Ben Garelick Heads To Antwerp For Diamond Search

Not many jewelers have the chance to select from the best diamonds in the world and then offer those gems to their customers. That’s just what Peter Manka, Jr., co-owner of Ben Garelick Jewelers in Buffalo, New York, will be tasked with as he heads to Antwerp, Belgium, at the end of October to hand-select the highest-quality diamonds in every price range.

“I am excited to buy directly from the diamond cutters in Antwerp,” Manka said. “More than 60% of the world’s fine diamonds are traded there, and I know I will be able to hand-select the perfect diamonds for our customers.”

Manka is trained by the GIA, and has many years experience in appraising and selecting fine gemstones and will use that experience to sift through thousands of loose diamonds in all sizes, shapes, colors, and grades to find the perfect diamonds at the best price. For centuries Antwerp has been the source for cutting and polishing the world’s best diamonds and today it’s the location where diamonds that are cut and polished anywhere in the world are first traded. Manka says the inventory of diamonds that he will be able to select from is far greater than anything available in the United States.

“Traveling nearly 10,000 miles to a foreign country is easily worth it,” Manka said. “We have a chance to obtain the highest-quality diamonds from the best selection in the world for a great price and pass on both the quality stones and the savings on to our customers. It’s one of the things that sets Ben Garelick apart from other diamond sellers.”

Manka said Ben Garelick customers could expect to save up to 42 percent off other jewelry stores based on buying direct and cutting out the U.S. import fees. He said they will use the diamonds both in their own creations and for customers who want to select a diamond for an existing design. Ben Garelick employs its own jewelry artisans who custom-design diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings and other fine jewelry. The long-time local Buffalo jewelry store also has a tremendous online business and sells diamond jewelry throughout the country and overseas.

“Our BG designer is top-notch,” Manka said. “We can create anything you can imagine. But we also carry the work of world-renowned designers like Kirk Kara and Simon G. and their designs are pretty amazing as well. With an inventory of the finest diamonds in all sizes, they can choose one of their designs and then choose the size, shape and grade of the diamond that fits their fancy, or their budget.”

Although jewelry buyers can often view an appraisal or diamond certification online when they buy, Manka says his customers trust Ben Garelick to select diamonds based on things that don’t transfer to a paper report.

“I look not only for the elements that go in a certification, but also for things that you can only see with your own eyes,” Manka said, “things like whether the diamond has brilliance, life and fire. Ben Garelick only selects the highest-quality diamonds that we know will continue to reflect positively on our reputation as diamond experts that we’ve been building since our opening in 1952.”


If you’re looking for a perfect diamond, text Manka at (716) 574-0966, or message him online and let him know what you are looking for. Then, let him go to work to find you the diamond of your dreams in Antwerp.

“We understand that giving the perfect diamond - whether in a diamond engagement ring, necklace, or earrings - is something special,” Manka said. “We will always do our best to make sure that both the quality and the enjoyment last a lifetime.”

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