Don’t Forget a Wedding Day Gift!

The venue has been booked for 2 years, your wedding bands purchased and THE guest list is complete. It’s now weeks until you walk down the aisle and all the boxes are checked. You’ve done a superb job as a husband-to-be and now you can breathe a sigh of relief, right? Well, there is one thing that you have forgotten - the wedding day gift!

What is a Wedding Day Gift?

A wedding day giftcan be anything meaningful given to the bride on your wedding day. It can be a simple note, a fragrant candle, flowers or a piece of jewelry that will be remembered for a lifetime. It’s especially a nice gesture on your wedding day as stress levels are high and you both are busy with the goings on of your big day.

Is Jewelry the Best Gift on Your Wedding Day?

We’re a little biased here, and we’re going to check the “yes” box on that one! Why? Jewelry is the best gift since it’s one you can pass down for generations. Plus, once she receives a nice diamond pendant or pair of earrings from you, she will stash the costume necklace she purchased and proudly display your gift as she walks down the aisle. The diamond marriage symbol is one great idea for a wedding day gift and by far the most romantic and sentimental gift you can buy. The pendant is made up of a design of two interlocking double-circles of gold that represent your wedding rings and signify your marriage and commitment to one another. There are two diamonds set where the rings intersect, representing both of you in your marital bond. Marriage symbols come in all different carat weights, gold colors and sizes to be sure they fit into any budget. This marriage symbol features two diamonds weighing 0.12 carats and is a popular choice for a wedding day budget. The diamond marriage symbol is the perfect way to remember your special wedding day!

Make Walking the Aisle Even More Special

Whether you chose to purchase a diamond marriage symbol, or any other piece of jewelry you can take your gift to the next level by customizing it with a special engraved message. Whether it be a simple message like, “I Cherish You Forever” or engraving your wedding date with the both of your names, this special touch really makes a difference! Not only can Ben Garelick engrave rings, and charms but we can also add special engraving to pendants like the marriage symbol. Ben Garelick can add a custom made small white or yellow gold disc at the back of the necklace near the clasp, that has your special message engraved on the disc for the bride on your wedding day. This option is a little bit more intimate and a message that only the two of you know secretly about. For people who want their message more prominent, we can engrave a small disc or heart shaped charm and hang it from the chain of necklace that rests in front next to the pendant. With this option you have the wedding gift of the pendant and the engraved charm prominently displayed for all to see!

Start Shopping for the Perfect Wedding Day Gift Today!

We’re excited to help you shop for and discover the most perfect wedding day gift! Our sparkle specialists are with you every step of the way if you want to customize the present, or simply have it gift wrapped and delivered to your door. Get started today by shopping our Diamond Marriage Symbols. You can’t go wrong with Ben Garelick — we’re ready to help you online or off and make your wedding day even more special! 

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