Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Celebrate love's milestones with Ben Garelick Jewelers' guide to wedding anniversary gifts by year. From traditional to modern, find meaningful gifts to honor your journey, reflecting the depth of your commitment with each passing year.

Anniversary Jewelry For Her

Now, you'd think you’d be inundated with incredible gift ideas after vowing to spend eternity with someone.

Sadly, not. The struggle isreal. 

Thankfully, there are centuries of tradition to call upon for inspiration.

After all, love is in the details, right?

First Five Years of Marriage

Year 1: Paper

Traditionally, the first year is marked by paper, symbolizing the blank canvas of your marital journey. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

Ladies, we hear you. While some might melt at the idea of a handwritten love letter, most would prefer a little bling. 

Need help with ideas? 

Treat the reader in your life to a book subscription, write up a menu for a lovingly prepared dinner, or cheat the system a little and print off a gift voucher.

Modern gift:Clock

Color: Gold or Yellow. 

Gemstone:Yellow Sapphire.

Year 2: Cotton

Light and airy, cotton represents flexibility and resilience. 

Bed linen is an excellent investment and something you’ll both enjoy. Or, for the fashionista, how about a striking cotton scarf?

Modern gift:China

Color:Red or Linen White. 


Year 3: Leather

Leather speaks of protection and durability. While a biker jacket might sound cool, an engraved notebook, belt, or photo album would be more practical.

Modern gift: Glass.

Color:White or Jade Green. 

Gemstone: Pearls.

Year 4: Fruit/Flowers

Representing the blooming partnership and fruits of your love. A bouquet or fruit basket is an obvious choice, but dried flowers, or a fruit tree would last longer.

Modern Gift:Appliances. 

Color:Blue or Green. 

Gemstone: Blue Topaz.

Year 5: Wood

Wood symbolizes the strength and solidity of your bond. Think wooden jewelry boxes or a sculpture for your outdoor space.

Modern Gift:Hand Engraved Wooden Photo Frame 

Color:Blue, Pink, or Turquoise. 

Gemstone: Sapphire.

Remember, it's the sentiment that counts, but a little sparkle doesn't hurt, so why not draw inspiration from each year’s gemstones too?

10th Anniversary: Celebrating a Decade of Love

A decade together! That's 10 years of shared memories, morning coffees, and heavily disputed Netflix choices. 

Traditionally, the 10th wedding anniversary is symbolized by tin or aluminum. These metals, while sounding rather pedestrian, carry a deep significance. 

They represent the strength and resilience of your union, durable yet malleable. 

How about a quirky tin art piece or aluminum watch? 

If you're aiming for a touch more romance, jewelry with the anniversary's gemstone of a diamond could be the perfect way to mark your decade of love. It represents longevity, after all!

15th Anniversary

Reaching the 15-year mark is no small feat! 

The crystal anniversary beautifully mirrors your bond's clarity, transparency, and beauty. 

As crystal captures light and reflects it in myriad colors, so does a relationship after 15 years, filled with diverse memories and emotions. 

Bring your space to life with a stunning crystal chandelier or vase, or treat them to some exquisite crystal jewelry. 


20th Anniversary

Two decades of togetherness deserve a standing ovation! 

China signifies the delicate, beautiful, yet sturdy nature of your union. 

If a fine china dinner set seems too traditional, you could switch it out for a china-based art piece. 

After 20 years, it's less about the gift and more about the memories, but emerald earrings would make anyone swoon.


Silver and Pearl Anniversaries

The 25th year is fondly known as the Silver Anniversary, symbolizing purity and radiance. 

For this, we recommend a silver locket with a cherished photo.

If you’d like to take it up a notch since you’ve been together for 25 wonderful years, you could dabble in the world of white gold jewelry.

Looks just like silver but with extra value that honors your time together. A gorgeous set of white gold earrings or a white gold necklace will mean everything to them!

Fast-forward five years, and we plunge into the depths of the 30th anniversary, marked by the ethereal pearl. 

Formed layer upon layer, much like the shared experiences and wisdom of thirty years, pearls speak of love, grace, and elegance. 

A pearl necklace or a set of pearl cufflinks exudes class, but you could elevate the moment with a surprise trip to a beach, hunting for natural pearls together.

Ruby and Golden Anniversaries

40 years: Representing a love that burns just as passionately as day one, Ruby stands as a beacon of desire and vitality.

Gift them a mesmerizing ruby pendant, and raise a glass of ruby-tinted wine while reminiscing about your journey. It's all about celebrating the intensity of your love.

50 years: aptly dubbed the Golden anniversary, it’s a celebration of a connection that's stood the test of time.

Gold symbolizes enduring love, and a piece of timeless jewelry will make them feel like a king or queen.

A gold necklace with a brilliant diamond or a tennis necklace with 50 round cut diamonds representing each of your wonderful years together would perfectly mark your momentous milestone! 

Personalized and Creative Tokens of Love

Gifts are a love language in themselves, and personalization allows us to truly speak from the heart.

Imagine unwrapping a pendant engraved with coordinates of where you first met, a bracelet bearing both your initials, or a ring inscribed with the date of your wedding day.

Remember, it's not about the price tag but the sentiment.

Forever Starts Here: Cherishing Every Milestone

Wedding anniversaries are more than dates on the calendar. 

They're beautiful reminders of promises made, adventures shared, and love that grows stronger with each passing moment.

It's the personal touches that leave the most profound marks. 

So, as you commemorate each year, remember: every gift, every gesture is a testament to a love story that only you two can tell. 

Here's to deepening that bond, year after year.

Besides, nothing quite says “I love you forever” like a new piece of jewelry!

Speak with our experts or visit the showroom to find those special gifts they’ll love.

Visit us at our Buffalo, NY store today or chat with our experts online 24/7, call us on (716) 631-1584, or text (888) 841-5391. Let’s find the perfect gift for the occasion! 

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