Barkev’s stories behind the creation of his favorites and how he combines unique trends and lasting ideas to create the perfect diamond designs.”

According to Peter, when Meserlian comes up with a design, he immediately sketches it, so the inspiration is captured on paper. 

After the images are detailed on paper, Meserlian turns to the computer to use the latest technology in CAD (Computer Aided Design) software to transform the hand drawings into a digital designs.

“Talking diamond jewelry with Meserlian was great,” Manka said. “Anytime I can spend time with someone who’s as passionate about high-quality fine jewelry as we are at BG’s, it’s a great time.”

It was a memorable, whirlwind trip of fun, learning and exploration in Barkev’s Los Angeles jewelry design and manufacturing facility. You’ll find Barkev’s unique and exciting collection of engagement rings at Ben Garelick Jewelers. Whether you are shopping for a contemporary, unique diamond ring, a striking black and white diamond design, or an eye-catching pink sapphire ring, you’ll find a Barkev design to fit your desires at Ben Garelick Jewelers. Ready to buy you next diamond but need some advice? Call our Buffalo jewelry store at (716) 631-1584 or chat online with our jewelry experts. We’ll answer all your questions about Barkev rings and walk you through the diamond-buying process.



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