Rating the Engagement Rings from Sex and the City

And just like that, the girls are back. 

While this show might have been known for its incredible fashion — what we have always loved has been the jewels. Who could forget the iconic Carrie necklace? But today we’re talking all about the engagement rings. 

With engagement season just around the corner after Thanksgiving, it’s time to start thinking about what to get for your bride-to-be. We’re going to show you some of our favorite designs and show off some of our own rings that echo these iconic designs.

engagement rings

Charlotte & Trey

It was an accidental proposal after all, but at least Charlotte received a stunning ring out of it. 

This beautiful Tiffany & Co ring is a masterclass in traditional engagement design. Featuring a simple gold band and 2.17 carat round brilliant diamond, this classic shape has been popular for centuries. This is a perfect option for someone who loves the simple things in life. 

If you’re after a similar design, the Fana Round Cut Engagement Ring is effortlessly classic. Plus it has a surprise diamond on either side of the ring — so it will always catch the light. Charlotte and Trey might have not meant to be but we think this ring is timeless.

unique engagement rings

Carrie & Aiden 

This stunning Harry Winston 3-carat Asscher-cut diamond might not have been what Carrie was after (she wore it around her neck after all) but this doesn’t mean it’s not a beautiful ring in its own right. 

Featuring a center stone flanked by tapered baguettes on either side, this design is a playful mix of traditional and modern sensibilities. The relationship might have ended, but this stunning ring is forever. 

We love a baguette diamond. It makes a beautiful addition to any engagement ring. We especially love the Simon G. Baguette and Round Halo Engagement Ring. Plus, this is a ring you won’t want to hide wearing as a necklace!

simple engagement rings

Charlotte & Harry 

There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Harry said ‘I just want to be with you.’ 

The gorgeous ring he offered Charlotte was a nod to an Elizabeth Taylor ring. Featuring a 5-carat emerald cut diamond it would cost hundreds and thousands of dollars today. Luckily you don’t need to spend that much to confess your love.

Our Gabriel “Sheryl” Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring features the same stunning shape — for a fraction of the price. An absolutely gorgeous choice, an emerald cut will never go out of fashion.

vintage engagement rings

Samantha’s Flower Ring 

This one might not be technically an engagement ring, but it still fulfills that same promise. 

Even Samantha says that it captures her completely, “one of a kind, filled with fire.” Given to her by her love interest, this ring is an offer of pure acknowledgment. And there is plenty to learn from this TV moment. When it comes to choosing a ring, you’re choosing something that the wearer will love — regardless of norms or trends. 

If you’re after something different we adore Barkev’s Blue Sapphire Floral Engagement Ring. With a vintage design and heavenly blue jewels, this is a beautiful choice for a bride who wants something different.

unique design rings

Carrie & Mr. Big 

There are no prizes for guessing our favorite ring. 

It’s the stunning black diamond engagement ring of course. This 5-carat black diamond is set in a white gold band and features over 80 pavé diamonds. Why do we love this ring so much? Mr. Big says it himself, “Because you are not like anyone else.” 

Even if this ring might not be to your taste, there is no denying that it is the perfect ring for Carrie. And to us, that is what finding the perfect engagement ring is all about. It is not just about a commitment to your love but also that final acknowledgment that you truly understand the other person. 

That is the greatest gift of all. 


Finding the one is just the beginning. We can help complete your love story with the perfect engagement ring. Call us today at (716) 631-1584, text us at (716) 574-0966, visit us at our Buffalo, NY location or chat with our jewelry experts online anytime.

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