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Organic in nature and featuring gemstones such as sapphires, moonstones, fire opals, violet spinels, turquoise, garnets and green tourmalines, Alex Sepkus refuses to give in to the growing trend of jewelry becoming a simple offshoot or avenue for the fashion industry. Each piece is handmade and carefully constructed in America. The jewelry features a spectral palette of vibrant, colored gemstones that resemble Mediterranean mosaics. Some of the Alex Sepkus iconic collections have been around for years and continue to stay in fashion. The Alex Sepkus Ocean, Candy and Orchard collection feature organically shaped circles of gold surrounding miraculous white diamonds. His new collection “Sticks and Stones” features distinctive gemstones that make a bold and sophisticated statement which instantaneously make each piece a one of kind.    

Browse Ben Garelick's entire collection of unique and beautiful Alex Sepkus rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces. We are centrally located in Buffalo NY, between Toronto ON, and Rochester, NY. We are just a short drive away to experience Alex Sepkus for yourself!