Bleu Royale Wedding Bands That You Simply Cannot Miss

The moment has finally come; you’re ready to ask the person of your dreams to marry you.

You’ve probably known since the moment that you met them that they are the one for you, and you’ve likely thought of a million ways to propose.

Do you do something quaint and romantic, an engagement on the beach at sunset perhaps, or maybe you plan an unsuspecting trip where you’ll pop the big question when they are least expecting it?

Whatever your plans are, it’ll soon be time to start planning the wedding when they obviously say yes!

You’ll likely spend hours choosing the perfect engagement ring, but what about your wedding band?

A groom’s wedding band poses just as much significance as the engagement ring, and you want a ring that says everything.

A ring that expresses your most profound love for the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

You may have never had to pick out a piece of jewelry before, especially not one for yourself.

What design do you choose?

There are so many details to consider, which is where your wedding experts at Ben Garelick come in.

We’ve curated this blog on Blue Royale pieces because we think they’ll absolutely blow you away.

Let’s get into it!

What makes Bleu Royale a great choice?

Bleu Royale is a wedding band designer that goes above and beyond when it comes to designing men’s wedding rings that showcase the pure love and adoration of the commitment they have to their partner.

Their exquisite quality and attention to detail speak for themselves on many levels, encapsulating everything a wedding band should be. 

Satin finish ring

Bleu Royale wedding bands exhibit true wedding band design craftsmanship that is hard to rival, and they offer styles to suit every personality.

Bleu Royale wedding bands are about loyalty, trust, and lasting vows. They are a direct reminder of everything promised between two people in love.

Pick Your Style & Finish Option

Wedding Band – With over 60 variations of designs to choose from, the Ben Garelick collection of Bleu Royale wedding bands will not leave you wanting more.

Brush finish ring

If your style is more fitting of a more straightforward classic design, perhaps you will be drawn to the Bleu Royale Satin Finish with Tantalum Inside Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale High Polished Brushed Tantalum Finished Wedding Band, or the Bleu Royale Diamond Brush Finish Black Enamel Edge Wedding Band.

Eternity Wedding Band – Eternity bands aren’t just for the ladies either; consider commemorating the longevity and lasting commitment of your wedding by getting yourself a Bleu Royal eternity wedding band. 

Two tone band

Take a look at the Bleu Royale Two-Tone Black Diamond Eternity Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Two-Tone Carbon Fiber Diamond Eternity Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Pave Set Black Diamond Eternity Wedding Band, and the Bleu Royale Tantalum Geometric Black Diamond Eternity Wedding Band. 

They are some of the most stunning rings in our entire collection!

Diamond Wedding Band – If you’re a lover of diamonds, you needn’t worry either. You can have a wedding band embellished with sparkle to match your heart’s desire.

Enamel strip diamond ring

Check out the devilishly handsome Bleu Royale Black Diamond Wedding Band with Carbon Stripe, Bleu Royale Wedding Band with Princess Cut Diamond and Blue Enamel Stripe, Bleu Royale Diamond Brush Tantalum Wedding Band, and the Bleu Royale Three Stone Station Bleu Sapphire & Diamond Wedding Band.

Whatever your style, you’re sure to find a diamond wedding band to suit your taste.

Sandpaper Finish – Perhaps you want to stand out and go for something different; well, the sandpaper finish design wedding bands may be just your thing.

Sandpaper finish ring

The Bleu Royale Grey Sandpaper Finish Tantalum Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Sandpaper Finish Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Sandpaper Top Wedding Band, and the Bleu Royale Two-Tone Sandpaper Wedding Band are some of our favorites in our Bleu Royale collection.

Two-Toned– And if you’re looking to mix it up with a splash of color, you won’t be disappointed either.

Swish wedding band

Our range includes two-toned wonders such as the Bleu Royal Two Tone Satin Beveled Edge Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Two Tone Gold Black Carbon Swish Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Contemporary Two Tone Tantalum Wedding Band, and even the Bleu Royale Three Tone Gold, Forged Carbon & Tantalum Stripe Wedding Band

All of which showcase a stunning combination of color and design.

Diamond Brush Finish - Our diamond brush finish range is also highly popular due to its subtle tonal differences. 

