Tips For Including Family In Your Holiday Engagement

“All I Want For Christmas….Is You!” If you find yourself humming this tune and you’re ready to make it permanent with a diamond engagement ring on her finger, consider proposing during the holidays! The holidays are one of the most popular times for couples to profess their undying love for each other with an official engagement. Your sparkling engagement ring from Ben Garelick Jewelers will look great with the sparkling champagne and lights on the tree. The holidays are perfect for engagements for many reasons, but some of the best are that family and friends are already drawing near to celebrate and your engagement will give them one more reason! Here are some ideas on how you can get your family members even more involved in this special occasion!

Ask For Their Help In Choosing The Ring

If you’re a bit unsure about what your partner’s tastes might be in wedding rings, ask her parents and siblings for help. At Ben Garelick Jewelers, we have dozens of world-renowned jewelry designers who have produced hundreds of different styles and shapes of engagement rings. From diamond solitaires, to three-stone, to bypass twist, we have diamond and gemstone engagement rings in all styles and to fit all budgets. There also may be a family heirloom that her parents would love for you to consider as the center stone. Perhaps her family members know of a wedding Pinterest board she’s been pinning her wedding dreams to. If not, you can start one, share it with her family members and best friends and use it as a way to gather ideas for the diamond engagement ring that she will love forever!

Ask Them To Help Plan The Proposal Event

With families gathering for many traditional holiday activities, there may be one special family event that would make the perfect backdrop for a proposal. Does your family travel to a tree farm to cut down a real Christmas treeevery year? Do your parents take you out to the nearest city to tour the holiday lights or visit the newest eateries or cocktail lounges? Does your family plan an annual photo shoot with the entire family during the holidays? Do your friends gather once during the holidays for a “friendsgiving” or a trip to cheer on the Buffalo Bills or other local sports team? These are all candidates for some of the most amazing backdrops you could ask for to get down on one knee and surprise your loved one with a stunning diamond engagement ring. Think about how great it will be to have all the people you care about already there! And the photo opportunities will be endless! Ask your family for ideas!

Family Distractions Can Be Easy To Create!

Regardless of where or how you plan to pop the question, her family can be the perfect disguise for you to get things set up. Mom or sisters can whisk her away to a hair or spa appointment giving you time to ask dad for his permission (if you haven’t previously done so) and you to make whatever arrangements you need for the actual event. Plus you may want some time to yourself to practice exactly how you’re going to ask this most important question!

Get Family Involved In the Asking….Or Ask Them To Wait In The Wings

The level of involvement of your family on your special proposal day can vary. But either way it’s going to be great to have them nearby. If you want complete involvement, see if they would consider participating in a lip-dub or flash mob proposal like you may have seen on YouTube. Or if you would rather have them involved, but farther away for the actual asking, ask them to record video clips describing all the reasons that she should say “yes” to your proposal. Then play them for her just before you ask her to spend the rest of her life with you. Your family won’t mind waiting in the wings, either, if that’s what you choose. They can be hidden in a separate room, behind a building or back at the house. When signaled, it will be instant happiness and holiday merry-making!

Ask Family To Throw An Immediate Engagement Party

Since the entire family being together may ONLY happen during the holidays, consider asking your family to plan and host a surprise engagement party immediately following your proposal! Perhaps you go with a dinner party at your partner’s favorite Buffalo restaurant? Or invite all of your family and friends to a cocktail party where they can celebrate as well! They will love being involved in the planning of celebrating the beginning of your life together. It will create a beautiful ending to a day that she will remember forever and give her a chance to show off her new stunning diamond engagement ring to all of her friends and family!

Visit Ben Garelick Jewelers For The Ring Of Her Dreams

Let our diamond experts help you research and select a diamond and engagement ring setting that will suit her style and personality as well as you budget! We have a tremendous selection online that you can browse with your partner and with your family and friends. With designs from jewelry craftsmen like Simon G. and Kirk Kara, you are sure to find one she’ll love. Choose from a variety of gemstones, and settings in all types of gold as well as silver and platinum. Call us today at (716) 631-1584 and get started making this holiday season merry and bright with your entire family!

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