6 Tips For Smart Jewelry-Packing This Holiday Travel Season

All the holiday celebrations kick-off, we know many of you will be hitting the roads and skies to travel to your holiday destinations. Don’t neglect your fine jewelry when it comes time to pack! At Ben Garelick, we sell beautiful fine jewelry and we want to make sure your diamond rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces are secured for take-off! Our friends at Jewelers Mutual have a couple of great videos with smart tips for packing your jewelry and we’ve added a few of our own. Here's to a tangle-free, aggravation free, SPARKLING Holiday season!

Tip #1: Buttons Up Your Earrings

This is a really cool trick and only requires a few old, large buttons. Take the large button and put your earring stud through the buttonhole (where the string would normally go if you were sewing it on) and secure it with the back of the earring to the back of the button.

Tip #2: Bubble Wrap Necklaces

Keep your necklaces and pendants from tangling up during travel with this simple hack. Use a sheet of bubble wrap, lay your necklace flat on the bubble wrap, fold one of the outside edges of the bubble wrap just over the necklace. Fold the opposite outside edge over to the edge of the bubble wrap and stack the entire package carefully in your jewelry carrying case.


Tip #3: Sip Up Your Necklaces

If bubble wrap isn’t your thing, you can also achieve a tangle-free trip by using a paper straw. Unclasp your necklace and run one end through the straw. Clasp together and pack straw in your jewelry case. Viola! A no-tangle travel hack.

Tip #4: Bag Your Jewelry

Plastic zipper bags are useful for many, many things and packing jewelry is certainly one of them! Consider packing all of your jewelry in separate snack-sized zipper bags. For necklaces, leave the clasp part of the necklace hanging out of the bag and pull the zipper all the way closed up to that part of the necklace that is hanging out. This will ensure your necklaces can’t get tangled up.

Tip #5: Towel Up Your Bracelets

Another neat trick for packing jewelry — specifically, your bracelets — is to use a washcloth or hand towel. Roll up the towel and then place your bracelets over the rolled-up towel. Place the entire towel with bracelets into a plastic zipper bag and pack with your other jewelry.

Tip #6: Latch Your Rings With Lion Latch

One final tip is to consider keeping your small jewelry safe for travel with our own Lion Latch Jewelry Tote. With the Lion Latch, you can secure your rings and earrings in a compact container that hooks securely inside your purse, carry-on bag or suitcase — ready for hopping in the car or on a plane.

Happy Traveling With Jewelry From Ben Garelick

We hope these tips help you travel with ease this holiday season! If you have any other great jewelry-packing tips, please text them to us at (716) 574-0966 and we’ll consider adding them to our list! And if you’re in need of purchasing fine jewelry for your holiday gifts, you’ll always find the most unique and highest-quality jewelry from your trusted friends at Ben Garelick — online or in our Buffalo, New York, jewelry store. From all of us at Ben Garelick, we wish you a joyful holiday season filled with family, friends, laughter and love!

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