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Feb 17, 2017

Moissanite at Ben Garelick

At Ben Garelick, we love the sparkle of diamonds. But, sometimes a diamond just isn't a girl's best friend. When price is prohibitive, or social concerns preclude a diamond purchase, Moissanite may be the best friend she's looking for.

Moissanite is a natural, but rarely occurring mineral that was first identified by scientists examining a meteorite that had fallen to earth. We can thank the heavens for this discovery, and man for innovations that led to Moissanite being available for jewelry design. Over the years a process to synthesize Moissanite was developed. Nearly as hard as diamonds, Moissanite stands up to the wear and tear that naturally occurs when a much loved ring is worn day and night. This makes Mossanite far superior to Cubic Zirconium, which isn't nearly as hard, for engagement rings. More brilliant than many diamonds, Moissanite offers sparkle and fire equal to the rarest and most expensive diamonds.

Forever One Moissanite in Many Shapes

Now available in many shapes and sizes, Moissanite has been perfected to such an extent that it takes a practiced eye to spot the differences when held side by side with a diamond. When cost is a concern, a Mossanite equivalent in size to a one carat diamond can save thousands of dollars. 

The Kimberley Process adopted by the diamond community to assure responsible sourcing has made wearing diamonds a much more comfortable option for most. However, if ethical concerns still keep her from enjoying diamonds, Moissanite is an ethical alternative that precludes socially conscious objections.

Ben Garelick recognized the value and usefulness of Moissanite as a diamond alternative very early on. We have offered Moissanite to our discerning clients for many years. Our expertise and relationships with Moissanite sources helps us to bring the very best in style and value to our customers. Offering the "Forever One" Moissanite, we know our client's will have a stone that will sparkle and shine for years to come. A Moissanite can be set as the center stone for any of our engagement rings