The Ins and Outs Of Men’s Wedding Rings

Unique And Personalized Wedding Bands

Traditionally, engagement rings were given more thought, but nowadays, women and men are also opting for more unique and personalized wedding bands. With a multitude of options available, you’re bound to find something that truly symbolizes the love and affection you have for your significant other.

The Charm Of A Ring With A Pattern Design

What’s Your Style?

Taste is a funny thing. What some people find desirable, others consider a bit much. So firstly, it is important to decide what suits your personality. After all, you’ll be wearing it everyday for the rest of your life. 

Are you someone who enjoys a bit of flair? Then a ring complemented by precious gems such as sapphires may be the answer. The charm of a ring with a pattern design, such as woven rope or wavy notch may be more to your liking. Or, perhaps you’re an individual who loves the simplicity of a classic, subtle wedding band?

Variety Of Choice For Wedding Band Materials

Settle On A Metal

As they say, variety is the spice of life. This sentiment of choice goes for wedding band materials as well. For those of you who are traditionalist at heart, we know that gold, yellow gold in particular, is an excellent choice. Or, you could always opt for more modern, contemporary materials like rose gold, white gold, platinum, tantalum, and palladium

Whereas, when it comes to durability and toughness, a material such as tungsten will take all of life’s little knocks and bumps, and still look exquisite. 

Style That Combines Different Finishes Containing Characterful Combinations

Choose A Finish

Once you have decided which style and metal you’d like your band to be, your next point of consideration should be the finish. Decide whether or not you’d like a coarse, diamond brush finish, or a more muted, reserved satin or matte finish. 

You could always choose a style that combines different finishes and really have something that is uniquely yours. Take a look at the Bleu Royale range, with various designs containing characterful combinations, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Sizing For A Ring Can Be A Tricky Thing To Get Right 

Sort Out Your Size

Sizing for a ring can be a tricky thing to get right. We feel that the best advice we can give you is to visit your local jeweler and have them measure your ring size. Make sure that the ring goes on easily, but meets with some resistance at the knuckle when you take it off. 

Also, ensure to measure your finger at room temperature to make sure your fingers are not swollen. For this reason, it is best not to have these measurements taken straight after a gym workout or, would you believe, after eating a salty meal the night before.  

For more information check out our How To Perfectly Size A Men's Wedding Band article here

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