5 Marriage Tips from the Worst Rom Coms of All Time

marriage tips rom coms

Everyone here at Ben Garelick loves a rom-com. From swoon worthy classics, 2000s favorites and modern day odes to love there are no shortage of great rom-coms. But there are a couple that for various reasons always stick out as some of the worst. 

First of all, we’re defining the worst as rom-coms that frustrate, rankle or are so disastrous they become an almost anti-love story. These are the types of films that make you think that you are doomed to be single forever, or that love isn’t worth the heartbreak. 

Lucky for you we’re taking a look at these rom-coms to find out exactly what went wrong and how to turn their unhappy ending into a happy marriage for you.

The Art of Communication with Romeo And Juliet 

We’re letting this one go on the list as it’s an often misunderstood love story. A story of noble feuding houses, this young love has been written off as silly or frivolous. Their love might be doomed through their families, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

So what’s the tip here? Communication is key to any lasting marriage. Who knows, if Romeo and Juliet had actually taken a moment to sit down and have a chat then they might not have found themselves in this mess after all. Despite this, we still love this tale of tragic love.

communication love marriage

See What Is Really There With 500 Days Of Summer 

Have you heard of the manic pixie dream girl?

This trope became widely popular with the titular Summer. A lover of The Smiths, that’s all it takes for Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character to fall hard. The problem? Summer doesn’t want to fall in love. On first watch, it might be easy to think that Summer is the villain. But you grow to realize that Tom is the real bad guy. 

The lesson? See the other person as who they really are, not just what they are interested in. To quote a line from the film, “Just because she likes the same bizarro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soul mate.” Well said!

marriage tips rom coms

It’s Not About The Chase In The Notebook 

You either love The Notebook or you despise it. We see it both ways. There are certainly romantic moments, but there are also some moments that make us cringe. For us, Noah is emblematic of the ‘thrill of the chase’ mentality. He wears Allie down until she agrees to go out with him. 

It’s not passionate at all, but rather a cycle of explosive arguments and frustrating incidents. The life lesson we’re taking from The Notebook is that while marriage might be work, it shouldn’t feel like work without reward. 

marriage communication

It’s Not About Looks In She’s All That 

The plot here is simple. A high school jock turns a nerdy girl into the prom queen, thus revealing that she has been the girl of his dreams all along. We’re not a massive fan of the message here — that once she is deemed pretty enough he falls for her. So what can we learn about marriage from a teen rom-com?

The key takeaway here is that love isn’t just looks. When you marry someone it’s a commitment to be there for them, even when they’re old and wrinkly.

marriage looks personality

We Can Be Friends With When Harry Met Sally

In case you haven’t seen this classic the premise is simple, can men and women really be just friends? Of course, the answer is yes, but if you watch this film you might not realize it. Not only do a lot of the themes in this film seem very dated now, but the character of Harry is downright offensive. 

So what can we learn from this? If we cut out the dated dialogue and frustrating ending we can take a great core idea. The foundation of any great love story is friendship. Your spouse shouldn’t just be your partner, but also your friend. We think that is the beginning of any great love story.

friendship marriage

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