Five Common Wedding Proposals You Should Probably Rethink

When you finally know you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, sometimes it’s not so easy to find the perfect diamond engagement ring and then the perfect way to ask her to be your one-and-only love. With the increasing burden of coming up with creative “asks” starting with high school prom dates, the pressure to be unique, creative, and, well, extraordinary, with a wedding proposal can be overwhelming for grooms. At Ben Garelick, we hear stories all the time of how guys have delayed even asking for her hand in marriage due to the lack of that perfect proposal. While we understand the burden of creating the most innovative proposal ever seen, we hope you’ll heed our advice on five wedding proposals you might want to rethink.

1. Rethink Marriage Proposals With Hidden Engagement Rings

There’s something about hiding the engagement ring that intrigues those guys who are looking for a creative way to ask for your hand in marriage. Scavenger hunts are one thing. Sending your gal on a lengthy hunt through clue after clue may be exciting, but it still means you have to hide that diamond solitaire or halo set moissanite somewhere. . . somewhere that could be discovered by someone other than your bride-to-be. There are also stories of the guy telling his love she needs to use some deodorant, wherein an argument ensued. Little did she know THAT’S where he decided to hide her vintage-style engagement ring! Try not to insult your future bride while you’re scheming your way to a creative marriage proposal!

2. Rethink Marriage Proposals That Involve Food

Another version of the hiding of the ring involves food. Your friends at Ben Garelick strongly suggests the trend of hiding the engagement ring in various foods or drinks really needs to be left in the past. The first instance we have heard about for years is the “ring in the dessert” ploy. So you are out for a romantic special occasion dinner. A bottle of Roco 2014 Gravel Road Pinot Noir, a medium-rare filet mignon dinner, and then comes dessert. She cuts into her triple chocolate truffle cake only to find what used to be a sparkling split-shank, three-stone diamond engagement ring. Now, however, it’s covered in chocolate goo. Not exactly what she wants to put on her finger and add to her Insta story.

3. Rethink Marriage Proposals in Front of Huge Crowds

A trend we’ve seen lately is proposing marriage in front of a large crowd. You’ve seen this at sporting events on the jumbotron — he’s worked out the timing with the college or pro basketball, football or baseball team, the camera scans the crowd to land on the couple, he gets down on one knee, pulls the engagement ring out and pops the question, complete with big screen graphics. This ploy can be surprising and joyful — as long as you’re SURE she’s going to say yes. Unfortunately, there have been way too many times this scenario turns out with a horribly embarrassed guy and the moment living forever in blooper videos on YouTube. This advice goes for any public proposal you may be planning — from fast-food restaurants to the middle of Times Square, you’ll want to be pretty sure of your answer...or save the ask for a private moment between the two of you.

4. Rethink Dangerous Proposals

While proposing in dangerous situations may give you an adrenaline rush, the chances that something will go wrong are a serious consideration. One man purchased the perfect engagement ring at our Buffalo, New York, jewelry store and thought it would be romantic to propose at Niagara Falls during a special anniversary weekend. While leaning on the side of Maid of the Mist that goes under the falls, he proposed to his gal. She said an enthusiastic yes, and excitedly knocked the ring overboard to the bottom of the Niagara River — never to be seen again. That was one expensive engagement trip! Another couple we read about headed to Disneyworld where he had arranged with the Disney staff to pop the question…not in front of the magical Disney castle, like many couples ...but at the top of Splash Mountain, just before the descent. We think you can guess the theme here. They went up, and the ring went down into the water. Thankfully, these gals did say “yes” and these guys did get credit for creative and inspiring proposal ideas. But those were some literally double-expensive engagement rings!

5. Rethink Proposing Under the Influence

If you’re going to ask one of the most important questions of your life, we suggest you not be completing obliterated by alcohol and/or drugs. One story we read told of a couple celebrating a little too much at a Coachella festival. Extremely intoxicated, he carefully made a “beautiful” ring by knotting together two pieces of grass, stumbled down on one knee and popped the question. She said yes and he’s regretted it ever since. Another couple was celebrating their college graduation, decided to take a red-eye to Las Vegas for a quickie chapel wedding with Elvis as the officiant and stand-in witnesses. The next morning they didn’t remember a thing. These are probably not the way you want to begin your love of a lifetime.

Have The Perfect Proposal Planned? We Have The Perfect Ring!

If you’re sure you’ve figured out the perfect proposal, you’ll find the perfect engagement ring from Ben Garelick. Whether you’re shopping online or in our Buffalo store, our jewelry experts are excited to help make your diamond-buying experience amazing. We’ll take the time to learn more about your partner and guide you to the diamond, gemstone or moissanite engagement rings that fit her personality and your budget. With zero-percent financing and layaway options, you’re sure to find the ring of her dreams at Ben Garelick. Use our online chat or text us your questions at (716) 574-0966 and we’ll be happy to reply with everything you want to know. Can’t wait to see you and your love join our gallery of Happily Ever Afters and begin your life of wedded bliss!

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