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Oct 27, 2016

Capture the Moment with Ring Cam from Ben Garelick!

The moment you met, your first kiss, the first time you said
"I Love You," all fleeting moments, memories never to be re-lived.
But not your proposal!

Capture Your Proposal with Ring Cam from Ben Garelick

You've put a lot into your marriage proposal- selecting just the right Ben Garelick diamond engagement ring, deciding when and where, and what to say. You've imagined what your beloved will say and do- don't let the moment pass without a Ring Cam!

With a Ring Cam from Ben Garelick you can capture the moment, preserving it for all time. Since we at Ben Garelick are sentimental, and in the business of marking treasured moments, the addition of Ring Cam to our offerings was a natural fit. This amazing little camera will record 45 minutes of 120 Degree HD footage. Go ahead, record the moments leading up to your big ask, record what both of you say and do, and the celebration after! Our friends at Ring Cam will edit your footage so you can announce your good news to the world with amazing video. Visit our Ring Cam page to see video shot with Ring Cam. You'll know you simply can't propose without a Ring Cam ring box!

Imagine the fun and joy it will bring you both when you share the moment again, years from now!

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