Kyle Stole Katie from Ben Garelick!

Katie & Kyle Ben Garelick Proposal

We loved working with Katie. Her quick, beautiful smile and adorable laugh made the days fly by. She was our personal cruise director, planning our daily lunches like they were special occasions and making our in store events amazing! Katie’s great taste and enthusiasm shows in everything she does, from choosing lunch, to event planning, to fashion.

Our customers loved Katie too. She was always ready to help with any special request, question or concern. A quick learner, Katie knew her four C’s and could explain them perfectly. She could spot a bright, beautiful diamond from across the Ben Garelick showroom. Katie loves sparkle. We’d often catch her gazing at the rings in the engagement ring case, and even slipping them on and waxing poetic about her “someday” engagement ring.

Then along came Kyle...our happy, sweet, fun Katie lit up even more than usual. We could tell it was love right away. Katie couldn’t stop telling us about how wonderful Kyle and his family are. She’d regale us with stories about their time together. Maybe, just maybe, she started trying on those diamond engagement rings a little more often, and a little more seriously.

Then the day came that we had been dreading. Katie told us that she was moving to Colorado to be closer to her sweetheart. We wanted to hate Kyle, we really did. But how can you hate such a handsome guy, who clearly makes your friend and coworker so happy? Begrudgingly we gave our Katie up, and wished her every happiness. (OK, secretly there might have been a teeny tiny hope that she’d come back, but who can blame us?)

Thanks to her enviable Instagram posts we’ve watched Katie and Kyle’s adventures over the past couple of years. We were so excited to have a visit from them last year just to “look” at engagement rings... just in case. Katie knew exactly what she liked. Of course that didn’t stop her from having fun trying on dozens of new styles she hadn’t seen since her departure. She tried on Gabriel and Coast diamond halo engagement rings, re-visited the handmade vintage style glory of Kirk Kara rings, and flirted with the fun stylings of Barkev’s engagement rings. She had never seen our Amavida collection before, and found new Simon G. styles that turned her head.

In the end she stayed true to her classic, sparkle loving self, letting Kyle know that her favorite was a Ben Garelick six stone diamond engagement ring. She remembered that because of the care and attention to detail, Ben Garelick rings sparkle like mad. Perfectly proportioned side diamonds are set in mirror polished settings, using the much more secure “V” prongs to ensure that they are safe for years to come.

Kyle learned a lot about diamonds that day, and even tried on a couple of gold wedding bands for himself. Over the course of the next couple of months Kyle worked long distance with us to select the perfect round brilliant cut center diamond for Katie’s dream ring. He had a plan for a special proposal this past January, and we worked together to get that perfect ring to him.

Katie may have had an inkling that a ring was in the works, but she never could have imagined the amazing day Kyle had planned for her at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa in Boulder, Colorado. He selected picture perfect surroundings, surprised her by having her family secretly flown in, and asked her to start their lives together with her dream ring (her words, not ours!)

Katie and Kyle have traveled the world together, and live thousands of miles away from Ben Garelick. They could have gone anywhere to select this most important piece of jewelry. We are flattered and proud that they chose to come back to Ben Garelick for their diamond engagement ring. In fact, we may even forgive Kyle for stealing Katie from us... someday.

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