How to Match Your Rings with Your Partner (Without Feeling Childish)

How To Match Your Ring With Your Partner

Remember matching friendship bracelets, best friend pendants and promise rings? Maybe you still have a childhood keepsake stored away or maybe those days are distant memories.  

Just because we are all grown up now, it doesn’t mean the sentiment of matching or complementary symbols of love and commitment is no longer relevant. In fact, your wedding rings offer the perfect opportunity to symbolize that sentiment. We take a look at some of the ways you can represent your union with complementary pieces that still reflect your own individual styles.

A Perfect Match 

Whether you’re a perfect pair or a complementary couple, there are plenty of designs, styles or compositional elements to choose from when it comes to wedding rings. The simplest option is to match your wedding band color. This is a great way to complement each other’s rings without feeling too much like twins. 

The advice here is simple — if your partner has chosen a gold band then choose a beautiful gold band for yourself. We love this gorgeous CrownRing Yellow Gold Wedding Band paired with Fana’s Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring. If you have picked a white gold or platinum ring like this Simon G. Round Diamond Engagement Ring try pairing with a simple band like this Brush Finished Wedding Band from Simon G. 

If you’re after matching men’s wedding bands you can’t go past this Bleu Royal Tantalum Wedding Band. It has the option to change the interior band metal, so you and your partner can choose from yellow, rose or white gold or pick classic platinum. For ladies, if you’re looking to match your wife-to-be’s engagement ring, like this Kirk Kara Pirouetta Princess Diamond Ring, we recommend this Kirk Kara Rayana Two-Tone Diamond Wedding Band to match the two tones of her ring.

This classic option is a winner for many couples and is a stunningly simple visual reminder of your union.

Perfect Ring Match Is A Stunningly Simple Visual Reminder

It’s All In The Details  

Choosing the same colors isn’t the only option. If you want something a little more subtle we love matching small details like metal finish, gems or design elements. 

Gone are the days when precious gemstones were reserved for engagement rings only. These days men’s and women’s wedding band designs offer everything from one stone to a whole band of them.When it comes to ladies’ wedding bands, we find that many brides favor a simple wedding band with an elegant addition of diamonds. This Gabriel Erica Diamond Wedding Band is a beautiful choice but how can you pair that with a men's wedding band? Well, this CrownRing Wedding Band features a single diamond, which matches beautifully while still maintaining an element of masculinity. 

If you're after complimentary groomsmen rings, try pairing this Bleu Royal Diamond Wedding Band with this Simon G. Mens Diamond Ring. They both contain similar materials with yellow gold and diamonds, yet they both show off different personalities. We think this men’s combination is truly gorgeous. 

It’s not just matching diamonds, we have also seen a rising trend of sapphires in both men’s and women’s wedding bands. This Bleu Royal Sapphire Eternity Band looks stunning with a Gabriel Sapphire Pear Cut Engagement Ring.

All you have to do is decide what gem you want to pick to symbolize your love. 

Remember To Pick The Ring That Symbolize Your Love

Make A Promise 

It’s not about what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that counts. In this case, we’re talking about engravings. 

If you don’t want your rings to completely match on the outside, an engraving is a great way to go. Not only is this something a little different, the benefit of engravings, hammerings and etchings is that it can add simple, elegant detail without the use of costly gemstones.

Most types of rings can be engraved without problems but we always recommend checking with an expert. If you have a ring you would like engraved you can always talk to one of our jewelry specialists. Some of the more popular choices are the couple’s initials with their wedding date or a simple ‘I love you.’ If you’re after something a little more romantic we adore ‘To have’ and ‘To hold’ on a couple's rings. 

Plus the benefit of engravings is that it’s completely personal — no one else has to see it, so you can be as creative (or as cheesy) as you like.

Engraving The Ring To Make A Slightly Different But Still Match On The Inside

Looking for complementary wedding rings? We can help you find your perfect style no matter what you’re looking for. Call us today at (716) 631-1584, text us at (716) 574-0966, visit us at our Buffalo, NY location or chat with our jewelry experts online anytime.


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