Kirk Kara Vintage Style Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

While there are popular trends in diamond engagement rings that may come and go, vintage-style rings will live on forever. That’s something world-renowned designer Kirk Kara knows and that’s why they are one of the featured designers in the collections you can find at Ben Garelick Jewelers. Kirk Kara has taken the popularity of vintage-style rings up a level and added a halo of diamonds around the center diamond.

What Makes A Vintage-Style?

Vintage-style rings are actually different than vintage rings. Vintage rings are actually rings that were made decades or centuries ago. Kirk Kara’s vintage-style rings are brand new pieces of jewelry that are re-imagined from styles of the past for today’s bride. There are three primary categories of vintage-style rings:

Art-Deco Vintage-Style Engagement Rings:

These rings represent the styles of the 1920’s and 1930’s and are characterized by intricate designs of flowers and leaves on the band.

Edwardian Vintage-Style Rings:

As their name suggests, these rings are handcrafted from the designs during the reign of King Edward in England, at the beginning of the 20th century. During this time diamond engagement rings would also include other gemstones to highlight the center diamond in a halo setting. Platinum was a common choice of precious metal for the wedding band and scrolls were crafted as band decor.

Victorian Vintage-Style Rings:

During the long reign of Queen Victoria, from 1837 to 1901, jewelry evolved as the Queen showed her love for various styles based both on the jewelry she wore, must of which was given to her by Prince Albert. While other gemstones were often paired with gold, Queen Victoria is credited with the popularity of the diamond as the primary focus for engagement rings. Nature was an inspiration for designs including lace-type filigree, flowers, oak leaves, ribbons and bows.

How Are Vintage-Style Rings Made Today?

Today’s designers continue to craft beautiful new designs, hand engraving rings like Kirk Kara "Pirouetta" Twist Hand Engraved Diamond Engagement Ring the with engraved sides and the Kirk Kara "Dahlia" Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring with milgraining framing the side diamond leaves. Kirk Kara has been training master craftsmen for over 30 years to make these types of vintage style engagement rings. They utilize very detailed old-world tools to create the milgrain and engraving to give rings that vintage touch. Angela Kara says it can take one of their master craftsmen more than six hours to engrave one ring. Smaller diamonds on the ring’s sides are also handset.

Let Ben Garelick Custom-Design A Vintage-Style Halo Ring For You

Check out all of the vintage-style diamond engagement ring designs at Ben Garelick Jewelers - either online or at our Buffalo, NY, jewelry store. Ben Garelick will even work with the Kirk Kara designers to build the specific ring you love around the center diamond, sapphire or Moissanite of your choice. You can customize the type of gold as well as choose a one, two or even three-carat diamond. Let Kirk Kara design your everlasting symbol of love the old-world way - with incredible hand-crafted beauty and the highest quality of metals and gemstones. Call, chat or text with any questions today.

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