Why Moissanite Rings Are a Millennial’s Dream

If you can believe it, the generation known as “millennials” are already at the age where some of us have found the love of our lives and are starting to tie the knot – time flies! The world this generation has inherited is vastly different from the one previous generations got hitched in, and naturally, so are engagement rings.

A lot of millennials are trading the traditional diamond for a moissanite engagement ring, a rare mineral first discovered in 1893 and now formed in a laboratory, and here is why.

moissanite rings for millennials

Saving Money with Moissanite

As the world has changed drastically in the last decade or two, so has the global economy. This arguably affects millennials more than any other generation, so it makes sense that some millennials are looking for a more cost-effective option for their dream engagement ring.

A moissanite engagement ring is roughly one-tenth the cost of a diamond ring, yet it is the second-most durable gemstone (behind diamond). Moissanite is a great value option compared to diamond, perfect for a millennial couple ready to tie the knot! 

The Ethical Option

Our commitment to our environment has never been more important than it is now, which is yet another great reason many millennials are looking to moissanite for their perfect ring. Between its discovery in 1893 and now, it has become possible to create moissanite in a laboratory setting – so while natural moissanite remains incredibly rare, moissanitesoffered at Ben Garelick are totally sustainable. 

No mining is required to make a moissanite gemstone, which is more sustainable than diamond and is 100% conflict-free.

This means a moissanite engagement ring is truly worry-free and perfect for an ethically minded millennial!

sustainable gemstone moissanite

A Brilliant Sparkle

Everyone knows there’s no sparkle quite as bright as the eyes of a loved one, but a moissanite engagement ring is a close second. According to theRefractive Index (RI), moissanite is more brilliant than diamond or any other popular gemstone and gives off a beautiful rainbow sparkle, especially in the sun.

Some people believe this rainbow sparkle gives the jewel away as moissanite when compared to a diamond’s traditional white sparkle, however lovers of moissanite will all tell you that nothing compares to a stunning rainbow sparkle on the finger of a newly engaged lover.

A Moissanite Engagement Ring = A New Style

Diamond rings have been a timeless icon of marriage for centuries now. However, millennials are beginning to turn away from tradition and look toward new options for their perfect ring. Of course, the ring you decide on depends on your partner’s tastes and personal style – does she prefer a classic, traditional style in the jewelry she wears? Or does she have more of a modern, contemporary taste?

This will determine if a moissanite engagement ring is right for you (and your partner!) – if she leans toward a modern style she may be one of the many millennials that a unique moissanite ring is a dream for, while if she’s got more of a vintage or antique style, arose cut moissanite will suit her perfectly.

moissanite ring for loved one

Choose the Perfect Moissanite Ring for Your Loved One

Moissanite is a beautiful stone and has some advantages over even the diamond! If your girl loves the rainbow sparkle of this gemstone, or has price or ethical concerns about wearing a diamond, a moissanite engagement ring is the perfect way of saying “I love you”. At Ben Garelick we offer a layaway plan and 0% financing for the ring of her dreams. Call us today at (716) 631-1584, text us at(716) 574-0966, visit us at our Buffalo, NY location or chat with our moissanite experts online 24/7, and let us make her dreams come true.

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