Take a look at the Bleu Royale Diamond Brush Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Tantalum Diamond Brush Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Diamond Brush Tantalum Wedding Band, and the Bleu Royale Diamond Brush Finish Black Diamond Wedding Band if you’re looking for something totally different.

Hammered Finish- Bleu Royale even offers a hammered finish range of wedding bands that you simply won’t be able to resist. 

Check out the Bleu Royale Frosted Hammer Center Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Grey Frosted Hammered Tantalum Wedding Band, and the Bleu Royale Two Tone Hammered Center Wedding Band.

Black Carbon Finish -  Fancy something on the darker side? We’ve got you covered with the Bleu Royale Carbon finish range which are sure to stand out.

The Bleu Royale Forged Black Carbon Beveled Edge Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Black Carbon & Beveled Edge Wedding Band, the Bleu Royale Diamond & Carbon Stripe Wedding Band and the Bleu Royale Forged Carbon Fiber and Tantalum Wedding Band are truly something else!

What kind of materials are used for Bleu Royale bands?

Bleu Royale bands are designed to last a lifetime; their core vision is encased in longevity and ever-lasting love.

This is exemplified in the materials they use.

They are crafting with the most precious of metals, Bleu Royale machines each of their beautifully designed wedding bands to an enhanced thickness. 

Not only does this mean that they are more durable and weightier in feel, but it also means that you are guaranteed to have a ring that will last you your lifetime. 

It also means your ring will withstand time so much that it can eventually become an heirloom in which the love shared can be passed down.

Tantalum is one of the most popular materials used in men’s jewelry currently and especially for wedding rings. It's darker color and heavier weight allow you to express an alternative style while still being the highest of quality.

Carbon fiber is also an incredibly popular design choice due to it’s darker strands that give the weddings a durable, lasting finish,

What is the detailing on the ring?

Bleu Royale prides itself on making wedding bands to exacting standards.

They never cut corners and give every attention to detail to ensure the quality of your wedding band is ever-lasting.

Bleu Royale uses a mixture of carbon accents, tantalum, black diamonds, and even hand-painted enamel to add those extra special finishing touches to your wedding band.

Go even further with the detail of the most important piece of jewelry you will ever own. Add an engraving to the inside of your Bleu Royale wedding band, a service offered at Ben Garelick. 

Add a special quote, a favorite song lyrics, or the dates of your wedding date. Anything that signifies your love is a perfect additional detail.

What about the ring thickness?

When it comes to men’s wedding rings, width is always factored into consideration but we believe thickness is of great importance too. 

When we talk about the thickness of a Bleu Royale band, we are referring to the measurement from the inside (where the band touches one’s finger) to the top of the band. 

Given the nature of Bleu Royale's mission to create wedding bands that will last an eternity, their focus on the thickness of their bands is worth a special mention.

Diamond brush finish ring

Each Bleu Royale wedding band adheres to a minimum of 2.2mm in thickness to ensure the longest lifespan possible.

Increased thickness means your wedding band will never bend or become deformed through longer wear - which we expect will be everyday for the rest of your life!

With a Bleu Royale wedding band, you’ll be sure that your ring will not end up looking like your father’s or grandfather’s warped ring that no longer resembles a perfect circle!

It will always look as brilliant as the day it was bought.

Blue Royale is designed for life.

As you embark on the rest of your life with your significant other, you want a wedding band adorning your finger to symbolize the love and connection shared between you.

Bleu Royale wedding bands are expertly designed with this passion in mind and ensure that the ring you choose today will last you forever.

Come to the Ben Garelick store and let our wedding experts show you the full range in person; we promise each wedding band will wow you.

And if you can’t find a Bleu Royale band that fits your taste, many of the styles can be customized with the color of gold, the finish can be adapted and the width of the ring can be changed and even be made with tantalum or black carbon.

There’s always options!

And don’t forget, you can make your ring extra special by adding an engraving on the inside to commemorate your special day.

If you cannot make it to the store, why not arrange a try-on at home, where you can explore your perfect band and make a choice befitting your style?

We are so sure of the brilliance of Bleu Royale that we know it won’t take you long to fall in love.

Visit us at our Buffalo, NY store today. Not nearby? Not to worry - chat with our Bleu Royale wedding experts online 24/7, call us on (716) 631-1584, or text (716) 574-0966. Let’s find the perfect wedding band for you!

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