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Feb 06, 2013

Halos, color to top Valentine’s bridal trends

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Halos, color to top Valentine’s bridal trends

By Hannah Connorton
Feb 5, 2013

Buffalo, New York--As Valentine’s Day approaches, the number of couples becoming engaged will spike. So, what bridal styles will be big for the day dedicated to love?

Here are five trends for engagement jewelry this Valentine’s Day: the halo design, nature-inspired themes, vintage designs, colored diamonds and round diamonds. With changes in the economy, people are buying larger and more special pieces, and that puts jewelry in a great place for the next few years.

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1. The halo design. This style, with a frame of smaller diamonds, enhances the center stone on engagement rings. The trend began around 2009 but has become a high-demand classic design..

Kirk Kara's 18K White Gold "Pirouette" Diamond Engagement Halo Ring featuring 0.23 Carat Diamonds with Hand Engraved details.

 Kirk Kara Pirouette Halo Ring

 2. Nature-inspired themes. We’re seeing more fluidity in bridal designs at the moment, more scalloping, more milgrain, that kind of feel and designers interpret these floral designs for shanks and mountings.

Kirk Kara Angelique Engagement Ring With Hand Engraved Scroll Work and 0.21 Carats Diamonds

Kirk Kara Angelique Diamond Engagement Ring SS6967-RS 

 3. Vintage designs. New brides are looking for something special--a solitaire with a peek-a-boo diamond or a custom, unique look--that’s what the bridal customer is looking for, to feel special and distinguished in her ring and relationship.Also, the bridal customer today is getting married older and looking to have the marriage their grandparents had--long-term stability, love and partnership--and that might be some of the influence in going toward this vintage style.

From Demarco engagement rings, vintage inspired Demarco 18K White Gold 0.79 Carat Total Diamond Engagement Ring.

Demarco Engagement Ring Style DW4724


4. Colored gemstones.This is something we saw a lot of in the fall and holiday season. Color is huge and we see that in bridal, with brides looking for something unique. One of the biggest sellers at Ben Garelick Jewelers is engagement rings with pink and blue sapphire side stones -something special and different.

Kirk Kara Pink and Blue Sapphire engagement rings - Style k1384VDE-R & k155bdr

Kirk Kara Pink Sapphire Charlotte Ring K1384VDE-RKirk Kara Dahlia Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring K155BDR


5. The classic round diamond. Round brilliant is beautiful. There is nothing that returns more light than a beautifully cut round diamond. Cushion cuts are also huge. We’ve seen tremendous growth here in the past few years, but a round diamond is definitely still on top.

Simon G.'s classic diamond solitaire engagement ring with a new twist

Simon g. Classic Solitaire with a new Twist! (shank)